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How the Six Athletes from 2018 Performed in the CrossFit Total

October 13, 2020 by
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On Monday, Dave Castro revealed that day one events of the 2020 CrossFit Games would be the entire three-event 2007 CrossFit Games “and then some.” The final event in 2007 was the CrossFit Total, an event that was repeated a decade later at the 2018 CrossFit Games.

Games History

  • 2007: 1,225 pounds (Connor Banks) | 530 pounds (Nicole Dehart)
  • 2018: 1255 pounds (Royce Dunn) | 875 pounds (Tia-Clair Toomey)
  • Full 2018 results.
  • Rewatch the event from 2018.

One big thing: At first glance, it’s tempting to think Fraser and Toomey lock up easy wins because of how dominant they are on the field of play but there are a couple of factors that have the potential to affect that outcome.

  • Scoring: In all likelihood, the event will be scored as one and not individually. But if Castro were to score the lifts individually the leaderboard has a lot of potential to shuffle because an athlete can no longer make up pounds by significantly over-lifting in a single category. For example: Fraser beat Ohlsen in 2018 by lifting 25 more total pounds, but Ohlsen outlifted Fraser in both the strict press and the deadlift. If the Total were scored as individual lifts, Ohsen would have walked away with more points.
  • Format: In 2018, athletes only had 4 minutes to make three attempts at each lift. With only five athletes per side, Castro could adjust the format to grant more time, or even do the event ladder style like we’ve seen with 1RM snatches, deadlifts and clean and jerks.
  • Toomey won the event in 2018 but by a very narrow margin. Only 5 pounds separated Toomey and Wells, who tied in the deadlift.
  • With only two male athletes in the current roster having competed in 2018, the data is a little too incomplete to offer predictions but be careful calling it for Fraser just yet. Medeiros beat Fraser in the 1RM front squat by 12 pounds and Adler was behind Fraser by only 7 pounds. Kwant comes in only 12 pounds behind Fraser but he’s also the largest athlete in the field and we know that mass moves mass.

Men’s 2018 Results: Only two of five athletes competed in 2018.

  • Back Squat: Fraser (485 pounds – 2nd) and Ohlsen (440 pounds – 18th Tie).
  • Strict Press: Ohlsen (220 pounds – 4th Tie) and Fraser (205 pounds – 18th Tie).
  • Deadlift: Ohlsen (530 pounds – 11th Tie) and Fraser (525 pounds – 14th Tie).
  • Total: Fraser (1215 pounds – 8th) and Ohlsen (1190 pounds – 11th Tie)

Women’s 2018 Results: The only female athlete who did not compete in 2018 is Haley Adams.

  • Back Squat: Toomey (330 pounds – 1st Tie), Wells (315 pounds – 8th Tie), Kari Pearce (280 pounds – 30th), and Davidsdottir (285 pounds – 24th Tie).
  • Strict Press: Pearce (155 pounds – 1st), Wells (140 pounds – 8th Tie), Toomey (130 pounds – 15th Tie), and Davidsdottir (125 pounds – 20th Tie).
  • Deadlift: Toomey (415 pounds – 1st Tie), Wells (415 pounds – 1st Tie), Pearce (365 pounds – 13th Tie), and Davidsdottir (295 pounds – 38th Tie).
  • Overall: Toomey (875 pounds – 1st), Wells (870 pounds – 2nd), Pearce (800 pounds – 13th), and Davidsdottir (705 pounds – 36th).

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