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May 14, 2021 by
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Did the week get ahead of you and you’re looking to catch up on the top trending stories in CrossFit and the industry? You’ve come to the right place. Each week we will wrap up major news from the week and stories people are talking about inside the box.

With the wrap-up of The Age Group Online Qualifiers, we take a look at who (unofficially) punched their ticket to the Games and which athletes we’ll see compete at Semifinals. Oh…and 17-year-old Emma Carry snatch balances 265 pounds. What are they feeding these teen athletes?!

What we learned from the conclusion of the Age Group Online Qualifier:

  • As the leaderboard becomes final, we’re starting to have an idea of which masters and teens are headed to the Games. But some may be using that as a backup plan in hopes to secure an individual ticket, and there could be a family reunion standing on the podium.

The six most intriguing stories from the masters AGOQ:

  • The pandemic prevented masters athletes from having a run at the Games last year, but this year, there will be plenty of storylines to keep your eye on as they compete in Madison. From yearly rivals to defending champions, and even the oldest games athletes, this is a group that should not be overlooked.

Allison Ehle takes on the Individual and Team Quarterfinals as well as the AGOQ:

  • Morning Chalk Up caught up with Allison Ehle at the conclusion of the AGOQ. After three intense weekends of competing with a lot of overlap in programming, she said “my body tapped out on me yesterday as soon as it was done.”

Father and three kids take on AGOQ as extended family cheers them on:

  • 11 family members in total all started drinking the CrossFit kool-aid back in 2009 and now, it’s become a healthy family bonding experience they can all do together.

Just weeks away from Semifinals, backfills are trickling in:

  • A breakdown of whose accepted a backfill invitation to one of the ten Semifinals so far. Most of these athletes were close to qualifying anyways, being within just five spots.

Annie Thorisdottir speaks up about her postpartum depression:

  • After giving birth to her first child, Freyja, Thorisdottir opens up about the fears she had when being separated from her daughter and the sadness that would take over when she wasn’t holding her. As an elite athlete, Thorisdottir struggled with recognizing her body in the mirror after giving birth. She credits talking about her postpartum depression with family and even on social media that helped her get through.

Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge requiring mask-wearing and social distancing

  • While the CDC recently loosened mask-wearing guidance, The MAAC is enforcing face coverings and social distancing at the Main Event. MACC announced as we return to in-person competitions, they’re keeping health and safety as their number one priority. They are also limiting capacity, increasing hand-sanitizer stations, and beefing up their cleaning protocols.

Here are the top five men and women in each Age Group Division, see the full AGOQ leaderboard:

  • Teens 14-15
    1. Isaiah Weber (14) | Olivia Kerstetter (12)
    2. Brode Beckwith (33) | Lucy McGonigle (28)
    3. RJ Mestre (34 | Trista Smith (42)
    4. Gustavo Pusch (35) | Emily Meyer (47)
    5. Caden Pusche (56) | Jenna Michelotti (53)
  • Teens 16-17
    1. Nate Ackerman (10) | Mallory O’Brien (7)
    2. Rokkvi Gudnason (37) | Emma Larson (17)
    3. Omri Meller (73) | Olivia Sulek (20)
    4. Alexander Blazo (74) | Paulina Haro (28)
    5. Elias Simbuerger (77) | Sophia Shaft (58)
  • Masters 35-39
    1. Nick Bloch (94) |Alessandra Pichelli (45)
    2. Stas Solodov (103) | Aneta Tucker (117)
    3. Kyle Kasperbauer (108) | Briana Gaipa (128)
    4. Shawn Bostick (138) | Alethea Boon (142)
    5. Adrian Conway (141)  | Michelle Palmer (153)
  • Masters 40-44
    1. David Johnston (76) | Rachel Green (20)
    2. Caine Haynes (99) | Kelly Friel (30)
    3. Alexandre Jolivet (102) | Delaina Snider (78)
    4. Heath Moody (105) | Stephanie Roy (97)
    5. Ryan McCarthy (112) | Lizzy Carson (110)
  • Masters  45-49
    1. Giulio Silvino (55) | Janet Black (55)
    2. Mike Kern (68) | Annie Sakamoto (66)
    3. Alan Bates (85) | Jennifer Dieter (72)
    4. Jason Grubb (90) | Lynn Cassotis (99)
    5. Michael Orlov (94) | Heather Wood (134)
  • Masters 50-54
    1. Greg Merkac (81) | Kylie Massi (49)
    2. Bob Ruano (99) | Dee Dee Hoffman (51)
    3. James Grundler (112) | Tia Vesser (53)
    4. Bernard Luzi (113) | Julie Rappaport (69)
    5. Kevin Koester (119) | Kristi Lunny (88)
  • Masters 55-59
    1. Ron Ortiz (88) | Laurie Meschishnick (38)
    2. Dion Walmsley (94) | Joanne McCullough (63)
    3. Jody Clements (135) | Karen Lundgren (72)
    4. Rob Bernet (141) | Ann Marie Hubbard (92)
    5. Perry Siplon (158) | Lasara Magnani/Linda Elstun (94)
  • Masters 60-64
    1. David Young (48) | Susan Clarke (17)
    2. Will Powell (56) | Patricia McGill (24)
    3. Jeffrey Christy (61) | Patricia Failla (35)
    4. Gus Vandervoort (66) | Lynne Knapman (39)
    5. Christian Galy (85) | Bianca Williams (61)
  • Masters 65+
    1. Thomas Ackerman (37) | Shaun Havard (19)
    2. David Hippensteel (51) | Lidia Beer (21)
    3. George Koch (55) | Mary Schwing (50)
    4. Donald Brignac (65) | Patty Bauer (53)
    5. Ken Ogden/Walter Russel Brown (77) | Consuelo Cruz (55)

Things you don’t want to miss:

  • Semifinals match-ups: Here are the top-ten men’s and women’s Semifinals match-ups.
  • Live now: Registration for the CrossFit ParUp Throwdown, the two-person online competitions slated for May 20-24 is now open.
  • LIFEAID is hiring: Open positions include Area Sales Associates around the US, National Accounts Manager, CFO and more.
  • GIVEAWAY: InsideTracker is running a “Rich Froning’s Favorite Things” giveaway with chances to win from OneWheel, Whoop, Rogue, Froning Farms and more.
  • Help Support GYMS Act: CrossFit LLC is encouraging affiliates and members to contact their members of Congress and sign to support the bill that would provide gyms support after the industry was hit hard during ongoing lockdowns.
  • The Bottom Line podcast is back with new hosts — Scott Switzer and Cat Scherer from the Clydesdale

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