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Olivia Kerstetter’s Patient Path to Rookie of the Year

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • American Eagle teams up with Games athletes Alec Smith, Dallin Pepper and James Sprague
  • WODProof launches new app updates with AI content creation feature
  • Olivia Kerstetter’s choice to spend one more year in the teen division pays off with indy Rookie of Year honors in 2023
  • Double-Under and other jump rope skill training tips with Rx Smart Gear founder, Dave Newman
  • Review of the week: the YETI Rambler
  • And, Joshua Al-chamaa’s Workout of the Week

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“There's nothing wrong with dreaming big, just as long as you understand you need to put in hard work to make things happen. Also, it's key to have the right people around you to help and support you.” - Annie Thorisdottir

  American Eagle Partners with CrossFit Games Athletes for AE 24/7 Campaign  

American Eagle Partners with CrossFit Games Athletes for AE 24/7 Campaign

While the good old-fashioned American blue jeans might be everyday apparel for most, in the world of CrossFit, it’s rare to find athletes, especially elite Games athletes rocking a pair of jeans for everyday wear.

One big thing: While finding a pair of jeans that fits can be a near insurmountable challenge for athletically built people, like CrossFit Games athletes, American Eagle is looking to change that.

Remind me: Last fall, the iconic American brand launched their first campaign featuring athletic wear into the CrossFit marketplace with Games veteran Alec Smith.

  • Their new Athletic Fit jeans were designed with extra room in the thigh area and were intended to provide more comfort for those who may have struggled to find the perfect fit for their jeans in the past.
  • But their partnership with Smith was more important than just providing jeans for thicker thighed individuals.
  • It was indicative of a steadily growing trend in which brands not native to the CrossFit industry work with CrossFit athletes, bringing more legitimacy and a bigger marketplace to the sport.

AE 24/7: This year, American Apparel launched round two of their athletic fit line with AE 24/7.

  • The line includes jeans, as well as joggers and khaki pants all designed to fit more athletically built individuals.
  • The brand once again chose to partner with Alec Smith on this line, but also elected to include 2023 Games athletes James Sprague and Dallin Pepper in the campaign as well.
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Bags Built For CrossFit

Bags Built For CrossFit

Haven duffles & backpacks are designed for unrivaled organization. Take control and gain a competitive edge by minimizing the variables that can negatively impact your workout.

When your gear is organized, and in plain sight, you are primed to lock in on the task in front of you. Reach a high performance state of mind and focus on becoming your personal best.

In all Haven bags:

  • God-mode view on all your gear
  • Ventilated Shoe Garage™
  • Cleanly Organized With Compartments
  • Anti Slump Structure
  • 5 year warranty + Free Shipping



The ELFIT Sports and Fitness Games has revealed its full slate of events for this year, highlighted by the ELFIT CrossFit Championship. And, the official leaderboard is live now. Check it out.

  • This year the Crossfit-licensed event is being programmed by new Technical partner, Underdogs Athletics. Send all questions here.

🚨🚨 TYR Wodapalooza Online Challenge and Qualifier (WZAOC): The WZAOC is the first step in earning a spot to compete in Miami at the TYR WZA fitness festival in January, but it’s also a great opportunity to throw down with your gym family, Friday Night Lights-style. Athletes have two options for the TYR WZAOC, individual or team of three. Check it out register now!

  • The first two weeks are focused on our individual athletes and kick off on Thursday, September 14th, with scores due and registration closing on Monday, September 18th at 8:00 PM ET.
  • The second week starts on Thursday, September 21st, with scores due on Monday, September 25th at 8:00 PM ET.

 The Rogue Invitational has begun announcing the athletes who will compete in late-October. The first athletes announced were: Karin Freyova, Will Moorad and Annie Thorisdottir.

ICYMI: CrossFit 1886 saved the (wedding) day for two of its members.

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  WODProof App Launches Artificial Intelligence Powered Content Creation Feature  

WODProof App Launches Artificial Intelligence Powered Content Creation Feature

Two years ago, WODProof was acquired by Israeli tech company, Sency, allowing it to add revolutionary motion analysis capabilities for real-time feedback. Since then, WODProof has remained at the forefront of the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the fitness space, allowing athletes to utilize cutting-edge technology to analyze their movement.

One big thing: This year, the WODProof app will continue to push the capabilities of technology and artificial intelligence development in the functional fitness space with the launch of Workout Highlights 3.0 and several other new features.

Remind me: For the past several years, the WODProof app has continued to develop its capabilities, releasing several updates to their app to incorporate new artificial intelligence technology.

  • Last JanuaryWODProof launched their WODProof Bionic program. A program that was able to track and analyze athletes in real-time in order to develop unique mobility plans for users.
  • Since then, elite athletes like Danielle Brandon have utilized the app to improve their mobility.
  • This past September, WODProof continued to add to their AI tech stack with the launch of their AI rowing coach, which analyzed and compared athletes’ movements on the rower to the “Gold Standard” of rowing, which was created in collaboration with Anna Mühle, a certified Concept2 coach.
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  Olivia Kerstetter Took the Scenic Route to the Individual Division, and it Paid Off  

Olivia Kerstetter Took the Scenic Route to the Individual Division, and it Paid Off

In the spring of 2022, conversation arose from the CrossFit media space about whether or not then 16-year-old Olivia Kerstetter would forgo her 16-17 Girls division invitation in order to try for a spot in the Individual division.

