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South American Women Increase Open Participation by 16%, Five Crack Top 50 on Leaderboard

April 9, 2021 by
Credit: Amanda Fusama
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Over the last several years, the sport of fitness has seen significant growth in participation from South America. From 2020 to 2021, Open participation grew by 16%, with more than 50% increases in participation in smaller South American countries like Paraguay, Colombia, and Uruguay.

Total Registration in 2020 Vs. 2021 For South America By Country

20202021% Increase

One big thing: Aside from the overall growth in participation from South American countries, South American athletes have also made significant moves up the CrossFit Open leaderboard, specifically in the women’s division.

  • This year, South America saw five women crack the top 50 on the Open leaderboard, with three of those women sitting in the top 25.
  • Not only that, every workout of the 2021 Open featured a South American woman in the top 50.

Amanda Fusuma of Brazil placed 18th in the Open overall at just 24 years old.

  • In 2018, she took 9,131st in the world before taking a 3-year hiatus to come back and place 18th.

Larissa Cunha of Brazil finished 23rd in the Open. This 30-year-old from Brazil is in her 5th Open and is the 2020 Brazilian national champion.

  • She has made progress over the last three years, going from 412th in the world in 2018 to 136th in 2019, and 39th overall in 2020.
  • She also finished 10th in the Latin American Regional in 2018.

Sasha Nievas of Argentina, at 22 years old, and finished 25th overall in the Open.

  • She made an appearance in 2018 at the Latin American and was the second fittest woman in Argentina in 2020.

Melina Rodriguez of Argentina finished in 41st overall with an impressive 9th place in 21.3, finishing in just 8:07.

  • She is the three-time Argentinian national champion and made two appearances at regionals in 2018 as an individual and 2017 on a team.

Gabriella Moratti is 20 years old and currently sits 3rd in Brazil and 47th in the world. 

  • She lifted an impressive 218 pounds in the clean complex of 21.4 and was also the fittest 16-17 year old in Brazil in 2017.

These women are not the only ones making moves to the top of the Open leaderboard from South America. The following women all finished in the top 250 in the world in this year’s Open.

  • Victoria Fiamma Gomes Campos
  • Valentina Rangel
  • Luiza Dias
  • Maria Camila Quintero
  • Thais Nunes
  • Jimena Delamer
  • Lucy Pacheco
  • Delfina Ortuño

Not only are South American women making moves up the leaderboard, they’re also increasing their overall presence on the leaderboard. 

  • Overall, South American women registration increased by 25% this year.
  • In Ecuador, women’s registration increased by over 100% and the only country not to see an increase in women’s registration, was Guyana.
  • Suriname, Paraguay, Chile, and Bolivia also all saw over 50% increase in women’s registration this year.
  • Overall, South American women accounted for 4% of female registration this year, with South America accounting for around 4% of total registrations in the Open this year.

Female Registration for 2020 Vs 2021 By Country

20202021% Change

Why it matters: As the sport of fitness grows, it’s important that CrossFit continues to diversify its population. With women still only accounting for only 43% of Open registration overall, CrossFit needs to try to continue to grow female participation in the sport. As South America begins to make its mark on the sport, specifically in the women’s division we will hopefully see continued growth in that market as young South American girls discover new women to look up to in the sport of fitness and who inspire them to keep going.

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