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CrossFit Games Individual Day Three Recap

August 5, 2022 by
Photo Credit: Enrique V Media
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The third morning of the 2022 CrossFit Games opened with mild temperatures and bright, sunny skies. All divisions were scheduled to take the competition floor, including three events for the individuals.

Individual Event Five: The Capitol

The first event of the day was also the first event that was announced earlier in the week. It was an amped-up version of the Burden Run from the 2013 Games that started with 20 pig flips, then a 3.5-mile run, followed by a 200-meter Jerry Bag carry and a 200-meter Husafell carry including going up the 49 stairs at the Wisconsin state capitol building to the finish line at the top.

The bottom 20 men and women on the leaderboard took on the event first and it was Travis Mayer who opened up a sizable lead early in the run after flipping the pig. Bayden Brown and Alex Vigneault were next in line. On the women’s side, Ellie Turner took the lead over Seher Kaya coming off the pig flips. Mayer finished the run in 23:26 and set the time to beat on the men’s side, after climbing the stairs, with a heat win at 32:16. Kaya and Turner battled back and forth climbing the stairs as the lead changed hands multiple times with Kaya putting on a late charge to take the win from Turner at the finish line.

In heat two it was Roman Khrennikov and Jayson Hopper first out for the men, Khrennikov pulled away at the halfway point in the run, but Lazar Djukic caught him, shortly behind them, Ricky Garard made a move and chased down the leaders. Toward the end of the run portion, Garard, Khrennikov and Djukic made up the lead pack with Djukic pulling ahead slightly. Krennikov regained the lead after the Jerry Cans and then it was neck and neck between Khrennikov and Garard on the stairs. When the dust settled, Garard took the event win at 31:54, with Khrennikov right behind him at 32:01.

Amanda Barnhart was first off the pig for the women, Laura Horvath was just behind her. By the midpoint of the run though, Haley Adams had taken the lead with Tia-Clair Toomey and Gabi Migala behind her. By the time they got to the odd objects, Adams had opened up a large lead over the other women. On the Jerry Can carry, Adams started to chase down the men ahead of her, moving into 4th place overall. But then, Adams struggled on the Husafell bag and Gabi Migala overtook her on the stairs and took the event win at 33:34. Laura Horvath passed her as did Toomey and Wells. Adams was finally able to get her bag across the line in fifth place. The third place finish moved Toomey into first overall, two points ahead of Mal O’Brien.

Individual Event Six: Up and Over

The second event of the day was a chipper-style workout that included three rounds of 12 ring muscle-ups, 25 jump overs (including a log, a high box jump, and a pig jump over) and 30 GHD sit-ups, followed by an 84-foot axle bar lunge (185 pounds for me, 125 pounds for women).

The men took the field first and it was the first Italian man to qualify out of regionals or Semifinals, Enrico Zenoni who set the time to beat at 14:18, while Brent Fikowski took second in the heat a few seconds later. In the second heat, Khrennikov got out to a slight lead in round one. But by the end of the finish round, Saxon Panchik had taken over and headed into the second set of ring muscle-ups first with BKG, Garard and Ohlsen not far behind. In the second round, Panchik opened up a big lead, but Patrick Vellner who had been hanging out just outside the top-five for the first part of the week, just behind. 

Into the final round, Garard made up some space, but Panchik grabbed the axle bar for the lunges well before him. Panchik picked up the 100 points at 12:40 as Medeiros and Garard battled it out, with Medeiros taking second and Garard third. Panchik grabbed his first event win of the week.

The women were up next and in the first heat Rebecca Fuselier who struggled to complete “The Capitol” earlier in the day, got out to an early lead. Mayhem athlete Baylee Rayl eclipsed her in round two, but the two of them together opened up a big lead over the rest of the field. In round three Rayl separated herself as Fuselier and Elena Sanahuja battled for second. Rayl set the time to beat at 14:15, as Fuselier gutted it out to take second in the heat at 15:55.

In the second heat, Toomey took the field with the white leader’s jersey for the first time this week. And the reigning champion got out to an early lead, going unbroken on the first set of muscle-ups. O’Brien, Kristi Eramo-O’Connell and Emma Lawson were close behind. Toomey completed her second set of ring muscle-ups unbroken as well. In the second round, Adams moved into fourth, while O’Brien and Lawson tried to keep the pressure on.

In round three, Toomey broke for the first time in her muscle-ups, but maintained her lead. She finished the workout in 11:58, crushing the top time from heat one. O’Brien took second, only surrendering 3 points to Toomey and staying within five points overall. Lawson took third in the event followed by Haley Adams who legged out Danielle Brandon at the last second.

Individual Event Seven:  Echo Press

The final event of the day was a couplet of Echo Bike calories and handstand push-ups, but it was a new version of the movement for the CrossFit Games, the strict deficit block handstand push-up. Athletes had to wall walk onto ballistic blocks and then descend into the push-up and dip below a tape line on the blocks. The workout had a 10-minute time cap for the guys, 12-minutes for the women.

The men were up first and in the first heat of ten, Andrew Houdet set the time to beat at 7:44 and Colton Mertens looked strong at 7:55. In the second heat, Zenoni got out to sizable lead over his competitors and smashed Houdet’s time from heat one, taking the lead at 7:07 and his second heat win of the day. In heat three, Jayson Hopper, Will Moorad and Travis Mayer battled it out through the midway point. It was Moorad though whose handstand push-ups won the day and he completed the event at 6:30 with Hopper behind him at 6:57.

The stage was set for the final heat and Khrennikov was the first off the bike in round one with Noah Ohlsen hot on his tail. At the midway point, Khrennikov had a big lead as Garard fell into the lower half of the heat. Ohlsen faded as Panchik moved into second place. Khrennikov took the heat win at 7:02, but took third overall behind Moorad and Hopper. Meanwhile, Garard got hung up on his final set of handstand push-ups and failed to finish the event under the time cap. 

The women closed things out for the day and in the first heat, Caroline Spencer got out to an early lead with Seonyoung Choi just behind her. Spencer set the first time to beat at 8:36, Choi took second in the heat at 9:31. In the second heat, Dani Speegle and Alex Gazan got out to in front with Paige Powers close behind. Speegle and Powers were duking it out to the end of the heat with Speegle in at 8:57 and Powers behind her at 9:24. 

The third heat opened with Matilde Garnes pushing the pace on the bike. Laura Horvath was in the heat and has consistently struggled with strict handstand push-ups across her career and at the halfway point to the time cap, she hadn’t moved past her first set of handstand push-ups, while Emma McQuaid got out to a strong lead. McQuaid set the new time to beat at 8:01 as the final heat looked on from the corrals.

Toomey had her game-face on at the start, but it was Mal O’Brien who got out to a hot start, as did Alexis Raptis. Toomey hit the wall toward the back of the pack, but did her first set of handstand push-ups unbroken. Lawson was in the mix as well into the midpoint of the workout. Raptis held a strong lead while Toomey did her second set of handstand push-ups unbroken again. Raptis maintained her pace with Toomey trying to chase her down, but the rookie was able to win the event at 6:48, over a minute faster than McQuaid. Toomey took second at 7:47 to put more distance between herself and O’Brien.

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