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2021 CrossFit Games Individual Day Two Recap, Line-By-Line

July 30, 2021 by
Photo Credit: Athlete’s Eye Photography
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Day two of the 2021 individual competition at the CrossFit Games dawned cool and cloudy. Most of the day’s events were slated to take place indoors, but the local forecast called for a high of 75 degrees with clouds and a minimal chance of rain. There were five events on the docket and a planned cut to 30 athletes in each field following event nine. When everything was done and dusted, the leaderboards had shifted, but the four-time champ on the women’s side was still firmly on top. Here’s a recap of the day.

Leaderboard, End of Day Two

  1. Justin Medeiros (744) | Tia-Clair Toomey (861)
  2. Brent Fikowski (723)  Laura Horvath (723) 
  3. Patrick Vellner (674) | Kristin Holte (684)
  4. Saxon Panchik (644) | Amanda Barnhart (678)
  5. Alex Vigneault (624) | Brooke Wells (660)
  6. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson (620) | Haley Adams (658)
  7. Jonne Koski (619) |Kristi Eramo-O’Connell  (633)
  8. Guilherme Malheiros (603) | Annie Thorisdottir (626)
  9. Royce Dunne (547) | Gabriella Migala (606)
  10. Travis Mayer (545) | Mallory O’Brien (563)

Event 5: 

  • Four Rounds For Time:
    • 4 Rope Climbs, 20 Feet
    • 500/400M Ski Erg
    • 42-Foot Sandbag Carry, 150/200 pounds
    • Time Cap: 15 minutes

Men’s Division Recap:

  • In heat one, a triplet that includes a gymnastics pulling movement, a machine component to spike the heart rate and a heavy odd object carry, several athletes were off the mark and neck-and-neck, including Cole Sager, Royce Dunne, Travis Mayer, Chandler Smith and Lazar Dukic.
  • Heading into the fourth round, Royce Dunne was in the lead, but just barely. Coming off the ski erg first, Dunne finished in 12:01.53 to take the heat win. It was a battle for second between Sager and Mayer and Sager got to the bag first. Sager held on and finished in 12:18.30, while Mayer nabbed third place in the heat at 12:22.32.
  • In the final heat, Jayson Hopper got off to a slight lead in the first round. But other athletes, including Patrick Vellner, Andre Houdet, Jonne Koski, Brent Fikowski and Scott Panchik kept the pressure on.
  • Vellner and Hopper created some separation in the second round. It was too close to call half-way through three rounds. SEveral athletes, including Fikowski, Medeiros and Koski had all overtaken Hopper by the end of the penultimate round.
  • In the last round, Vellner held on through the ski erg, picking up the Husafell sand bag ay 11:39 with Fikowski just a few seconds behind. Velner finished at 11:50 to pick up his second event of the competition and continued to climb out of the hole he dug in event one. Fikowski finished in 12:01.27, just edging out Dunne from heat one, while Medeiros finished fourth in 12:05.77.
  • Notable finishes:
    • Scott Panchik — 7th
    • Cole Sager — 8th
    • Saxon Panchik — 9th 
    • Noah Ohlsen — 23rd
    • Jayson Hopper — 33rd

Women’s Division Recap:

  • In heat one, Icelandic athlete Thuri Helgadottir got off to an early lead, which is fitting considering the “Husafell Sandbag” sandbag is inspired by an Icelandic stone. Sam Briggs kept the pressure on Helgadottir, with Jacqueline Dahlstrom close behind. 
  • In the final round, Briggs, who is close to the end-of-day cut line, caught up to Helgadottir and passed her on the ski erg. And in a final foot race, Briggs held on to take the heat win in 12:33.31, Helgadottir took second with a time of 12:33.91, while Dahlstrom finished third in 13:03.61.
  • The second heat, Laura Horvath grabbed an early lead with Annie Thorisdottir, Haley Adams and Katrin Davidsdottir close behind. Through the middle rounds, Horvath held tight to her lead as Gabi Migala pulled into second. Through three rounds, Horvath is on a blistering pace.
  • In the final round, Horvath kept her foot on the gas, as Migala and Adams battled it out for second. Horvath took the event win, the fourth of her career at 11:41.55 and will no doubt jump up from fourth overall. Migala took second overall with a time of 11:56.87, while Adams finished third in 12:03.29 and made up a few points on Toomey on the overall leaderboard.
  • Notable finishes:
    • Tia-Clair Toomey — 6th
    • Sam Briggs — 9th
    • Mal O’Brien — 13th
    • Danielle Brandon — 17th

