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CrossFit Helping Sobriety Seekers in Florida

Morning Chalk Up

March 7   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • How is CrossFit helping those who just got sober in Florida?
  • Justin Medeiros gets social bump after 22.2
  • CrossFit continues to shine in helping addicts and people with disabilities.
  • Victor Ljungdal talks crushing 22.1
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  Changing Sober Lives in Florida One CrossFit Class at a Time 

Changing Sober Lives in Florida One CrossFit Class at a Time

CrossFit is all about building community. There are many ways to do this, but the Temperance Training Foundation achieves success by focusing specifically on those pursuing sobriety in Florida.

Remind me: Formed by Anthony Fazio and Rob Thomas, the Temperance Training Foundation now has three locations in Florida – Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Daytona Beach. The foundation operates out of three affiliates while providing 12 free classes a week to anyone within 24 hours of sobriety. The classes have about 20 people on average, but some have been as large as 50.

  • Sponsors such as Born Primitive, Matrix Medical Communications LLC, Eleventh Element, and numerous others make it possible for Temperance Training to provide these classes. There are also members of the community that show support through donations.
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2022 CrossFit Open

  • Reminder: Scores for 22.2 are due by 5pm PT today.
  • Here’s a way too early top ten leaderboard, as of 5pm PT Sunday (The scores for this workout will continue to update today and then need to be validated by affiliate managers and the CrossFit Games judging team. Official results will be available on Wednesday.)
    1. Uldis Upenieks (7:20) | Brooke Wells (7:56)
    2. Noah Ohlsen (7:20) | Emma McQuaid (7:56)
    3. Phil Toon (7:33) | Andrea Nisler (8:06)
    4. Patrick Vellner (7:33) | Bianca Savarese (8:06)
    5. Luka VunJak (7:36) | Grace Strachan (8:10)
    6. Matt Poulin (7:37) | Kristi O’Connell (8:12)
    7. Chandler Smith (7:39) | Tina Moeglin (8:19)
    8. Jesus Fernandez (7:42) | Maddie Kresevic (8:19)
    9. Philip Muscarella (7:43) | Sydney Wells (8:20)
    10. Dakota Rager (7:47) | Sapphire Goodard (8:22)

Here are a few more speed reads:

Born Primitive has teamed up with Assault Fitness to celebrate the 2022 Open with a massive giveaway! You can win Born Primitive Gift Cards, Assault Fitness Equipment, and a trip to the 2022 CrossFit Games. Plus, enter now and you’ll receive a $20 Born Primitive gift voucher on us.

Samuel Kwant has left Ben Bergeron as a coach moving forward. Bergeron detailed the exit in an Instagram post.

  • “While Sam will be moving on as one of my athletes, his competitiveness, dedication, and friendship will not. It’s been an honor to be a part of your journey and looking forward to watching continue to grow Sam.”

In case you missed it, Lauren Kalil, the host of The Bottom Line, spoke to Paulina Haro about moving from Mexico to the US to train with none other than Tia-Clair Toomey.

The debate over Vitamin D as a daily supplement continues. How much should you be taking and what type specifically?

  Reigning Champ Justin Medeiros Gained the Most Followers After 22.2 Announcement 

Reigning Champ Justin Medeiros Gained the Most Followers After 22.2 Announcement

Two of the CrossFit Open announcements have taken place, providing eight total athletes with the opportunity to build their following on social media. After two weeks, we’ve learned that it’s good to be the reigning champ.

The details: We tracked the individual athletes’ Instagram followers prior to the 22.2 workout announcement on Thursday, March 3. We started on March 1 and ended on March 5. The biggest takeaway is that Justin Medeiros gained the most followers after his battle with Saxon Panchik.

  • Justin Medeiros – 9,788 new followers
  • Emma Lawson – 5,586 new followers
  • Saxon Panchik – 2,592 new followers
  • Laura Horvath – 2,405 new followers

One big thing: The reigning NOBULL CrossFit Games champion headed to the Open announcement with the most followers out of the group at 373,535. He boosted his numbers to 383,323 in the span of four days, keeping him far ahead of the other CrossFit athletes.

Worth noting: The 17-year-old Lawson first began competing in CrossFit in 2018, and she has enjoyed a strong run in the teenage division, which includes a win in the 16-17 division at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games. She has the opportunity to compete as an individual, and she told The Bottom Line that she will likely pursue this goal.

