2024 TYR Wodapalooza: What We Know So Far

December 21, 2023 by
Photo Credit: @tyrsport @wodapalooza
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Entering its 12th season, TYR Wodapalooza, hosted in Miami, FL, is one of the biggest off-season CrossFit events of the year. Besides a platform showcasing elite competitors, it also gives opportunities to scaled, masters, teams, and adaptive athletes to compete as well. 

This year, the four-day competition kicks off on January 11, and as that date edges closer, we have learned more and more information, rounding out our view of what will be the first large-scale CrossFit event of 2024. 

Remind me: In 2023, we saw elite athletes competing in both the team and individual divisions for the first time, some of whom podiumed in both. For the elite females, Mayhem’s Paige Powers took home first place, with Dani Speegle finishing second and Emma Cary taking third.  

Underdogs Athletics’ Ricky Garard took first for the individual males, with Roman Khrennikov in second and Pat Vellner finishing third. Vellner also finished at the very top on the team podium, alongside fellow countrymen Brent Fikowski and Jeff Adler in the men’s team division. Jamie Simmonds, Laura Horvath, and Gabi Migala won for the women’s team division. 

New for 2024: This year, we will watch new divisions compete, including masters teams. Additionally, the champions of specific Latin American throwdowns, held throughout the previous year, will compete in the LatAm Cup. This is a separate competition held on January 11 and 12, with its own leaderboard and podium ceremony. 

Also new to 2024, TYR Wodapalooza has entered into a partnership with the PFAA, whose goal is to safeguard athletes’ health and safety and provide guidelines for fair competitions. This is the first major competition to partner with the PFAA. 

Prize purse: Information on the prize purse was released in September, and the organizers have made some changes to this year’s event. Not only did we see a $67,000 increase in the overall value of the purse, but there has been a slight shift in the distribution of funds. Funds will be more evenly distributed to lower-placing athletes, and the winners of each division of masters teams will take home a check. 

Workouts: At the time of this article’s publication, we have been made aware of five individual workouts and five team workouts, with more being released semi-daily. 

At this point, we know that individuals will be facing “Cortadito,” which includes parallel bar dips, muscle-ups, and a barbell. “Deja Vu” is a three-parter, two being AMRAPs, with one being for time, all with the same movements. And then there’s “Double or Nothin,’” which is a snatch complex. “Just Bead It,” will feature dumbbell thrusters, burpees and a beaded jump rope, (the first time one has been used for double-unders in a CrossFit competition.)

Teams will be competing in “Worm Fran,” which involves various pulling gymnastics and worm thrusters. There’s also “Uno Dos Tres,” which includes bodyweight movements like wall walks and hand-stand push-ups, as well as synchro double-unders and barbell work. “Sandbag Send,” involves lots of… you guessed it, sandbag work including a carry, cleans and squats. “Worms Can’t Swim” has athletes doing worm clean and jerks, synchro burpees and swimming.

For the first event teams will be taken off-site for “Bike Race,” which is a 5K trail run.

Current roster: As of Monday, January 8, here is the current roster.


  • Alex Vigneault
  • Alexandre Caron
  • Antonios Makaronas
  • Arturo Torres
  • Austin Hatfield
  • Brent Fikowski
  • Bronislaw Olenkowicz
  • CJ Gerald
  • Colten Mertens
  • Connor Voltz
  • Drake Lewis
  • Evan Rogers
  • Francis Pelletier
  • Guilherme Domingues
  • Guilherme Malheiros
  • Harry Lightfoot
  • Henrik Haapalainen
  • Jack Farlow
  • Jack Rozema
  • Jacob Heart
  • James Sprague
  • John Wood
  • Joshua Hong
  • Juan Ignacio Sforzini
  • Kaique Cerveny
  • Kalyan Ribeiro de Souza
  • Kevin Jurs
  • Lucas Heuze
  • Luke Parker
  • Martin Feiferlik
  • Nick Mathew
  • Nikita Yundov
  • Patrick Vellner
  • Ricky Garard
  • Roman Khrennikov
  • Samuel Cournoyer
  • Sam Kwant
  • Spencer Panchik
  • Tanner Balazs
  • Travon Benton
  • William Bennett


  • Abbie Domit
  • Allison Weiss
  • Andra Moistus
  • Arielle Loewen
  • Ashley Shoemaker
  • Becca Merritt
  • Bergros Bjornsdottir
  • Briony Challis
  • Callista Lang
  • Caroline Stanley
  • Christee Hollard
  • Dani Speegle
  • Danielle Brandon
  • Elena Carratala Sanahuja
  • Elizabeth Wishart
  • Ellia Miller
  • Emily De Rooy
  • Emily Rethwill
  • Emily Rolfe
  • Emma Cary
  • Feeroozeh Saghafi
  • Freya Moosbrugger
  • Gabi Migala
  • Gabrielle Spenst
  • Grace Walton
  • Jessica Androsik
  • Julia Hannaford
  • Katie Canning
  • Keara Napoli
  • Lexi Neely
  • Margaux Masset
  • Matilde Oyen Garnes
  • Nicolette Torreggiani
  • Nina Vragovic
  • Olivia Kerstetter
  • Rebecca Fuselier
  • Rebecka Vitesson
  • Ro Scott
  • Stacy Lerum
  • Sydney Wells

Elite Female Team:

