Masters Athletes Wrap Up Their Season at Legends Championship 2023

December 11, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Teaganne Finn
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The 2023 Legends Championship has concluded after a grueling four days of competition for the top masters athletes in the sport. While there wasn’t a machine in sight for any of the eight workouts, the athletes faced tight time caps and a whole lot of dumbbells. They even had to get into the pool on the first day. 

Remind me: The Legends Championship is taking over as the host of the end-of-season event for masters athletes in 2024. CrossFit HQ announced changes to the Games format for next season for both age division athletes and adaptive athletes. 

Among these changes is that age division athletes will no longer compete at the Games with elite individuals and teams. They will instead have their own event programmed and hosted by the Legends Championship. 

  • This year’s competition brought together athletes in 30 divisions, including individual, scaled, and teams ranging in age from 35 through 65 and above. 
  • CrossFit introduced the Masters Division at the Games in 2010, offering seven divisions for age group athletes. But by 2022 and 2023, the Games only opened the field to 10 athletes, limiting the hopes of all but the elite athletes from a realistic shot at experiencing a live multi-day CrossFit event. 
  • Joe Linton and Bob Jennings started the Legends in 2017 and have worked to make it bigger year after year. Read more on this here

Below are the podium winners for the individual 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, and 65+ divisions. Check out the complete leaderboard

Age Group 35-39


1. Michael Paas 
2. Gavin Birkett  
3. Ryan Smith


1. Megan Markee 
2. Amanda Norton
3. Brittany Simon

Age Group 40-44


1. Nick Aranda 
2. John Hazdovac
3. Michael Walsh


1. Jamie Latimer
2. Carrie Mayle
3. Julia Kenyon

Age Group 45-49


1. Jason Grubb
2. Ryan Rettke 
3. Jason Luukkonen 


1. Amy Chapoton
2. Jenn Short 
3. Annmaree Feuss

Age Group 50-54


1. Corey Borolien
2. Denny Ferreira
3. James Carkner


1. Jen Dieter
2. Carol Mezen
3. Tara Gemer

Age Group 55-59


1. Chris Roe 
2. Jay Sanderson
3. Rick Stephano


1. Shanna Bunce
2. Kristi Lunny
3. Laurie Meschishnick

Age Group 60-64


1. Tony Turski
2. Brian Wilson 
3. Tim Haines


1. Lynne Watt
2. Litsa Olsson
3. Marion Craig

Age Group 65+


1. George Koch
2. Jim Peeper
3. Steve Becker 


1. Denise Moore 
2. Theresa Demich
3. Patty Bauer

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