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Crossfit Games’ New Title Sponsor: NOBULL

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • NOBULL is the new title sponsor of the CrossFit Games.
  • Sean Sweeney shares his 2021 season plans.
  • First Luxemburg affiliate opened in high school.
  • Do you know someone who has done an exceptional job embodying and capturing the essence of the CrossFit community? Find out how you can nominate them for a Morning Chalk Up Community Choice Award below.

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“I have to trust what I do and then do it” - Ednita Nazario

  NOBULL, CrossFit Ink Three-Year Games Title Sponsor, Apparel, Footwear Deal  

NOBULL, CrossFit Ink Three-Year Games Title Sponsor, Apparel, Footwear Deal

After months-long speculation as to who would be the new title sponsor of the CrossFit Games, CrossFit announced today a three-year minimum deal with NOBULL to be not only title sponsor of the Games but Official Footwear and Apparel Sponsor of CrossFit. The Boston-based upstart founded by two former Reebok employees replaces their former employer who wrapped up a 10-year exclusive partnership back in December.

One big thing: A source who spoke candidly about the deal’s specifics but wasn’t authorized to speak on the record said that the amount of the prize purse was an important factor to NOBULL.

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Put AIRWAAV to the Test

Put AIRWAAV to the Test

Last week Rich Froning announced he wears an AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece.

Froning: “I started wearing AIRWAAV originally to protect my teeth during lifting sessions, but since wearing it during metcons I have noticed some improved breathing in the middle of workouts”

Check out the science and put AIRWAAV to the test like Rich.


  • CrossFit Games athletes will not be required to wear NOBULL shoes at the Games, according to a spokesperson for CrossFit. The uniform policy will remain the same and athletes will be allowed to wear whatever shoe they choose.
  • Apology? Sorta. Old video footage emerged from an interview with Ricky Garard back in 2019 after he was banned from CrossFit for using performance enhancing drugs, in which he offered an apology to Patrick Vellner, who was denied third place recognition at the event:
    • Garard: “I have said what I wanted to say over social media, but obviously sorry to the CrossFit world, the CrossFit as a sport itself and for letting people down including myself, and yeah obviously sorry to Patrick Vellner for stealing the limelight on the podium that day. I haven’t faced him, face-to-face or message, but…sometime I’ll come across him and I’ll be apologetic and all respect to all the athletes.”
  • Colleen Fotsch announced a new partnership with InsideTracker to help monitor her recovery and biomarkers.
  • The Community Gyms Coalition calls on Congressional leaders to include specific economic support for gyms in the new stimulus bill:
    • From the letter: “For nearly a year, fitness facilities have suffered mandated closure and severe operating restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic…putting tens of thousands of small businesses and millions of jobs at risk…The American Rescue Plan Act provides such relief for some of the hardest-hit industries, but it does not for America’s tens of thousands of community gyms and fitness studios.
    • In 2020, revenue across the gym industry dropped by more than $20 billion.
    • 1.4 million jobs in the industry have already been lost.
  • Registration for the community event at the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown, one of the ten semifinal events in the 2021 CrossFit Games season, is now live.
  • WORK 004: The next $5,000 single workout competition from the Ten Thousand is now live. The workout is a nine-minute AMRAP of 12 deadlifts at 225lbs/135lbs and 12 lateral burpees over the bar. The score the total number of reps completed. ⁠Register now.
  Sean Sweeney’s Game Plan for the 2021 Season: ‘Push Hard and Peak During the Semifinal’  


Sean Sweeney’s Game Plan for the 2021 Season: ‘Push Hard and Peak During the Semifinal’

Three-time CrossFit Games athlete Sean Sweeney qualified for the 2020 CrossFit Games with a strong performance in the Open. He was ready to make some noise in his fourth trip, but the COVID-19 pandemic kept him and many others out of the competition. Entering the 2021 season, Sweeney is ready to take part in a new season format and fight for his spot in Madison, WI.

The Open begins on March 11, kicking off the season and providing opportunities for athletes to get back into the swing of competition. This year, Sweeney and his fellow athletes know exactly what they have to do in order to qualify for the Games. This knowledge will benefit the CrossFit Cowboy as he works his way back to full health.

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  Inclusive and Affordable: Two CrossFitters to Open Luxembourg’s First Affiliate in a High School  

Inclusive and Affordable: Two CrossFitters to Open Luxembourg’s First Affiliate in a High School

In mid-April, two Luxembourg-based CrossFitters plan to open CrossFit Iron Sparks, the country’s first affiliate inside a high school.

The big picture: Sybille Blitgen and Mandy Loes, the athletes and English teachers behind the project, are designing their affiliate to “stick out.” When open, CrossFit Iron Sparks will center on inclusivity, offering classes at an affordable rate to students and members of the community, with a focus on those with learning or intellectual disabilities.

  • Here in Luxembourg, I think only my mom, she’s the only person I know who’s older who actually does CrossFit,” Blitgen explains. “It’s not done. CrossFit boxes here only welcome mainstream athletes. And if you’re not mainstream, it’s like ‘Oh, we don’t know how to coach someone like that.’”
  • “We thought, ‘Why not make it open really for everyone and get people of all genders, of all ethnicities, of everything, really, to come train with us,” she continues.
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  Inclusive and Affordable: Two CrossFitters to Open Luxembourg’s First Affiliate in a High School  

Nominate a Friend, Coach or Athlete for the Chalk Up Community Choice Awards

To celebrate the global CrossFit community during this year’s Open, we have created the Chalk Up Community Choice Awards to recognize one male and one female athlete — nominated by you — who embodies the spirit of the CrossFit community. Maybe they have a story of extraordinary resilience or have made considerable contributions to their local community. Whoever that person is, whatever their story, we want to hear it.

  • Prizes: Each male and female athlete will receive a feature story on, a $250 Reebok shopping spree and an actual trophy engraved with their names. 

The details: Use this nomination form to nominate an athlete, coach, bestie or swolemate. Nominations are open Thursday, March 11 at  5:00 PM PT through Monday, March 29 at 5:00 PM PT. Winners will be recognized shortly after the Open concludes and once we’ve gone through the submissions. 

Here’s what you need for the nomination process:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your gym
  • Nominee’s full name
  • Nominee’s gym
  • A brief statement why you’re nominating this athlete. 
  • A photo or video of your nominee.
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6/18: Girls Gone Rx Maryland (Dunkirk, MD)
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