Lifting Complex in Perspective at the Rogue Invitational

October 30, 2021 by
Photo Credit: Athlete's Eye Photography
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Event two of the 2021 Rogue Invitational in Austin, TX Friday featured a lifting complex of one clean, one shoulder to overhead, one front squat and one more shoulder to overhead, an event dominated by Guilherme Malheiros—367 pounds—and Tia-Clair Toomey—260 pounds.

But Malheiros and Toomey weren’t the only two athletes who boasted scores on a four-rep lifting complex that most CrossFit athletes can’t even dream about doing for one single rep. The top six men lifted at least 350 pounds yesterday, while the top six women lifted at least 230 pounds.

One big thing: “On the 237 (pounds) I saw my mom jumping up and down in front of me, and I was like, ‘I can’t miss this,’” said 17 year-old Emma Cary after winning Heat 1.

Too busy appreciating her mother’s support, Cary probably didn’t realize that her four reps would have been extremely competitive at the single clean and the single clean and jerk events at past CrossFit Games. 

  • In fact, Cary’s lift yesterday would have ranked her third in the max clean event at the 2019 Games and third in the max clean and jerk event from 2015.
  • And as impressive as that is, Cary’s 237-pound lift was also only good enough for fourth place yesterday, behind Toomey, Laura Horvath (257 pounds) and Amanda Barnhart (240 pounds).

The big picture: Across the board, the numbers the athletes put up yesterday in Austin for four four reps would have challenged top scores at single lifting events against the best athletes in the world even from just two years ago, proving the sport is still on a fast upward trajectory.

  • Malheiros’s winning score on the complex yesterday would have been good enough for third place in the max clean event at the 2019 Games. 
  • Even more impressive, however, might just be the depth of the field. Alex Caron’s seventh place 245-pound lift Friday would have also ranked him seventh in the clean event at the 2019 Games. 
  • On the women’s side, seven women lifted at least 232 pounds on the complex yesterday. In 2019, only two women achieved this on a max clean.
  • Further, when we compare yesterday’s lifts to the max clean and jerk event from the 2015 Games, the top five men’s scores from the Rogue Invitational would have bested the entire 2015 field. As for the women, the winning clean and jerk in 2015 was 242 pounds, 18 pounds less than Toomey’s four-rep lift yesterday. 

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