Event 6: 

  • Five Rounds For Time:
    • 200M Run
    • 1 Clean
    • Men – 245 | 265 | 285 | 305 | 315 pounds
    • Women – 165 | 175 | 185 | 195 | 205 pounds
    • Time Cap: 6/7 Minutes

Men’s Division Recap:

  • This event is all about the pace on the run. These barbells, while heavy, are not prohibitively so, and it will all come down to who is willing to sell out on the runs.
  • The men were divided into four heats. In the first heat, no one completed the clean ladder under the cap. Alexandre Caron and Tim Paulson both made it to the final bar, but were not able to finish the event.
  • In the second heat, Jeffrey Adler got out to a quick lead and power cleaned all first bars, but in the final round, Bayden Brown began to close the distance. Both men got to the final 315-pound barbell with 20 seconds to go, but Adler power cleaned it, while Brown squatted, allowing Adler to take the heat win.
  • The third heat featured some of the strongest athletes in the field. Jason Smith and Guilherme Malheiros got off to a bit of a lead but Travis Mayer and Alex Vigneault all pushed the pace. Mayer took over the lead on the 305-pound barbell. Mayer and Vigneault both made it in under the aggressive cap, but Adler’s time still stands.
  • The current leaders took the floor in heat four. Lazar Dukic got out to an early lead, but there was a massive group just on his heels. In round two, Saxon Panchik took over the lead, Fikowski, Dukic, Vellner and Medeiros were just behind him. Vellner moved into second heading into the final round. But, he and Fikowski failed the final bar at 315, while Saxon Panchik and Justin Medeiros, the “youth of the nation” hit the lift and finished under the cap. The earlier heats ran the table though, as Adler took first, Brown took second, Mayer grabbed third and Vigneault took fourth. Saxon Panchik and Medeiros followed up in fifth and sixth. 
  • Notable finishes:
    • Brent Fikowski — 9th
    • Patrick Vellner — 10th
    • Jayson Hopper — 10th
    • Cole Sager — 17th

Women’s Division Recap:

  • The women took the floor, ready to take on the same couplet of running  and cleans, they have a time cap of 7 minutes. In the first heat, Jessica Griffith (who is currently in 31st place) ran out to an early lead and power cleaned all the bars taking a heat win at 6:25.72. Alessandra Pichelli was right on her heels at 6:32.72. Regan Huckaby nabbed third at 6:40.66. In the second heat, Arielle Loewen and Emma Cary, stand out stars from the Granite Games battled it out through the first three rounds. Sam Briggs was breathing down both of their necks. In a surprise twist, Ellie Turner finished first at 6:21.99 setting a new time to beat while Arielle Loewen finished in 6:33.61. Teen Emma Cary struggled on the last bar and was unable to complete the event.
  • In the third heat, Danielle Brandon started fast and held a small lead early. By the third round, Emma McQuaid and Annie Thorisdottir both chased her down. Gabi Migala grabbed the lead into the final round. She finished the event in 6:12.36, setting a new time to beat. Emma McQuaid was not far behind at 6:15.43, followed by Annie Thorisdottir at 6:25.74, .02 seconds behind Griffith from heat one.
  • The final heat, once again reshuffled the event leaderboard.  In the first two rounds, Tia Toomey, Brooke Wells, and Kristi Eramo-O’Connell established a lead. The three women held on through the fourth round. In the final round, Eramo-O’Connell chased down Toomey. The four-time champ held her off, finishing in 5:43.17, taking yet another event win, but Eramo-O’Connell finished just behind her at 5:45.88 and gained points on the field and a huge confidence boost.
  • Notable finishes:
    • Laura Horvath — 5th
    • Brooke Wells — 7th
    • Mal O’Brien — 12th
    • Arielle Loewen — 14th

