Unforced Errors, Appeals and Photo Finishes Lead to Eventful Women’s Event 6 at Rogue Invitational

October 29, 2022 by
Photo Credit: Enrique Villasenor (@enriquevmedia)
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While there were moments of perfection for some athletes during Event 6—a five-round elimination sprint-style event—in many ways, the bigger story on the field were the unforced errors and mishaps. 

The details: The fast and furious event, which led to a handful of no-repped overhead squats, dropped sandbags and even some faceplants, started with one legless rope climb, followed by 10 overhead squats at 95-pounds and finished with a 150-pound sandbag sprint across the finish line.

  • The event was also delayed a couple of times due to appeals, including one by Alexis Raptis after the second round. After some deliberation, Raptis won her appeal, but in order to advance to the third round, Raptis was asked to complete the course solo, and her time would determine whether she would make the cut.
  • Her time held up, Raptis snuck into the third round and then went on to win her heat and advance to the fourth round, joining Ellie Turner, Kara Saunders, Danielle Brandon and Laura Horvath. 
  • The fourth round was also filled with excitement. Brandon and Horvath were neck-and-neck throughout the course, with Brandon just slightly ahead of Horvath. But in the very last couple of strides of the sandbag sprint, Horvath dove face first across the finish line, landing on top of her 150-pound bag in what became a photo finish. Saunders, Turner and Raptis placed third, fourth and fifth respectively.

The final match-up: Brandon had a third chance to beat Horvath in the two-woman final match-up, which looked oddly familiar to the previous round. 

  • Once again, Brandon took the early lead, but Horvath managed to make up time picking up the heavy sandbag, putting together a flawless effort and edging Brandon out by a little more than half-a-second, taking a historic fourth consecutive event win in the process.

“You just have to go really fast, but also don’t get no repped, so you have to pace a little bit but also full send,” Horvath said after the event. “It was awesome. I really liked it.”

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