Why You Shouldn’t Use a Band for Bar Muscle-Ups

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Do you rely on a band for bar muscle-ups? We know it’s tempting but stop right now! You are doing yourself a disservice by ingraining an improper movement pattern. Here’s why…

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Band for Bar Muscle-Ups

Instead, and just like with any skill movement, break it down and practice smaller pieces while you build the strength to safely perform it. We have broken the bar muscle-up down into 8 positions that you must hit and each of those positions has at least a handful of drills to help you master them.

The Invictus 8-Week Bar Muscle-Up Program

In this program, you will NOT be doing banded bar muscle-ups! Our drills are designed to teach you a clean, smooth bar muscle-up that makes you look and feel weightless without having to rely on a band!

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