New Apparel Label “WIT Editions” Empowers and Encourages Women Athletes

July 1, 2020 by
Photo Credit: WIT: Jess Rosart
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Whatever It Takes Fitness or “WIT Fitness,” the London-based gym and retailer recently launched it’s own clothing and apparel label, “WIT Editions,” featuring many of its own female coaches and athletes as models and ambassadors for the brand.

  • “As we bring WIT Editions to life, there was no one else we considered telling the story of WIT, other than our own coaches, members, athletes and customers. Each have a different motive, a different ‘why’ but share one common denominator. They give whatever it takes, to become the best versions of themselves and achieve their goals” the WIT website states.

One big thing: While it might not be immediately obvious, a major goal of this campaign is to empower and encourage women to get into the gym, lift heavy weights and build confidence. While there is some evidence to suggest that women more than men are reluctant to return to the gym post-COVID, WIT is celebrating women’s strength and empowerment.  

WIT’s Corporate Wellness Coach Jess Rosart said that while “there is, unfortunately, a lot of doubt and lack of belief in many females that CrossFit is not for them for various reasons,” having female coaches on staff helps promote the methodology and members see the benefits of weight training first hand.

  • “Personally, what really transformed my CrossFit journey was having strong female coaches that I could look up to in such a supportive community. They weren’t afraid to lift heavy weights, get stronger, challenge themselves and certainly did not try and hide their muscles,” she told the Morning Chalk Up.

2018 second Fittest Woman on Earth Laura Horvath touched on a similar point in a recent Instagram post, as part of her response to debates surrounding the CrossFit brand.

  • “Do you know any other place where a woman has the same task as a man, gets evaluated by her performance which is based on pure numbers? Is there any sport where women get the same prize money and more views than men? … You can truly feel equal inside the gym,” she wrote.

WIT Coach Jess believes confident female coaches are key to providing a comfortable environment for any women who might be reluctant to join CrossFit or functional fitness training.

  • “Besides our coaches, our front of house reception is female-led showing that this sport/space that is normally male-dominated is filled with strong females for you to meet on your first encounter at WIT.”
Photo Credit: WIT: Jess Rosart

Using members to promote the message: The launch of WIT’s clothing label ‘WIT Editions’ used female members and coaches as the models, sharing their personal stories on what training means to them.

  • Jess added: “Showing the public that we are all just regular people who may have not been the most confident to start with but gave CrossFit it a shot, got out of our comfort zone and did something for themselves.”
Photo Credit: WIT: Jess Rosart

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