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How Many Qualifying Spots Will Each Semifinal Receive?

October 11, 2022 by
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In the recent outline of the 2023 CrossFit Games season structure, CrossFit HQ confirmed the total number of CrossFit Games spots will remain the same across all divisions (40 individual male and female spots, 38 teams, and 10 age group spots per division). The announcement raised questions about how many spots would be allotted to each region.

CrossFit’s general manager of sport, Justin Bergh clarified on a call that each region will still receive the same number of Games spots as before. With that being said, here’s how many Games spots will be awarded to each Semifinal: 

  1. North America East – 10 Games spots
  2. North America West – 10 Games spots
  3. Europe – 10 Games spots
  4. Asia – 2 Games spots
  5. Africa – 1 Games spot
  6. Australia – 3 Games spots
  7. South America – 2 Games spots

The big picture: The biggest changes will be felt by North American and European competitors where the number of events has been cut in half, which will increase the level of competition and raise the stakes for earning a Games spot. 

  • The number of qualifying spots from each region remains the same.

One big thing: With the Last Chance Qualifier going away, the final two individual male and female spots will be filled based on a new ranking system. 

  • “The final Games-qualifying spots will be allocated from the Semifinals according to a ranking system based on the strength of the field.” 
  • No details have been released at this time regarding how this will be calculated. 

One last thing: Even though CrossFit has reduced the number of Semifinal events from ten to seven, the same number of athletes will compete in the semifinal stage as did in 2021 and 2022; that is 300 individual men and women, and 200 teams.

  1. North America East – 60 individual men and women, 40 teams
  2. North America West – 60 individual men and women, 40 teams
  3. Europe – 60 individual men and women, 40 teams
  4. Asia – 30 individual men and women, 20 teams
  5. Africa – 30 individual men and women, 20 teams
  6. Australia – 30 individual men and women, 20 teams
  7. South America – 30 individual men and women, 20 teams

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