Putting in the Work: 15-Year-Old Delaney Wade Manages Type 1 Diabetes, Qualifies for the CrossFit Games Teen Division

July 11, 2021 by
Photo Credit: Delaney Wade
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Delaney Wade is what you’d call an extremely active 15-year-old. Currently ranked 6th in her CrossFit division and a competitive soccer player, losing weight isn’t much to raise an eyebrow over. But losing one to two pounds overnight, alarm bells start going off.

  • “In the middle of the night, I would have to pee… and before I even walked out of the bathroom, I would have to pee again. I was like ok, maybe I’m just super hydrated or whatever. [But] I was hungry all the time. I would eat, and I would want to eat again, and I could just not get full,” said Wade.

In 2019, Wade finally went to the doctors and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. That day, her blood sugar levels were in the high 600s, which, according to her doctor, should have landed her in the ICU. 

  • “They came to us, and [said], ‘we want to warn you she’s probably going to be in the ICU for a while because when they started running tests, [and found] her sugar levels had been over for several months,” her father Bruce said.
  • “CrossFit and soccer, that’s probably what saved me from going to the ICU, because that helped my sugars stay good enough,” Wade adds. 

Living with Diabetes: “Just the fact of me giving myself shots, or even pricking my finger, it took me a while. My dad would prick my finger or give me every shot or my siblings would, because I couldn’t do it at the beginning.”

  • “It’s a rollercoaster,” adds Bruce. “Trying to pattern it and track it, and we’ve done well considering, but trying to understand what causes highs, what causes lows… we know carbs cause highs, but if you’re lifting heavy, at a slower pace, then you tend to go up. If you are doing a lot more cardio, fast-paced stuff, it tends to fall.”

Journey to Madison: Wade started CrossFit about two and a half years ago, but she said competing this year was different.

  • “I’ve done the Open before… but I wasn’t where I needed to be to qualify. I was hungry then, but I think that made me want it more,” Wade said.

Now, on her way to compete in the girl’s teen division, Wade is filling her days with training, fitting CrossFit around her competitive soccer schedule, and “making sure to throw in the hard workouts so maybe once I get [to the Games], I can be ready for them.”

  • “I definitely want to put my mark there, but I also want to use this process to inspire people with diabetes,” the young athlete continues. “I want to make sure I can inspire people and have fun with it, but I will put in the work.”

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