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The Open Repeat, Revisted — Staff Picks

March 8, 2021 by
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In less than 72 hours the 2021 CrossFit Games Open will finally be underway.

Late last month we discussed the likelihood of particular workouts being repeated during this year’s Open, continuing a decades long trend of the community getting a second crack at one of Dave Castro’s tests.

The Open equipment list was recently amended to include wall space, which opens the door for a variety of new potential movements and subsequently more workouts that could also be repeated. 

Repeat revisited: With the new equipment list in mind, some of the Morning Chalk Up staff took a second pass at potential repeat workouts, this time imagining a scenario in which 21.1 is a repeat. Of course, we have no idea if 21.1 will be a repeat (or if a repeat is in the cards this year at all), but if it were to happen the first week, here are our predictions.

Brian Friend: 20.1 – 10 rounds for time: 8 ground-to-overhead, 10 bar-facing burpees.

  • “Simple, effective, low barrier to entry.”

Emily Beers: 12.1 – As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of: Burpees.

  • “Same workout could be used for both the at-home and Rx Open workouts in week 1”

Joe Genetin-Pilawa: 12.1 – As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of: Burpees.

  • “All divisions can do this one (Rx’d, Scaled, Equipment-Free and Foundations) and what better way could there be to kick off the “most inclusive Open” in history.”

Kay Wiese: 12. 1 – As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of: Burpees.

  • “The legendary 7 minutes of burpees to a target event is truly the great equalizer. It is one of the few tests of fitness that can be executed exactly the same across all divisions. Whether you’re a scaled athlete, an elite Games athlete, or doing it in your basement gym, all athletes can compare themselves across all divisions. If CrossFit wants to bring the community back together after a year of quarantine, isolation, and turbulence, 12.1 is the way to do it.”

John Newby: 18.2 – 1-10 reps for time: dumbbell squats (switch to one dumbbell, goblet squat style), bar-facing burpees.

  • “2018 is hailed as the last great CrossFit season before chaos disrupted 2019 and 2020. Repeating 18.2 in 2021 is the perfect way to kick off the season and highlight exciting moments from the past.”

Patrick Clark: 17.5 – 10 rounds for time: 9 thrusters, 35 double-unders.

  • “The popular (more like unpopular because who really likes burpees?) choice would be 12.1 but I think the Open still needs to filter properly. With potentially fewer workouts to do that this year, I think a couplet with two relatively simple and known movements but with a longer work capacity is inviting to all and also tests the elite while catering to the beginners.”

Tommy Marquez: 20.1 – 10 rounds for time: 8 ground-to-overhead, 10 bar-facing burpees.

  • “Both 20.1 and 13.1 are two of the most elegant, and effective Open workouts to date, and both involve a barbell going from the ground to overhead and burpees. 20.1 overall is more accessible and it was certainly not lost on Dave Castro how virtuously brutal 20.1 ended up being for everyone across the board.”

Worth noting (graphic warning): Dave Castro released his first official “Open clue,” of the season, keeping with tradition of posting cryptic sometimes indiscernible clues as to what the next Open workout could potentially be. 

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