Event 7: 

  • For Time:
    • Five Rounds For Time:
    • 200M Run
    • 1 Clean
    • Men – 325 | 335 | 340 | 345 | 350 pounds
    • Women – 210 | 215 | 220 | 225 | 230 pounds
    • Time Cap: 8/9 Minutes

Men’s Division Recap:

  • This is a similar event to the previous, but the weight on the cleans is significantly higher and there was only a short recovery time between events. 
  • In the first heat, Zach Watts got out to a big lead early, making the heavy barbells look easy. Colten Mertens and Alexandre Caron stayed close. Watts set the early time to beat at 5:47.76. In heat two, Jeffrey Adler went out hot and handled the first bars easily. He kept up the pace and demolished Watts’ time at 4:59.78.
  •  In heat three, Guilherme Malheiros took off early, leading Travis Mayer and Alex Vigneault. By round four, Malheiros was on pace to beat Adler’s time. In dramatic fashion, the young Brazilian hit the final bar with ease and crossed the line 4:51.61.
  • The final heat featured several athletes who hoped to challenge Malheiros for the event win. Andre Houdet went out quick, but Saxon Panchik and Justin Mederieros were close behind. Vellner and Fikowski trailed by 15-20 seconds. Saxon Panchik took the heat at 5:43. 34 with Medeiros right behind him at 5:56.71. 
  • Notable finishes:
    • Justin Medeiros — 7th
    • Jayson Hopper — 8th
    • Patrick Vellner — 11th
    • Noah Ohlsen — 12th

Women’s Division Recap:

  • With the same eight minute cap, the women’s division took on event 7.
  • In heat one, Sasha Nieves grabbed a slight lead in the first two rounds, but it was Alessandra Pichelli who set the time to beat at 5:50.33. Regan Huckaby came in at 5:52.77. In heat two, Sam Briggs got hung up early as Laura Clifton and Sydney Michalyshen gained a lead. Clifton took the heat in 6:01.08, while Michalyshen grabbed second for the heat in 6:07.14.
  • The athletes in heat three pushed the pace as Gabi Migala got out to a quick start, followed by Emma McQuaid and Annie Thorisdottir. Migala finished strong to take over the event lead at 5:13.84. In the final heat, Tia-Clair Toomey, Laura Horvath and Amanda Barnhart took off to an early lead. Toomey looks smooth and fast.
  • Barnhart is power cleaning every bar, and Horvath looks great too. Barnhart makes short work of the bars, but needs to increase her run pace.
  • Toomey, of course, cleaned the final bar with ease and crossed the finish line at 4:44.93, smashing the event time to beat and earning her 29th event win, tying Mat Fraser’s record. Horvath came in at 4:57.22 to take second in the event and make another jump on the leaderboard. Migala held on to third. 
  • Notable finishes:
    • Kristi Eramo-O’Connell — 5th
    • Regan Huckaby — 7th
    • Brooke Wells — 9th
    • Mal O’Brien — 18th

Event 8: 

  • For Time:
    • Navigate the handstand walking course.
    • Time Cap: 5 Minutes

Men’s Division Recap: 

