Born Primitive to Give Veterans Weekend Profits to Charity

November 10, 2022 by
Photo Credit: Richard Veytsman(@richardveytsman)
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Born Primitive, the veteran-owned apparel company built in the CrossFit community, is using Veterans Day to show support. The company will donate 100% of its online profits (up to $100,000) through the weekend to veteran-related non-profit organizations. 

The details: 2022 marks the second year of the donation campaign after the apparel company donated $75,000 in 2021. Born Primitive co-founder/CEO Bear Handlon wanted to raise the bar, so he set the goal of $100,000 and extended the campaign for the entire weekend. 

  • Members of the CrossFit community can easily show their support. They just have to make a purchase on from November 11-13. Their money will go completely to a select group of non-profit organizations. 
  • If anyone wants to show even more support during the three-day event, there is another way. They can click a button during checkout that adds some extra money straight to the non-profit organizations. 

The charities: According to a press release from Born Primitive, there will be three main veteran-related non-profit organizations receiving donations after the three-day event. 

  • The first organization is the Navy SEAL Foundation, which provides critical support for “the warriors, veterans, and families of Naval Special Warfare.”
  • The second is The Best Defense Foundation. This non-profit founded by former NFL linebacker Donnie Edwards supports veterans in many ways. The most notable is the program that takes WWII veterans back to where they served so they can honor their fallen comrades and gain closure.
  • The third non-profit organization is Tunnel to Towers, which provides mortgage-free homes to Gold Star and fallen first responder families. Tunnel to Towers also builds custom-designed homes to fit the needs of those that were catastrophically wounded. 

Some outside support: Born Primitive already has a sizable fanbase, which has proven in the past that it’s willing to get involved in important campaigns. However, multiple other companies have also stepped in to help entice potential customers. 

  • Black Rifle Coffee, Kifaru, 02, Kill Cliff, Bear Komplex, Ice Shaker, Xendurance, BeaverFit, and Doc Spartan have all agreed to provide $25 gift vouchers for those that make purchases during the three-day event. 
  • Each order from Born Primitive will include a Born Primitive leather patch and a thank you note with a code on the back. This code works across the websites of the nine vendors.
  • Additionally, 50 random orders from Born Primitive will include a pair of polarized Gatorz sunglasses ($180 value). 

Born Primitive, which began in a garage in 2014, has made charitable donations a focus since the very start. The early days had much smaller donations, such as $500 or some t-shirts. Now, however, Born Primitive has grown to a point that it can make a larger impact in important communities.

  • To this day, Born Primitive has donated more than $1.2 Million to various causes. The company has supported military and first responder organizations, as well as cancer research and prevention.
  • Born Primitive also supported gyms that were forced to close due to COVID-19 by donating over $200,000 of profits from sales. 

Handlon: “Since the beginning when we were running this out of the garage, we have always said we have to do more than just sell apparel. The brand has to stand for something, and we have to use our platform to give back. Too many watered-down brands these days just go whatever direction the wind is blowing that day.” 

“We planted our flag in the ground on Day 1 and said this is who we are. We will never waver on that. We are patriots and we are proud to support those who serve, especially in today’s current climate.”

A long process: Reaching a point where these sales events are possible is not a simple task. It took several years. Born Primitive also had to put an emphasis on some important factors that helped the company grow and create lifelong fans. 

  • Obviously, one of the biggest is having a quality product. Born Primitive had to make shirts, shorts, sports bras, leggings, jeans, and other items that stood up to whatever the community put them through.  
  • An equally important factor is focusing on the customer. Born Primitive had to ensure that every interaction with an existing or current customer was positive, whether it was over email or in person. 
  • The third factor is the brand. Born Primitive wants its name to be associated with hard work, dedication, chasing dreams, and patriotism. 

Future plans: Born Primitive was born in the CrossFit community, and it will remain firmly entrenched well into the future. The company will continue to make apparel that fits a variety of needs while also finding ways to support veterans, first responders, and others in need.

  • As part of this pursuit, the Veterans Weekend campaign should only continue into the future. Born Primitive will continue to donate large sums of money or merchandise to deserving organizations and people. 

The company will also examine numerous other ways to show support. These methods will remain under wraps until they are ready, but Born Primitive will stick to the goal of focusing on veterans, first responders, and others in need.

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