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Five Age Group Athletes Who Lifted Beyond Their Division in the Olympic Total

August 2, 2023 by
Photo Credit Ava Kitzi
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In the first event of the Age Group competition, masters and teens took on the Olympic Total. A test designed to measure strength, explosiveness, weightlifting technique, and athleticism, the Olympic Total has long been a signature benchmark of CrossFit athletes everywhere. And it has finally made its way to the CrossFit Games.

While the masters and teen divisions are separated by age and gender, several athletes stood out in their ability to lift beyond their peers. Ioannis Papadopoulos’ 670-pound total (rightly) received a lot of attention, here are five athletes who made a statement that you might have missed.

Andreia Pinheiro: The 40-year-old Brazilian athlete lifted a total of 410 pounds, enough to earn her first in her division and out-lift second-place finisher Rachel Green by 15 pounds. 

  • Her lift would have also been enough to tie for 10th in the men’s 40-44 division with 42-year-old Roy Viger.
  • It also would have been enough to take third in the women’s 35-39 division.

Jason Leeves: At 50 years old, Jason Leeves of FitnessLab CrossFit joined the 500 pound club in the Olympic Total this week.

  • This finish would have been enough to earn himself a 9th place finish in the 40-44 division against men nearly 10 years his junior.
  • While it wasn’t enough to earn him a spot in the 35-39 leaderboard, he did finish with a total only 30 pounds lighter than the 10th place finisher, who ended with a total of 530 pounds.

Miley Wade: 15-year-old Miley Wade ended with an Olympic Total of 365 pounds, taking home first in her division.

  • While it wouldn’t be enough to put her on the boy’s leaderboard for the 14-15 division, it was just 5 pounds lighter than the 10th place finisher, who had a total of 370.
  • In fact, the entire crew of teen girls out in Madison this weekend lifted a grand total of 7,075 pounds across all athletes.
  • This is just 36% below the teenage boys who lifted a grand total of 9,645 pounds.

Ty Jenkins: The 17-year-old American from Table Rock CrossFit lifted an Olympic total of 585 pounds. 

  • This would have been enough to earn him 7th in the men’s 35-39 division, just 5 pounds below multi-year individual Games veteran Scott Panchik and only 30 pounds less than Sam Dancer, a former individual Games athlete known for his strength.
  • In fact, the top 6 teenage boys in the 16-17 division could have earned themselves a spot on the leaderboard in the 35-39 men’s division this year.

Hailey Rolfe: The 17-year-old American from CrossFit Steel Courage lifted 430 pounds, which would have earned her first place in the 35-39 women’s division by five pounds, ahead of Chelsea Nicholas.

  • Impressively, the top five girls in the 16-17 division all out-lifted the top five women of the 35-39 division.
  • 16-year-old Bergros Bjornsdottir lifted just 10 pounds less than Rolfe and would have finished second in the 35-39 division.

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