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2024 TYR WZA is a Wrap with Teams Stronger Than a 90s Trend and GOWOD On Top

Morning Chalk Up

January 15   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Get caught up on all the action you may have missed down in Miami at the 2024 TYR WZA
  • Ricky’s repeat and Cary’s comeback — recapping the Elite Indy competition
  • Team Stronger Than a 90s Trend and Team GOWOD took the Team division

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“Relax, James. This is not the energy that I'm bringing to the start of this event. But if that's the energy you're bringing to the start of the event, I'm happy for you.” - Brent Fikowski, on James Sprague's excitement that they were racing each other in "Wipe Out" (IYKYK, if not, check out our Instagram)


With more rain in the forecast, the elite teams opened the day with “The Sandbag Send” at Tina Hills, before heading to Bayside for “Waterfall on the Bay,” and closing out under the Flagler lights with “Worm Fran.” Community members, including individuals, teams, adaptive, masters, and gauntlet athletes closed out their weekend.

A steady rain turned into a downpour off and on throughout the afternoon and evening, causing programming changes to the second and third? workout of the day. The athletes were waterlogged, but the action on the competition floor kept the party alive.

There was high drama throughout the final day of the team competition, ending in an incredible come-from-behind performance by Stronger Than a 90s Trend (Kelsey Kiel, Kelly Baker, and Emelie Lundberg) to take the top spot on the podium. On the men’s side, Team GOWOD (Justin Medeiros, Jay Crouch, and Willy Georges) faced down all challengers making a run at them, finishing the day with an 8-point victory over Team Picsil.

Two big numbers: 111 and 93 – With all the programming changes due to the rain, athletes who competed in both the Indy and Team competitions completed 111 (men) and 93 (women) strict pull-ups over four days.

How did we do?: 

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The weekend’s top stories: 

One last thing: That’s a wrap on the 2024 TYR WZA and the off-season for this year. It was another amazing weekend under the Miami sun (read: rain and clouds), featuring incredible performances. For the athletes who competed, it was a great chance to see where their fitness is at the start of the calendar year. Now we look ahead to the Games season.

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The 2024 TYR WZA is a wrap. Check out the final Elite Team leaderboard below: 

At the end of the team competition:

  1. Team GOWOD – 568 | Stronger Than a 90s Trend – 540
  2. Team Picsil – 560 | RX Performance – 520
  3. Ombré Hombres – 548 | Team Scandinadian – 500
  4. Team TYR – 528 | Team Bareen – 452
  5. Tres Leches – 428 | Lycan Gang – 443
  6. The Strapping Young Lads – 425 | Team Ice Barrel – 441
  7. PICSIL Traincult – 396 | Mile High Muscles – 408
  8. Conquer Athlete – 395 | NGH – 405
  9. CrossFit Mayhem The Empire – 380 | PLUS ULTRA – 388
  10. Canadians from the East – 353 | Team Frog Grips – 369

By the Numbers

Here are some key numbers from the final day of the Elite Team competition at 2024 TYR Wodapalooza:

  • 1.75 – After back-to-back seventh-place event finishes, the winning women’s team Stronger Than A 90s Trend averaged a 1.75-place finish across the final four.
  • 2 – Two podium years for men’s Team GOWOD.
  • 5 – Team GOWOD finished all six events inside the top five.
  • 20 – Only 20 points separated the top three men’s teams.
  • 93 – Women who competed in the Indy and Team competitions did 93 strict pull-ups this week due to the weather changes.
  • 111 – Also due to the weather changes, men who competed in the Indy and Team competitions did a total of 111 strict pull-ups this week.
  Ricky Garard Repeats, Fikowski and Kwant Round Out Podium on Men’s Side  

Ricky Garard Repeats, Fikowski and Kwant Round Out Podium on Men’s Side

The 2024 TYR Wodapalooza Miami is officially over for the Indy Divisions and Ricky Garard took his second straight victory by a handful of points over Brent Fikowski.

Final Leaderboard:

  1. Ricky Garard
  2. Brent Fikowski
  3. Samuel Kwant
  4. Patrick Vellner
  5. Jack Farlow
  6. Samuel Cournoyer
  7. James Sprague
  8. Roman Khrennikov
  9. Guilherme Malheiros
  10. Spencer Panchik

But with all of the wild swings on the leaderboard throughout the weekend, how did we get here?

Garard’s Path to the (Repeat) Championship

After a 13th-place finish in “Elite Indy Event 1: ‘Double or Nothin’” Garard went on to have five straight top-five finishes.

