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The Alpaca: Then and Now

August 2, 2023 by
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At the 2022 Games, Adrian Bozman introduced “The Alpaca,” consisting of a sled push, legless rope climbs and double kettlebell clean and jerks. Due to a rain storm and varying conditions of the ropes, the test was modified to exclude the rope climbs, with every other component remaining the same. This year, the Alpaca reemerges, as the “Alpaca Redux,” seemingly the exact workout that Bozman intended for 2022. 

Remind me: The intended 2022 test was as follows:

  • Test 11: Alpaca

For time:

126 foot sled push, decreasing in load
(2 legless rope climbs)
20 kettlebell clean and jerks
42 foot sled push with 2 kettlebells
(2 legless rope climbs)
15 kettlebell clean and jerks
42 foot sled push with 4 kettlebells
(2 legless rope climbs)
10 kettlebell clean and jerks
42 sled push with 6 kettlebells

Kettlebell weight: 70/53 pounds

Time Cap: 18 minutes 

2022 results: With the exclusion of the rope climbs, the time cap was more than generous, with many athletes easily finishing under 10 minutes. Of the athletes returning this year, the top men and women were the following:


  1. Roman Khrennikov – 6:23
  2. Sam Kwant – 6:39
  3. Pat Vellner – 6:41


  1. Laura Horvath – 6:46
  2. Dani Speegle – 7:25 (failed to qualify for the 2023 CrossFit Games)
  3. Karin Frey – 7:57
  4. Ellie Turner – 8:00

The bottom line: We know that 2023’s Alpaca Redux will include the rope climbs, and we can assume that the rest of the test’s details from 2022 will remain the same. Will the same competitors finish on top? Or will this year’s modification shake it up? Spectators will be able to watch the workout first thing Friday morning, as Test 4.

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