  • As the youngest competitor on the floor with only appearances in the teenage division, Lawson had the fewest followers on Instagram at 56,730. She made some positive strides during the Open announcement week, topping 62,000 followers.
  • Panchik, who won the 2021 Granite Games, moved closer to 100k after his battle with Medeiros. He entered the announcement with 79,152 followers on Instagram and capped off the weekend at 81,744. He remains in a solid position as he prepares for the meat of the CrossFit Games season.

A fan-favorite podium finisher: Horvath, who has two second-place finishes at the Games in her career, already had a strong following on social media. She entered the Open announcement with 280,839 followers on Instagram, good enough for second in the group. She didn’t make massive strides, but she still continued to grow her fanbase after facing off with Lawson in 22.2.

Bottom line: Why do we track the number of new social media followers? The answer is simple. The athletes have the goal of earning a living in this sport, and having hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram can help draw in some sponsors. Examining the numbers also provides an idea at what athletes are poised to become superstars.

  Meet the Coach Helping Addicts in Recovery and People Learning to Walk Again 

Meet the Coach Helping Addicts in Recovery and People Learning to Walk Again

Chris King saw a hole in the traditional Alcoholics Anonymous model.

“I would go to noon AA meetings and you would just see all these people that have spiritual health, but there was no physical health that went along with it…and from my own experience, if you connect the physical with the spiritual and the emotional, then recovery takes on a whole new face,” said King, a CrossFit Level 2 Coach with 28 years of sobriety.

He knew CrossFit was the perfect fit for this group of people, as it had helped him add “a component to my sobriety that I didn’t expect,” said King, who found CrossFit in 2011.

“It, in essence, filled the hole in my donut,” he explained.

King’s solution was to open a gym, Infinite Fitness and Health in Wharton, NJ., and launch a Fit and Sober program, which he did in 2018.

“It’s a free class…It’s open to anybody in any type of recovery…whether you’re recovering from over eating, domestic violence, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex. I don’t give a shit. We’re all recovering from something,” explained King, who started using at the age of 13, and at one point was homeless “eating out of a dumpster.”

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  Meet the Coach Helping Addicts in Recovery and People Learning to Walk Again 

VIDEO: Victor Ljungdal Wins 22.1

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  22.2 Livestream Numbers Remain Strong, But No Real Improvement 

22.2 Livestream Numbers Remain Strong, But No Real Improvement

We now have a clear picture of the overall registration for the 2022 Open at almost 300,000 athletes and this is the second week that CrossFit has made an effort to include more of the global CrossFit community in the live announcement.

One big thing: This week, the maximum concurrent number hit 97,339. That’s well above the concurrent views of 21.2 and 21.3.

The details: The 22.2 announcement recorded a maximum concurrent viewership of 97,339 and a total view count (after 24 hours) of 512,155.

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  22.2 Livestream Numbers Remain Strong, But No Real Improvement 

VIDEO: Kristin Holte Does 22.1 in 9:09

The eight-time CrossFit Games athlete and former second Fittest on Earth took on CrossFit Open workout 22.1 shortly after it was announced Thursday, posting the second best time in the world at the time of publication with 9:09.

One big thing: Holte announced that 2021 would be her last season and despite her very impressive performance so far this season, she’s reiterated her desire to remain retired. Holte finished 22.1 in 8th and would have any easy path to qualification for the quarterfinals stage.

  • Holte: “I haven’t changed my mind about retirement, so it will end with The Open, but I am still excited to be a small part of it this season.”
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  22.2 Livestream Numbers Remain Strong, But No Real Improvement 

VIDEO: Tia-Clair Toomey Crushes 22.2

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  22.2 Livestream Numbers Remain Strong, But No Real Improvement 

VIDEO: Lauren Fisher Completes 22.2 Alongside Katrin Davidsdottir, Explains Score in 22.1

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  22.2 Livestream Numbers Remain Strong, But No Real Improvement 

VIDEO: Pat Vellner Gives Commentary While Rewatching His 22.2

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  22.2 Livestream Numbers Remain Strong, But No Real Improvement 

VIDEO: Rich Froning Finishes 22.2 in 8:08

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  • 🎂 Happy birthday, Moses Kim (Saturday).
  • Emma Cary completed 381 reps in 22.1 for 3rd place on the individual women’s worldwide leaderboard.
  • Tim Paulson completed 333 reps, receiving a placement of 216th.
  • Taylor Williamson of team Mayhem Freedom put up 250 pounds/113kg for a split jerk double, followed by a power clean + push jerk.
  • Devyn Kim, previous CrossFit Games Teen athlete from CrossFit Invictus hit a new squat snatch PR.
  • Congratulations Nick Jones from Waterford, WI on the 269 pound/122kg snatch PR.
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