CrossFit Seminar Staff Members Release Programming Service Directed at Latin American Affiliates

April 23, 2021 by
Credit: Elite Fitness & Programming (
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CrossFit Seminar Staff members Maggie Tincher (CF-L4), Jeff Tincher (CF-L4), and Alex Gowers (CF-L3) introduced new online programming for affiliates and individuals at the beginning of this year. But what makes this program different from the others? It’s available in both English and Spanish and is one of the only programs available directed at Latin American affiliates. 

One big thing: With well over a decade of programming experience, the team spent most of 2020 creating the highest-level programming for the most people. On February 15, 2021, Elite Fitness and Programming (EFP) introduced programming for affiliates and individuals and an at-home track all translated in Spanish. A strength track was added soon after. 

  • “Ultimately, it took all the right pieces falling into place and figuring out how we could best contribute to the community,” Maggie Tincher said. “Creating more opportunities for the Latin American community is a big part of that.”
  • Added to SugarWOD each week, daily lesson plans, coaching strategies, scaling options, and teaching progressions help CrossFitters become better athletes and coaches become world-class trainers. 

Why it matters: The team decided to target the Spanish-speaking community because of the lack of programs offered in that language. 

  • As of right now, there are two other affiliate products translated in Spanish through SugarWOD, but EFP offers more than just affiliate programming. They have found that the community enjoys more high-volume training rather than high-intensity and have adjusted their programming to reflect that.
  • “To find the middle ground, we’ve been tactful about programming skill work, conditioning, and strength sessions around our baseline programming in a way that prioritizes intensity over volume, but still offers the fun of longer training sessions for those who simply enjoy being in the gym,” Maggie Tincher said. 
  • The programming is translated by Maggie Tincher and Andrea Rendon and is offered at a reduced price, taking into consideration the difference in economies. 
  • “Gym memberships in South America are a fraction of what we pay in the United States, so we’re taking the same approach,” Maggie Tincher said. “We want to make sure athletes and affiliates in Latin America can afford the subscription.”

What’s next: The EFP team hopes to create more opportunities for growth and education for trainers. 

  • “Creating workouts that are fun and effective was step one. Now, we want to keep offering those workouts for anyone that’s interested AND be able to provide educational resources for a trainer that still needs to develop his or her skill set,” Maggie Tincher said. 
  • The team wants to create more resources for coaches to continue developing in the most efficient way possible.
  • “At the end of the day, we want to create a product that a new trainer can look at, think about, and use with little-to-no guidance,” she said. 

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