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Mayhem Freedom: New Team, Same Goal

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In today’s edition:

  • Breaking: The 2021 Mayhem Freedom team roster announced.
  • Checking in with three CrossFit athletes who lost 100-plus pounds.
  • Active Life gyms help coaches professionalize.

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  Breaking: Mayhem Freedom Reveals New Roster, Sets Sights On Fifth Title 

Breaking: Mayhem Freedom Reveals New Roster, Sets Sights On Fifth Title

In an announcement befitting of the four-time Affiliate Cup champions, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom revealed the three new members of their competition team for the 2021 season via a livestream announcement special Tuesday.

The 18 minute YouTube announcement started with a highly produced video package that included a voice-over done by Rory Mckernan, a sit down interview with Rich Froning and the new team members, and some intricate storytelling behind the historical paths that ultimately led each athlete to the team.

The squad: Joining Froning will be a pair of former rivals who have chased the Mayhem Freedom team for years, and quite literally a member of Froning’s family to form an eclectic mix that will undoubtedly be the frontrunner for the top spot in 2021.

  • Andrea Nisler: The 10th fittest woman as an individual in 2020, Nisler earned her spot through a career best 15th place finish worldwide in the Open, and has previously appeared at the Games four times in the team division with CrossFit OC3 and Timberwolf CrossFit, including a podium finish with CrossFit OC3 at the 2018 Games.
  • Taylor Williamson: Williamson also qualified as an individual through the Open by finishing 30th worldwide in 2020, but declined her invite in favor of the team competition before the season was cut short. Alongside Nisler, Williamson was a fixture at the top of the Sanctionals podium, winning multiple events over the last two seasons including the team competition at the Rogue Invitational, and the Dubai CrossFit Championship.
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  • LIVE TODAY: Kari Pearce and Joshua Al-chaama are coaching (virtually) at WIT House in London. Get signed up now and join in the workout at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/5 PM GMT.
  • Adrian Mundwiler is training to take on the “Isabel” world record (30 snatches for time at 135 pounds/61kg). It’s currently held by Strongman Eddie Hall at 50 seconds.
  • California Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to lift the state’s stay-at-home order within the next few days. Since the beginning of the pandemic, California has been one of the most restricted states in terms of COVID regulations.
    • Danielle Rabkin, owner of CrossFit Golden State: “My business has been absolutely decimated since March. First, the biggest thing that has hurt me is how many people have left the city. It’s just destroyed – all my members are gone, I have no business.”
  • CrossFit LLC is hiring a Virtual Competitions Director and Senior Manager, Sales.
  • Masters Fitness Collective launched its winter gear presale. Going on now through February 21.
  One Year Later: Checking In With Three CrossFit Athletes Who Lost 100-Plus Pounds 

One Year Later: Checking In With Three CrossFit Athletes Who Lost 100-Plus Pounds

2016 study that looked at the popular NBC series The Biggest Loser discovered that almost all of the contestants from Season 8 had regained the majority of the weight they lost while on the show.

  • Data like this has led to a movement in recent years away from short term restrictive dieting and toward slow and steady lifestyle change for the long term. This is exactly the approach Sally Salazar, Jason Wiese and Cheryl Lathrope all took when they joined CrossFit gyms in their respective cities. It’s an approach that helped each lose more than 100 pounds and considerably improve their health and happiness.

Remind me: Wiese, who at his heaviest weighed 397 pounds, said he took “small steps” to improve his health. When we spoke to him last February, he had lost 130 pounds and was gearing up to compete in the beginner division at Wodapalooza in Miami, FL.

  • Salazar, a member of CrossFit 808 in Oahu, HI, took a similar approach. Over the course of three years, she lost 100 pounds, a milestone she had just reached when we featured her 10 months ago.
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  To Become Professionals, Coaches Must Stop Seeing Themselves as  “Just a Coach,” Say Active Life Gyms 


To Become Professionals, Coaches Must Stop Seeing Themselves as “Just a Coach,” Say Active Life Gyms

Earlier this month, we reported on recent Two-Brain Business data that found the annual median salary for CrossFit coaches is $24,000 a year, and the average hourly wage across the fitness industry $21 to $22 an hour.

  • Notable: The data also showed most gyms have more part-time coaches than full-time coaches, so it can be assumed that many of these coaches are also working a second job.
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