WHOOP Data Reveals Users Increased Sleep, Reduced Tobacco and Alcohol Amid Lockdown

September 19, 2021 by
Photo Credit: WHOOP
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With many gyms shut down in 2020 due to COVID-19, people had to focus on finding other ways to improve their overall health and recovery. There were several options available, but multiple large groups used their WHOOP data to cut down on bad habits. 

The details: WHOOP CEO and Founder Will Ahmed revealed during the live WHOOP Unlocked event that the company began tracking the data of users who signed up for the service in March 2020 or after, the start of widespread lockdowns. These users began making immediate changes to their lifestyles in a matter of five months by increasing their amount of sleep and decreasing some of the “less positive” trends. 

Cutting back: The data revealed that 46% of people reduced the number of days they drank alcohol. Additionally, 34% reduced the number of days they drank caffeine. Both alcohol and caffeine in the afternoon can negatively impact sleep and recovery.

  • The WHOOP users who smoked tobacco also made changes. 44% of users reduced the number of days that they smoked cigarettes or used tobacco products.
  • Finally, several users focused on their nutrition. 31% reduced the number of days they ate late meals.

Steps in the right direction: Cutting back on negative habits was only one step for the WHOOP users. Many also focused on the positive details that helped them increase recovery and attack each day in the best possible way.

  • Exercise is a key part of remaining healthy. WHOOP users embraced this by increasing the number of days they exercised by 29%.
  • These new users also focused on hydration, increasing the number of days by 27%.
  • New WHOOP users put extra emphasis on hydration. They increased the number of days they were well-hydrated by a whopping 35%. 
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Ahmed: “The past year-and-a-half has been very difficult for so many reasons. The global pandemic posed enormous challenges to communities around the world. Yet even amid the stress and difficulties of this period, our members have made choices to prioritize their health.”

Extra context: Ahmed and the WHOOP team did not stop with studying data from new users. The CEO also contacted his alma mater, St. Paul’s in Concord, NH, to gauge their interest in a case study. 375 students provided access to their WHOOP metrics and revealed a staggering amount of data. 

  • On average, the students increased their amount of sleep by an hour over the course of the four-month study period. A direct result of the extra sleep was a 64% decrease in “red” recovery days on average. 
  • The average resting heart rate of the 375 students dropped by 3%, from 58 beats-per-minute in January 2021 down to 56 by April 2021. 

The bottom line: A pandemic and global shutdown created major issues for people, prompting a wide variety of reactions. Many that signed up for the WHOOP service — regardless of age — used the opportunity to focus on their well-being while trusting the in-depth data available to them. 

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