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What’s in Nick Mathew’s Gym Bag?

July 31, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Justin Tamane
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As Nick Mathew heads into his second year at the NOBULL CrossFit Games, one thing is certain: his gym bag will be stocked with everything he needs – from shoes and snacks to smelling salts.

What’s Mathew’s gym bag recipe for success? We talked with the 2022 Rookie of the Year to find out.

What is in your gym bag when you are competing at the Games?

At the Games you need to be prepared for any workout they can throw at you. The main things I always have on me are my Wod-N-Done Hand Protection and Thumb Tape, 2 Pood Belt, and knee sleeves. I also have my Toe Spacers, Victory Grips, TYR runners, lifters, and trainers, and my ESC Sounds headphones. 

What attracted you to the Build for Athletes bag you use?

I love a gym bag with a lot of pockets so I can stay organized and tidy! There is plenty of room to not only hold all my gym equipment but my work items like my laptop, note pads, chargers, etc… and all the snacks! 

I love that the Built for Athletes bags are made from a very durable material so it’s not going to wear and tear easily, and I know I won’t have issues with zippers breaking. This also makes them super comfortable which is important – I don’t want something that digs into my traps or puts unnecessary strain on my back when competing. 

Are you changing anything up or adding anything from last year to this year that you carry in your gym bag? 

This year, ESC Sounds headphones are definitely a great addition to my gym bag. They’re a great product, especially when I am communicating with my coach. It’s really convenient to have the volume buttons on them so I don’t have to find my phone to turn them down when we are game planning and moving through warmups. 

What items do you always carry in your back that might surprise readers?

I would say the fact that I always pack my smelling salts is quite surprising. Every now and again you just need to wake up and clear your head! 

What’s something in your bag you can’t go without?

On a day when I’m training to a high volume, I always ensure I’ve packed my grips and my shoes. I’m always good to go when I have these. 

What item do you carry that you think everyone should have?

Recovery items are a big one. I keep my Toe Spacers and the Ripple Ball on me so I can always stay in my physical prime.

What’s your go-to snack that’s always in your bag?

I keep a bag of snacks on me during training and competing so I don’t go hungry and have easy access to something that will keep my energy levels high. I pack Wilde Chips, fig bars, protein bars, pouches, and a ton of fruit snacks. There’s usually a can of Zevia or two around as well.

What’s your least favorite item in your bag?

My wristbands. Not because of the equipment itself but because they get the most stinky and sweaty. Luckily, my bag gets good airflow and doesn’t hold in odor – otherwise, that would be pretty bad!

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