  • Base Wellness (Katrina Digiacomo, Madelyn Brooker, Emma Gardener)
  • Conquer Cuties (Brynn Kurlan, Sierra Cameron, Aurora Vellante)
  • Dixieland Delight (Becca Denison, Mary Helen Saunders, Sydney Smith)
  • Fearless Misfits (Paige Semenza, Jenna Michelotti, Makenna Enslin)
  • Firebarns Club (Rosalie Bellanger, Jessyca Nadeau, Fannie Garard)
  • Kolesnikov Team (Kaseniia Trubetskaia, Kamila Takeyeba, Aizhan Zharasova)
  • Kriger Meets Trainingculture (Verona Evelyn Reimers, Helena Avandaño, Carson Wolfe)
  • Leapin Lemurs (Taylor Kaas, Sami Scorzelli, Marisa Gonzalo)
  • Lifters Girls (Caroline Muller-Korn, Aline Wirz, Julia Blazejowska)
  • Limey Girls (Maddie Harris, Janie Garratt, Charlotte Davies)
  • Lycan Gang (Laura Sanchez, Maria Quintero, Dayana Vicentelli)
  • Mile High Muscles (Elisa Schauer, Madison McElhaney, Zoe Warren)
  • Ngh (Nicole Crouch, Gudbjorg Valdimarsdottir, Katie Brock)
  • Plus Ultra (Kyra Milligan, Jessi Smith, Devin Kim)
  • Reebok Crew (Elisa Fuliano, Alison Scudds, Michelle Basnett)
  • RX Performance (Antonia Falt-Kottulinsky, Maria Längfors, Camila Salomonsson Hellman)
  • Stronger Than a 90s Trend (Kelsey Kiel, Emelie Lundberg, Kelly Baker)
  • Sweet Sticky Thicc and Pretty (Jenny Brasad, Julia Jlotz Crawford, Kelsey Williams)
  • Team Bareen (Frederikke Mollerup, Astrid Tind, Silja Zillo)
  • Team Frog Grips (Emily de Rooy, Grace Walton, Victoria Campos)
  • Team Ice Barrel (Brooke Wells, Baylee Rayl, Paige Powers)
  • Team Scandinavian (Matilde Oyen Garnes, Anikha Greer, Rebecka Vitesson)
  • Team Treta (Vivi Aiello, Tata Rebane, Anita Pravatti)
  • Three Queens (Khalela El-Naggar, Shelby Forney, Maryna Clark)
  • Torian Black (Christee Hollard, Briony Challis, Amy Alessi)
  • Trailer Park Girls (Kendra Dutton, Lynsey Martin, Amy Hosking)
  • US Army Warriors (Sydney Moskovitz, Emma Harvang, Ava Georg)

Elite Male Teams:

  • Canadians from the East (Marcello Clarizio, Nicolas Gaudreau, Damien Conciatori)
  • Complex Wodex (Mauro Acevedo Calvete, Ricardo Garcia, Esteban Ospina)
  • Conquer Athlete (Tony Facchini, Tyler Cooke, Will Carter)
  • CrossFit Mayhem the Empire (Samuel Demeester, Angelo Dicicco, Royce Dunne)
  • DSM Performance TCC (Tyler Lloyd, Cooper Besougloff, Cole Fisher)
  • EFP (Benjamin Sexton, Johnie Charles, Alexander Majors)
  • Foxed Ferret Manatee Team (Nate Ackerman, Daniel Kuch, Joey Denison)
  • Kinesis Black (Ben Simons, Isaiah Weber, Johnythn Ellington)
  • Krypton (Alec Smith, Austin Spencer, Kristof Horvath)
  • Maxlift Australia (James Thomas, Reilly Smith, Riley Martin)
  • Mayhem Outlaws (Alexandre Caron, Jack Rozema, Stephane Cossette)
  • Midwest Cowboys (Matt Pratt, DJ Kessler, Briley Smith)
  • Ombre Hombres (Noah Ohlsen, Chandler Smith, Tola Morakinyo)
  • Omnia (Jacob Schmidt, Jason Zobott, Hayden Weddle)
  • Picsil Traincult (Aniol Ekai, Fabian Beneito Selles, Guillaume Briant)
  • Project Girona (Jorge Rower, Francesc Martinez Alsina, Xevi Serra)
  • Rehab to Perform (Nikolas Bibic, Simon Pierre, Felix-Antoine Lemay)
  • RX Smart Gear (Nick Mathew, Spencer Panchik, Luke Parker)
  • Soul AB Squad (Luis Echegaray, Mario Santaella, Nate Scola)
  • Team Evolve (Niklas Hecht, Brandon Luckett, Joe Munno)
  • Team Gorila 911 (Alex Vigneault, Jeremy Vigneault, Jason Houde)
  • Team GOWOD (Justin Medeiros, Willy Georges, Jay Crouch)
  • Team Overtake (Jeremy Dumont, Gauthier Lacroux, Timothy Brique)
  • Team Picsil (Roman Khrennikov, Saxon Panchik, Jorge Fernandez)
  • Team TYR (Dallin Pepper, Jayson Hopper, Ricky Garard)
  • Tenskills Pro1 (Raphael Gauthier, Mathieu Couture, Tristan Leclerc)
  • The Strapping Young Lads (James Sprague, Jack Farlow, Benoit Boulanger)
  • Tres Leches (Patrick Vellner, Travis Mayer, Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson)
  • Truecoach Traincult (Miko Lilleorg, Keven Jurs, Bartek Lipka)
  • Velites Traincult (Pablo Cazalis, Calum Clements, Iurii Marincenco)

It’s worth noting that both Pat Vellner and Travis Mayer, among others, are on the rosters for both the individual and the team divisions. 

And here at Morning Chalk Up, we’re proud to share that our very own Teaganne Finn qualified in the RX Team division.

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