After a lot of chatter and both Individual and Age Group Quarterfinals, Kerstetter chose the teenage division.

At the time, she was going back and forth, wondering if she made the right decision. Now, though, on the other side of her Individual Games debut in the 2023 season, she knows she was right to wait one more year.

  • “One of the major takeaways (from the 2022 season) was don’t try to rush it because I could’ve declined (my teen invite) and tried to go individual that year, but I think it would have set me back even further,” Kerstetter said. “I think just not rushing it, and knowing that I was so young and still had so much time left in the sport that I could stay in the teen division for another year and keep getting better, getting experience so I could qualify this year.”

Of course, the patient waiting and extra year of build-up and hard work paid off for Kerstetter.

At the Games, she placed 16th overall and took home the Rookie of the Year award as the youngest athlete in the field. She also racked up an event win in the last event of the competition, Echo Thruster Final.

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  Start Training Heavy Rope Double-Unders Now: Tips from Rx Smart Gear Founder, Dave Newman  

Start Training Heavy Rope Double-Unders Now: Tips from Rx Smart Gear Founder, Dave Newman

Earlier this month at the Games, Roman Khrennikov did his heavy rope double-unders in a way you’ve never seen at the Games. After injuring his foot, the six-foot former frontrunner attempted the movement on just one leg as the arena crowd gave him a standing ovation. Amazingly, he finished the 30 required reps.

  • Whether you’re injured or not, you may also struggle with double-unders, and now is the time to train for next year’s Open. To help you, few people are more qualified than Dave Newman, the founder of Rx Smart Gear, the longest running jump rope company in the CrossFit space.

A 15-year CrossFitter himself, Newman has taught at the Power Monkey Camp for over a decade and has personally coached dozens of Games athletes, including Mat Fraser, Tia Clair-Toomey, Rich Froning and current CrossFit Games Champions Laura Horvath and Jeffrey Adler. In our conversation, Newman explains why your hands are in the wrong place, why you’re likely jumping rope using the wrong muscle groups, and why your rope is probably too long.

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  Review of the Week: YETI Rambler  

Review of the Week: YETI Rambler

When I saw YETI’s new limited edition colors come out (Cosmic Lilac was my choice, but the Camp Green was a very close second) I knew I had to snag a new one.

I’m a huge fan of my YETI Yonder Waterbottle, but with the seasons soon changing, I knew I wanted something I could also use for hot drinks. Here are my key takeaways from my new YETI Rambler 25oz Mug.

Once you go straw, you will never go back. I have had regular Ramblers before with the magnetic lid and while they were amazing, the straw is a game changer. It makes it super easy to grab a sip quickly during a workout, then get right back to work.

Never burn your hand on the side of a mug again. We’ve all been there, you smell the fresh coffee and go to grab your mug right from the coffee maker, and it’s too hot to hold. YETI’s Rambler Mugs have amazing temperature control (see next section) so as soon as the coffee is done, you can grab it fresh and go.

Whether you want to keep something hot or cold, YETI’s got you. It’s my go-to cup to bring to the gym, either filled with water for a workout or filled with coffee for early morning coaching hours. That’s because it actually keeps my water cold when it’s 90+ degrees out, and keeps my coffee warm for when I have breaks to take a quick sip.

The bottom line: YETI’s are worth the investment, and the Rambler 25oz Mug is no exception. It’s the perfect size, keeps my drinks the temperature I want them, and comes in a wide range of sizes and colors (check out the limited edition ones before they are gone).

  Joshua Al-chamaa’s Workout of the Week  

Joshua Al-chamaa’s Workout of the Week

Today’s track workout is programmed by Games veteran and member of the 2023 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup winning team, CrossFit Invictus. After taking third place in 2022, Invictus sent the same roster back this year to take on super team CrossFit East Nashville PRVN. This year marked the second time the cup makes its home in San Diego.

Joshua Al-chamaa

For time: 

(At the track)

400m Run
100 Yard Plate Push, 35/25 pounds
800m Run
75 Yard Plate Push
1200m Run
50 Yard Plate Push
1600m Run
25 Yard Plate Push

Scaling Options: Scaling options for this workout are super simple, which is why it is great for athletes of every ability. If you’re new to running, then cut the distances down for each to a level you feel will still be challenging. Keep the plate push distances the same, but if needed reduce the weight.

Advice from Joshua: “This workout is about endurance, so pace yourself and try not to blow up too quickly.

If you have enough in the tank to push at the end, then go for it.  All in all, just try to enjoy it.

It’s a fun one to do in the sun and everyone can benefit from it. It’s great because you are outside suffering in some fresh air on a track & field!”

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