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Kara Saunders To Launch Her ACTIV Eyewear Label

Apr 19, 2020 by

We got the tip-off about her business venture last August and now Games Athlete Kara Saunders is finally ready to reveal her ACTIV eyewear collection to the CrossFit community.

The Morning Chalk Up has been given an exclusive look at the full range of new designs (featured), after the brand announced on Sunday April 19 a launch campaign, set to include a six-part giveaway before the sunglasses go on sale.

  • “For now our community will have the opportunity to win some freebies by getting involved and having some fun with us,” Kara Saunders told the Morning Chalk Up.

What’s taken so long? Kara says there’s been lots of moving parts to make sure that her creative team was 100 percent happy with the product.

  • “We’ve gone from design drawings and concepts to samples, adjusting the samples and then getting the final product in our hands,” she said.

So, what does the ACTIV eyewear collection look like?

  • The “PS” frames (featured) are among 13 styles in the ACTIV lifestyle range each with multiple color options and varying functions, including blue light blockers. Kara has tried and tested each design to ensure it can withstand whatever WOD you chose to throw at them.
  • You also might notice some of the style names, familiar acronyms like HPC, T2B, C2B named after popular CrossFit movements.

Talk about a tough time to launch a business, but Kara says she’s had “this crazy passionate vision for quite some time now and in our eyes, people need that more than ever.”

  • “There are a lot of things we can’t control right now and there will always be a reason that something may be difficult as a business owner and company in general,” she added.

What’s the timeline? The brand launched its first giveaway on Sunday night (AEST), giving away two AirAssault runners and two pairs of ACTIV eyewear, entries close April 29.

They’ll be five more similar giveaways before the full product line is available for sale from $89

The launch plan is clearly working, the brand went from 7 thousand to 22 thousand followers, literally overnight.

“We want to keep it exciting and keep everyone guessing,” she said. “Each giveaway will be engaging and interactive for our followers and also give them the opportunity to share the experience with their mates, even from a distance.”


Kara Saunders

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