CrossFit Inks Multi-Year Deal With Momentous, a New Supplement Partner

May 10, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Momentous
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CrossFit has made a significant move ahead of the start of Semifinals. HQ has signed a multi-year deal naming Momentous the Official Supplements and Sports Nutrition Partner of CrossFit and the CrossFit Games, a press release today read.

Remind me: Based in Park City, Momentous is a major brand in the athletic field with a focus on improving human performance. Its list of products includes items focused on muscle growth, endurance, joint and bone strength, immune support, gut health, and many other “pain points” that people experience in everyday life. 

  • Momentous has ties to four major American sports leagues, which include the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Momentous also works with key figures in Lacrosse, surfing, skiing, running, cycling, rock climbing, college sports, and CrossFit. 
  • The partnership with the NFL is fitting considering that CEO Jeff Byers, a former center, played in the NFL from 2010 until 2014 while suiting up for multiple teams. 
  • The key partners also include the United States military, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. Andy Galpin, Dr. Kelly Starrett, and Dr. Stacy Sims. Dr. Huberman, in particular, has his own line of products created by Momentous. This list also features Sam Briggs and Lauren Fisher. 

The backstory: Momentous already had numerous partnerships with athletes and experts alike, but how did the company get involved with CrossFit? The answer is fairly straightforward. 

  • “Honestly, I just got a phone call from Don Faul, who I’d known in a past life,” Byers said. “We’d both kind of done some similar work at his previous company in the government space, and I just kind of got to know him through there.” 
  • “And Don called and said, ‘Hey, Jeff, we should be partnering with you all. You are a leading sports, nutrition, and supplement company. You work with the best, you have the best minds, the best experts on board. Let’s figure this out and see if we can make it work.’” 

Once this phone call took place, CrossFit and Momentous wasted no time putting a deal together. The whole process of setting up a three-year deal involving the CrossFit Games took a mere three months. 

This deal will now provide countless CrossFitters with access to a line of supplements that focus on a variety of needs. As Byers explained, whey protein is the most popular product for professional and college athletes, followed by collagen. Though there is another item that he believes will support competitive CrossFitters. 

  • “We have a product that’s called PR Lotion,” Byers said. “It’s really… I would say it’s nichey but very actually dialed for a CrossFit consumer. When you go really hard, you produce acid. That acid builds up – it’s called lactic acid – creates fatigue in your body.”
  • “PR Lotion buffers that acid. It’s won three government innovation contracts and been used by marathon world record holders and Tour de France winners and Super Bowl teams.” 
  • “Basically what it does is it delivers sodium bicarbonate into the body. bicarb is a basic electrolyte. Bicarbonate buffers acid. It’s the natural thing our bodies use, we produce it in the pancreas.”

Erasing concerns: A prominent storyline in past CrossFit seasons has been athletes getting suspended for using banned substances. Some have intentionally taken performance-enhancing substances while others have been on the wrong end of cross-contamination. 

This is always a concern when introducing a new supplement partner, but Momentous has made it clear that the company “dumpsters” products if there is cross-contamination. The company also rigorously tests all of its products. 

  • “Pro and college sports do not mess around with what they give their athletes, right?” Byers added. “So our testing, or the testing routes that we go down, are incredibly rigorous.”
  • “NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Sport, which is an LGC company, are the two leaders. They are the only two recognized bodies in pro and college sports, right, here in the US and really internationally.”
  • “What we do is we have to certify all of our products. Not only has it been certified that there’s no banned substances, it’s also been certified that its label claims are accurate. So whatever ingredient or amount of ingredients that you actually need has to be in it.”

Why this matters: CrossFit has been hard at work adding new partners to the fold prior to the 2023 Semifinals. This is an essential part of keeping the company healthy and moving forward. However, there is another significant reason why this deal with Momentous matters. 

With the Utah-based company taking over as the Official Supplement Partner of the NOBULL CrossFit Games, the athletes now have access to a massive array of products that can benefit them in multiple ways. They can also rest assured that they won’t get popped for any banned substances due to the amount of testing taking place. 

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