Although Garard had a strong fifth-place finish on the first event of Day 2 in “Elite Indy Event 4: Wipe Out,” he gave up some ground on the leaderboard to the men who were chasing him as Brent Fikowski finished in second and Samuel Kwant finished in third.

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  Emma Cary Comes From Behind, Wins Wodapalooza  

Emma Cary Comes From Behind, Wins Wodapalooza

Last year, Emma Cary used Wodapalooza as her comeback competition after a back injury ended her 2022 season. She finished third. This year, she used it to prove she’s a real podium contender at this summer’s CrossFit Games.

The 19-year-old topped all competitors at the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza in Miami, FL on Friday, beating the third and fourth-place finishers from last summer’s Games, Arielle Loewen and Gabi Migala, along the way.

Migala, who led after Day 1 in Miami, finished second, while Games Veteran Danielle Brandon was third, Loewen fourth, and Sweden’s Rebecka Vitesson fifth.

The details:

Elite Indy Event 5: Wipeout

The first of two events on Friday featured a 40-calorie Echo bike, followed by a swim in the bay, 150 beaded double-unders, another swim, and ended with a 500-meter Assault run.

  • Athletes in the final heat were all chasing Australia’s Emily de Rooy’s time from Heat 1, a task fellow Australian Grace Walton had no trouble challenging.
  • Walton, sixth at the 2023 Oceania Semifinals, took the lead on the first swim and held onto it until the end, picking up an event win, adding to the evidence that Australian athletes can swim.
  • Cary, however, held her own. She stayed close to Walton and Canada’s Emily Rolfe, the fan pick to win the event, and finished second overall.
  • De Rooy’s time held up for third overall, while Rolfe finished fourth and Migala fifth, meaning Cary passed her on the overall leaderboard and entered the final event with a three-point lead over Migala.
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  Stronger Than a 90s Trend Comes From Behind, Wins Wodapalooza in Down-to-the-Wire Women’s Team Competition  

Stronger Than a 90s Trend Comes From Behind, Wins Wodapalooza in Down-to-the-Wire Women’s Team Competition

Kelsey Kiel, Kelly Baker, and Emelie Lundberg found themselves trailing the European team, RX Performance, all weekend at the 2024 TYR Wodapalooza in Miami, FL.

Until it really mattered, that is.

The three women, who all have CrossFit Games team competition experience, did exactly what they needed to do on the final event for their team—Stronger Than a 90s Trend—to make up the 20 points they needed to catch RX Performance. They ended with an event win and finished on top of the podium.

RX Performance—a team made up of individual CrossFit Games athlete Camilla Salomonsson Hellman and Swedish athletes Antonia Fält-Kottulinsky and Maria Längfors, both of whom competed on teams at the recent Games, dropped to second after leading the entire competition.

Team Scandinadian (Matilde Garnes, Rebecka Vitesson, and Anikha Greer) finished third, while Team Ice Barrel (Brooke Wells, Baylee Rayl, and Paige Powers), the heavy favorites to win the whole thing, wound up just off the podium in fourth.

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  Team GOWOD Secures Victory, Earns Back-to-Back Years on the Podium  

Team GOWOD Secures Victory, Earns Back-to-Back Years on the Podium

After another full day of heavy rain and multiple workout changes down in Miami, the teams finished up their second and final day of competition with Team GOWOD taking home the gold.

GOWOD–made up of Justin Medeiros, Jay Crouch, and Willy Georges–were in control throughout the entire weekend as they had all six event finishes in fourth place or better for an average finish of 2.3.

For the other two teams chasing them for the silver, however, things were constantly changing.

Final Leaderboard:

  1. Team GOWOD: 568
  2. Team Picsil: 560
  3. Ombré Hombres: 548

“Elite Team Event 4: The Sandbag Send”

At the end of Day 1, Ombré Hombres took an event win and followed it up with another one to start Day 2.

The raw strength of Ohlsen, Smith, and Morakinyo allowed them to move the sandbags with just enough speed to avoid getting caught by Team GOWOD, who finished only two seconds behind them.

This allowed Ombré Hombres to leapfrog team Picsil (Roman Khrennikov, Saxon Panchik, and Jorge Fernandez) and put themselves into second place overall, only 12 points behind GOWOD. Picsil has their worst event of the weekend so far with a sixth-place finish.

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  Team GOWOD Secures Victory, Earns Back-to-Back Years on the Podium  

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