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Germany’s CrossFit Growth is a Huge Accomplishment

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Check out the Post-SemifInals power rankings from Brian Friend
  • Brent Fikowski and Andre Houdet train alone…why?
  • Chris Hinshaw on building a Games-level engine
  • Germany and other European nations are leading their CrossFit charge
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  2022 Post-Semifinals Power Rankings  

2022 Post-Semifinals Power Rankings

Most of the Semifinal stage of competition is behind us now (the Last Chance Qualifier is technically part of this six  week stage of competition), and it’s an important one. The Semifinals is our first opportunity of the CrossFit Games season to see the athletes live at in-person competitions where the variables are largely out of their control, and the aspects of fitness that don’t show up on a leaderboard are put to the test for the first time.

To get caught up on previous power rankings from earlier in the season:

As we delve further and further into the season we’re expanding the scope of the rankings. This iteration will go from one to thirty, and includes only athletes who are still alive in the season (including still being in the Last Chance Qualifier). It also will show the relative change when applicable for athletes who have moved up or down based on the Semifinal competitions and data.

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In case you missed it: Lauren Kalil, the host of The Bottom Line, spoke to Chase Ingraham and Dex Hopkins about what they think will happen to CrossFit’s team division when Rich Froning finally decides to retire.

Drug testing update: CrossFit headquarters released a statement on its website indicating that two team athletes had tested positive for banned substances during the semifinals stage.

Wodz spot: The Fitland Fitness Festival, which will take place in Bogota, Colombia, August 12-15, just got a little bit more interesting as the top male and female winners will automatically get a spot at Wodapalooza next year. 🇨🇴

MACC Fest: The Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Festival will take place this October 8-9 in West Friendship, Maryland at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

  Why Brent Fikoswki, Andre Houdet and Other Games Athletes Reject the Training Camp Method to Train in Isolation  


Why Brent Fikoswki, Andre Houdet and Other Games Athletes Reject the Training Camp Method to Train in Isolation

In the era where CrossFit training camps seem to be all the hype—where FOMO can make an athlete feel like they can’t qualify to the CrossFit Games unless they uproot their life and move to Las Vegas, NV, Mallorca, Spain or Cookeville, TN—not all top level athletes are embracing the training camp trend.

At the top of the list is two-time CrossFit Games podium finisher Brent Fikowski, whose nickname in the CrossFit community has long been “The Professor” due to his calculated, cerebral approach to tackling workouts.

“It just works for me,” Fikowski said about why he has always trained alone. “I think everyone is a little different, and you need to find what works best for you. I’m pretty particular about my technique on my own, so I don’t need a coach looking over my shoulder.”

For many other athletes, however, having a coach present all the time is useful, hence why the training camp system might be a great option for others, Fikowski explained.

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  Why Brent Fikoswki, Andre Houdet and Other Games Athletes Reject the Training Camp Method to Train in Isolation  

VIDEO: Chris Hinshaw on Building a Games Engine

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  Germany’s “Slow and Steady” CrossFit Growth Now Stands as a Huge Accomplishment  

Germany’s “Slow and Steady” CrossFit Growth Now Stands as a Huge Accomplishment

German Marcus McClain said CrossFit in his country is by no means a sexy matter, but it’s something he’s more than okay with.

“Progress has typically been slow and steady but always trending up,” said the 45-year-old country manager for Deutschland, who is also the owner and head coach of CrossFit KH (Bad Kreuznach), which is located a few hours northwest of Frankfurt. “The garage gym is still prevalent here but there is a shift at the moment and most are starting their affiliates with the intent of making a living from the affiliate, whereas before some or most were doing it as a side job or hobby.”

McClain said the market is changing in his country, where once owning a CrossFit gym was a pipe dream, now it can be seen as a potential reality.

“This is a good sign because we have and continue to see owners profiting from running an affiliate while living out their dreams as small business owners.”

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A Brazilian Behind The Scenes

Miss out on seeing the action at Copa Sur? Never fear, Mayhem Nation has you covered. Watch how the action unfurled in the South American Semifinal and go behind the scenes with the eventual champs Gui Malheiros and Victoria Campos.




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  • 16-year-old Mahmoud Hassan from Egypt successfully completed a 425 pound/193kg clean and jerk at the 2022 IWF Youth World Championships earlier this month, earning him first place in the 89kg weight class.
  • 2022 Games qualifier Matilde Garnes hit a new back squat PR.
  • Tola Morakinyo on Team CrossFit Reykjavik push jerks 365 pounds/166kg.
  • Congratulations to Danny Beeler from Crossfit Krypton in Chesapeake, VA on his 150 pound (68kg) weight loss journey since joining CrossFit.
    • Members of CrossFit Krypton joined Danny in a 150-pound mile-long ruck to celebrate.
  • A new Christmas ornament now in demand: baby’s first wall walk.
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