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Day One Results At Torian and MACC

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

It’s a big weekend in the CrossFit world with two Semifinal events and Murph. In today’s edition:

  • Torian Pro and MACC day one recaps.
  • The Semifinals Prize Purse announcement shocked athletes and others.
  • Tommy Marquez tackles the season thus far.
  • Feildcore is sponsoring a Murph event this weekend.
  • Matt Greene is an STL first responder and a MACC qualifier.
  • Plus, this week in CrossFit.

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The Torian Pro:

  • Leaderboard after day one:
    1. Matt Gilpin (172) | Kara Saunders (188) | Urban CrossFit (190)
    2. Jay Crouch (164) | Ellie Turner (172) | 64 Gold Army (185)
    3. Luke de Jonge (160) | Gemma Hauck (160) | Reebok CrossFit Frankston (170)
    4. Luke McMahon (145) | Laura Clifton (152) | 64 Army Steel (150
    5. Rees Machell (136) | Jessica Coughlin (149) | Awaside (145)
    6. William Kearney (136) | Christee Bishop (140) | Wiser1 Phoenix (145)
    7. Royce Dunne (133) | Simoe Arthur (140) | CrossFit Newstead (145)
    8. Luke Fiso (132) | Laken Watt (137) | —
    9. Bayden Brown (128) | Justine Beath (136) | —
    10. Khan Porter (120) | Alethea Boon (124) | —
  • The Torian Pro will feature three events on day two of the competition and two events on the final day. See the full schedule.
  • Worth noting: On day two of the Torian Pro, athletes will take on “Hann,” a memorial WOD honoring Hannah Clarke and her children, all of whom were victims of domestic violence.

The Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge:

  • Leaderboard after day one:
    1.  Tia-Clair Toomey (192) | Jayson Hopper (196) | CrossFit Westchase (179)
    2. Christine Kolenbrander (176) | Zach Watts (188) | Lone Star CrossFit (177)
    3. Brooke Wells (172) | Scott Panchik (188) | Training Think Tank (169)
    4. Haley Adams (164) | Justin Medeiros (164) | CrossFit Mayhem Freedom (168)
    5. Amanda Barnhart (140) | Travis Mayer (160) | On Track (135)
    6. Jessica Griffith (140) | Ben Smith (142) | 3 Bridges CrossFit (122)
    7. Emily DeFeo (136) | Matt Hutchinson(139) | CrossFit Omaha (119)
    8. Kat Grillo (132) | Samuel Kwant (136) | Team COI (114)
    9. Winter Nicolette Rodriguez (127) | Travis Wiliams (130) | Fulcrum Fitness (109)
    10. Kelly Clark (124) | Hal Fisher (130) | Spicy Lil Mamas (108)
  • See the full MACC Schedule for day two and three.
  • Haley Adams, the fourth fittest woman on earth in 2020 put her strength gains on display in the one-rep max snatch event at the MACC last night.

Here are a few additional speed reads:

  • For those who are taking on “Murph” this weekend, here’s a poem to help you prepare.
  • Here are a few Memorial Day sales for new gear:
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How Tia-Clair Toomey Recovers from Competition

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  Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Day One Recap 

Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Day One Recap

It was a full day of non-stop action during Day 1 of the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge on Friday. The NOBULL CrossFit Games Semifinal delivered the excitement one would expect from the star-studded line-up but it was the names that few had tapped that had the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, TN buzzing.

The women’s division:

Reigning, defending four-time “Fittest Woman on Earth” Tia-Clair Toomey stands atop the leaderboard after Day 1, but her excitement nearly cost her in the opening event of the competition. After Christine Kolenbrander hit her final lift of 210 lbs in “8-Mile,” a one-rep max snatch event, Toomey tried to match her to secure a tie for the event win. Toomey missed on both of her attempts and her last completed lift of 200 lbs would drop her to third. However she redeemed herself in the next event “Need For Speed II” winning the chipper in 9:04, nearly :34 seconds better than the runner-up Haley Adams. Toomey has a 16 point lead over Kolenbrander heading into Day 2.

  • Kolenbrander’s second-ever individual CrossFit competition saw her match her PR with the 210 pound snatch. The three-time team division Games athlete for CrossFit 417 placed seventh in “Need For Speed II”.
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  Torian Pro Day One Recap 

Torian Pro Day One Recap

Pat Rafter Arena in Brisbane, Australia played host to the teams as they got everything started early Friday morning. After completing their first two events of the weekend, the individuals would follow suit beginning in the early afternoon. This is generally the preferred competition schedule for athletes and spectators alike, a pattern which will repeat each of the three days at the Torian Pro.

Team Division: 

Event 1: “Amanda 21” was a quick sprint of 21 four-person synchro bar muscle up and 21 four-person synchro squat snatches.

  • Team Urban went unbroken on the bar muscle ups to take an early lead in the final heat
  • But, Team Awaside was the first team to do touch and go reps on the snatches, a tactic which allowed them to take a lead they would not relinquish
  • In the end the top four times all came from the last heat of four (Awaside, Urban, Reebok CrossFit Frankston, and 64 Army Gold)
  • The only team from a previous heat that had a comparable time was team Newstead in heat three.
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  Semifinals Prize Purse Announcement Highlights Conversation about CrossFit as a Professional Sport 

Semifinals Prize Purse Announcement Highlights Conversation about CrossFit as a Professional Sport

Earlier this week, just days before the inaugural Semifinal events, CrossFit announced its Semifinal Prize Purse on Instagram. As promised, the payouts were uniform across continents. However, much to the disappointment of athletes and fans around the world, across the board, they were shockingly low.

