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Meet The Four Boxes with Three Individual Athletes Competing At North America East

May 20, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi
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Going into the Semifinals, a lot of attention gets paid to the athletes who train year-round at training camps. 

For good reasons: Of the 119 individual men and women taking the North American East stage this weekend, more than 20 percent of them (24 athletes total) haul in from the Brute Strength base (CrossFit Naples), Training Think Tank Headquarters (CrossFit TTT), PRVN mainstay (CrossFit East Nashville), or the Mayhem Nation (CrossFit Mayhem).

Training Camps:

  • PRVN (CrossFit East Nashville): 6
  • Training Think Tank (CrossFit TTT): 5
  • Brute Strength (CrossFit Naples): 7
  • Mayhem (CrossFit Mayhem): 6

But there are CrossFit boxes outside of those associated with programming camps that send multiple athletes to CrossFit Semifinal East. Cue up the Zac Brown Band because here we’re focusing on the athletes at North America East who are homegrown. 

This weekend at Orlando, there are eight boxes with two athletes representing them in North America East. 

These include: 

  • 12th State CrossFit
  • Camel City CrossFit
  • CrossFit Electric City 
  • CrossFit Krypton
  • CrossFit Melior
  • CrossFit New England
  • CrossFit PSC
  • CrossFit Vertex 

Two of these boxes — CrossFit Krypton and CrossFit PSC — also have a team repping their name on the floor. 

But more impressive than sending two athletes to Semis…sending three.  And there are four boxes across North America East who managed to do so. 

Their names: 

  • Peak 360 CrossFit
  • CrossFit Explode
  • Solidarity CrossFit
  • Golden Goose CrossFit

Peak 360 CrossFit isn’t quite a training camp…but given that the Miami, FL based box is home to 10-time CrossFit Games Athlete Noah Olsen, as well as bubble athletes Jake Berman, and Anikha Greer it may as well be. 

CrossFit Explode will sound familiar to those who tuned into the Atlas Games last year. The Westchester, PA gym sent a team (which ended up placing last) in 2022. This year, 3 of the 4 athletes on last year’s teamMitch Griffith, Rachel Fricker, and Karis Demiare competing as individuals. All three are competing for  their first time as an individual athlete. 

Solidarity CrossFit in Charlottesville, VA is the affiliate where individual athletes Luke Burns, Connor Duddy, and Gabrielle Ocker train. While Ocker is a three-time Semifinal athlete, Duddy is a seven-time Regionals/Semifinal and one-time Games athlete, this is Burns first time taking the Semifinal floor. 

The final gym to send three athletes to semifinals is Golden Goose CrossFit. Located in Rocky Hill, CT, GG is home to two-time Semifinal athletes Katie Calyore, Kyle Baughman, and Skyler Ocetnik. Notably, Golden Goose is the only CrossFit box (or training camp) to send more than two athletes to Semifinals in all of New England. 

None of the homegrown boxes with three individual athletes at North America Eat also have a team competing.

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