  • A test of gymnastics — high skill, single modality.
  • In heat one, Augustin Richelme set the time to beat at 3:00.34. In the second heat, Samuel Cournoyer got out to a fast start going unbroken in the first half of the course and bringing it home in 2:19.58, setting the new mark.
  • Both leaders so far struggled on the final parallel bar implement.
  • Heat three featured veteran Scott Panchik who took smart breaks and set the new time beat at 2:05.21. He passed the final obstacle on his first try.
  • In the final heat, Justin Medeiros used a similar strategy to the handstand walk in 2020, kicking down and back up frequently, took the heat win with a time of 2:15.33, securing second place after Scott Panchik. Meanwhile, Vellner struggled on the final obstacle. Medeiros holds on to the leader’s jersey heading into event nine.
  • Notable finishes:
    • Guilherme Malheiros — 5th
    • Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 6th
    • Brent Fikowski — 13th
    • Patrick Vellner — 16th

Women’s Division Recap:

  • In heat one, Sasha Nievas set the time to beat at 3:31.66. In the second heat, Baylee Rayl set a new time at 3:13.07. Teen Emma Cary finished in 4:03.
  • Heat three featured two of the best handstand walkers on earth in Katrin Davidsdottir and Danielle Brandon. And Brandon didn’t disappoint, blowing the doors off the competition and completing the course in 1:43.09. Meanwhile, Arielle Loewen and Mal O’Brien fought for second in the heat. Both of them came in close to Rayl’s time.
  • In the final heat, Haley Adams and Brooke Wells displayed what could only be called a “hand race” and both finished just over 2 minutes, with Adams taking second and Wells taking third in the event behind Brandon.
  • Notable finishes:
    • Mal O’Brien — 8th
    • Laura Horvath — 12th
    • Katrin Davidsdottir — 14th
    • Emma Cary — 15th

Event 9: 

  • For Time:
    • 21-15-9
    • Echo Bike Calories
    • Snatch (105/75)

Men’s Division Recap: 

  • This is the final event prior to the cut to 30 athletes overall. A classic CrossFit couplet with light weight on the bar. This is all go, no brake and four men will not continue on after.
  • In heat one, Chandler Smith got out to a quick start, Cole Sager wretched on the bike as well. Smith was the first back to the bike for the round of 15, if he can hold on, this will be huge for him. The round of 15 is the gut check round. And by the way, Chandler Smith is muscle snatching every rep. He’s gone to a dark and lonely place. Georges Karavis is making a late push. And Chandler Smith takes the heat win at 3:39.77, setting the time to beat.
  • In heat two, Alex Vigneault and Brent Fikowski were the first off the bike, Noah Ohlsen is not far behind. Medeiros is far behind. The two Canadian men are ripping through the round of 15. Vellner’s making a push too, this event is Canadian heavy at the top. And Fikowski just shifted into another gear on the round of 9. The Professor takes the event win, when he needed it most, with a finishing time of 3:31.25. Vigneault finished ahead of Smith’s time from heat one, Travis Mayer and Vellner finished just after. 
  • Notable finishes:
    • Jayson Hopper — 8th
    • Justin Medeiros — 9th
    • Noah Ohlsen — 11th
    • Scott Panshik — 27th

Women’s Division Recap:

  • In heat one, Emma Cary got off to a good start, but Alessandra Pichelli took the lead and held it through the middle round with Ellie Turner. Turner took the lead into the final round of 9. And Turner set the time to beat at 4:25.98 setting the time to beat. Sam Briggs and Laura Clifton both dove to the finish with Clifton just edging out the former champ at 4:46.50 and 4:51.22 respectively.
  • Heat two took things to another level as the athletes sold out and made their lungs bleed. Amanda Barnhart took an early lead, With Annie Torisdottir, Laura Horvath and Katrin Davidsdottir close behind. And Barnhart is literally blowing the doors off. Toomey is well behind, as is the teen phenom Mal O’Brien. Barnhart and Thorisdottir battled to the end with Barnhart taking the event win at 4:01.79, the third of her career, Thorisdottir came in just behind her at 4:07.26. Horvath took third in 4:22.04.
  • Notable finishes:
    • Haley Adams — 8th
    • Brooke Wells — 9th
    • Emma Cary — 13th
    • Mal O’Brien — 25th 

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