One big thing: Despite the progress CrossFit athletes have made over the past several years in professionalizing the sport of fitness, the CrossFit Games has yet to match that growth with the prize money these athletes need to make a living from this sport. And, despite new CrossFit CEO, Eric Roza’s pledge to grow the ecosystem so that athletes can make a professional living, at this point it appears that the Sanctionals seasons offered more lucrative opportunities.

Remind me: Compared to previous seasons, the Semifinal payouts are not indicative of the progression of the sport and compare more to the Regionals era that ended in 2018, where payouts for top finishers stayed well within the four-figure range.

  • In 2018, the Regionals payouts looked exactly the same as the Semifinals payouts this year for individual athletes.
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  Tommy Tackles The Journey So Far 


Tommy Tackles The Journey So Far

The first ever Semifinal round of the CrossFit Games is off and running.

The Torian Pro has wrapped day one and as I write this, the final preparations for the kickoff of the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Championship are being done a few hundred feet away. By the time this publishes Tia-Clair Toomey will have taken the floor twice in her quest for a fifth straight CrossFit Games title in the phenomenal Thompson-Boiling Arena at the University of Tennessee.

  • There will be broadcast quality live coverage of every heat of every event, which I will be calling as the color analyst alongside the “Voice of the CrossFit Games,” Sean Woodland.
  • Better yet, the people behind the broadcast (who DO NOT get enough credit) are some of the same people that helped grow and build the coverage of the sport from its humble beginnings in Carson to being on the largest television network in the world.
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  FieldCore Sponsors “Murph” to Bring Company Veterans and Civilians Together This Memorial Day 

FieldCore Sponsors “Murph” to Bring Company Veterans and Civilians Together This Memorial Day

Ahead of Memorial Day, AirForce Veteran Christopher White wanted to get his company involved. FieldCore, a division of GE, employs about 690 veterans across the country. With jobs ranging from wind technicians, mechanics, and field engineers, veterans make up 25% of the company. As an avid CrossFitter, White thought, what better way to bring honor and comradery on Memorial Day than by involving his employees in “Murph.”

  • “We were looking for a way to support our veteran employees and most importantly to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of tens of thousands of Americans this Memorial Day. Murph brings together the CrossFit community like nothing else and we want the same for our veterans and employees at FieldCore,” said White.
  • “The workout is bigger than just another WOD, it’s an annual reminder that freedom truly isn’t free and that our country was founded and is protected today by brave men and women that are willing to die so that we may live free.”
  • “The pain and suffering we go through are just shadows of the ultimate sacrifice Lt. Murphy and so many others have made for us to enjoy the freedoms we have,” said White.
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  Matthew Greene’s CrossFit Journey Led Him to a Police Career, Jiu Jitsu Titles and the MACC 

Matthew Greene’s CrossFit Journey Led Him to a Police Career, Jiu Jitsu Titles and the MACC

This weekend’s Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge will bring together 140 athletes from various walks of life and career fields with CrossFit being the common denominator.

One of those athletes will stick out a little bit more than the others. Standing at 6’1” and weighing in around 220 pounds, is Matthew Greene, but what might make him stand out more than his size is that over the course of the three-day NOBULL CrossFit Games qualifier competition he will be wearing a shirt not only representing his career as a officer for the St. Louis Police Department but also remembering a fellow officer who passed away.

The journey: Calling Greene unique amongst the field of athletes is nothing new for the former collegiate All-American wrestler. His path to the MACC has been an interesting one, one that started during the summer of 2014 when his mentor and former Lindenwood wrestler Randy Vanderveen invited Greene to train with him in what he called a “new style” of training. That “new style” was CrossFit and Greene was hooked.

  • Within a year he was competing at the CrossFit Central Regional with his then-affiliate CrossFit O’Fallon. The team finished 16th leaving Greene wanting more and he dedicated himself to training to return to compete as an individual.
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  This Week in CrossFit 

This Week in CrossFit

Did the week get ahead of you and you’re looking to catch up on the top trending stories in CrossFit and the fitness industry? You’ve come to the right place. Each week we will wrap up the major news and stories people are talking about inside the box.

CrossFit Competitions are back! Semifinals are underway for the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge and the Torian Pro. We’ll keep you up to speed with live coverage and up-to-date leaderboards so you can keep tabs on who’s headed to the Games. And, a Burpee World Record was shattered! Could you complete 5,529 burpees in 12 hours? That’s exactly what Angela Chatman did.

The Assault Bike is out and the Rogue Echo Bike is in:

  • Arguably the most “love to hate” piece of equipment among CrossFitters is the Assault Bike. As a staple at the CrossFit Games since 2015, Rogue has now replacing them with their Echo Bike as the “official air bike of CrossFit.”

Justin Medeiros becomes the first sponsored athlete at Podium Nutrition:

  • Taking third place as a rookie at the Games last year, Medeiros is a name that’s sticking around. With the news of Mat Fraser and the Buttery Bros bringing him on as a sponsor of their supplement company, fans will be watching him even closer this weekend at MACC. Who knows, maybe Fraser and Medeiros started making plans for this collaboration as they ran side by side during the 2020 Games Ranch Loop.
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