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Roman Khrennikov Denounces Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Roman Khrennikov has denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian athletes posted protest videos on CrossFit’s Open leaderboard
  • Where are registration numbers at for 2022’s Open?
  • The Bottom Line talks about how the Russian invasion of Ukraine is impacting CrossFit
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  Russian CrossFit Athlete Roman Khrennikov Denounces Violence in Ukraine, Calls for “Peace and Friendship”  

Russian CrossFit Athlete Roman Khrennikov Denounces Violence in Ukraine, Calls for “Peace and Friendship”

Russian CrossFit Games athlete Roman Khrennikov joined in the chorus of international condemnation of the violence in Ukraine Saturday. Khrennikov is by far Russia’s most famous CrossFit athlete and the most accomplished in the sport.

  • “I feel very sorry for everyone involved in this nightmare. Personally, I want only peace and friendship,” Khrennikov wrote on Instagram translated from Russian using Google Translate.Three days ago, Russian military forces launched an attack on Ukraine sending in troops and bombing cities, which has been almost universally condemned by the international community as an unprovoked act of war. All seven CrossFit affiliates immediately seized operations indefinitely.
    • CrossFit Vinnytsia in Vinnytsia, Ukraine is inviting locals to use the bomb shelter inside their gym as needed. “Our club has a bomb shelter that will be open all the time If necessary, we invite you to use it,” they wrote on Instagram translated from Ukrainian using Google Translate.

    One big thing: It remains to be seen how this could affect Khrennikov’s ability to travel to the U.S. should he qualify for the 2022 CrossFit Games in August.

    • Khrennikov has already qualified the last four years but has been unable to compete except in the online portion in 2020 due to being unable to obtain a visa.
    • Just two weeks ago, he finally secured a multi-year U.S. visa after nearly five years of attempts.

    Svetlana Kubyshkina, a Russian native who qualified for the 2021 CrossFit Games but was similarly unable to travel to the U.S. due to issues obtaining a visa, also posted to her Instagram with a simple message: “No war”.

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2022 CrossFit Open

Here is the unofficial top-ten leaderboard for 22.1 as of 5 PM PT on Monday. The scores will be verified by Wednesday evening:

  • 1. Victor Ljungdal (390 reps) | Mallory O’Brien (392 reps)
  • 2. Cédric Lapointe (388 reps) | Gabriela Migała (390 reps)
  • 3. Saxon Panchik (380 reps) | Emma Cary (381 reps)
  • 4. Driss Bouchiah (374 reps) | Alexis Raptis (380 reps)
  • 5. Justin Medeiros (372 reps) | Leah Støren / Tia-Clair Toomey / Karin Freyová (tie – 375 reps)
  • 6. Dallin Pepper / James Sprague (tie – 369 reps)
  • 8. Jacob Wheeler (368 reps) | Kristin Holte (372 reps)
  • 9. Jeffrey Adler (367 reps) | Zahra Mozaffari (371 reps)
  • 10. Matt Poulin (364 reps) | Emily Rolfe (370 reps)

Here are a few more speed reads:

Iceland’s Sara Sigmundsdottir is one of the first elite CrossFit athletes to publicly comment on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, referencing Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev writing “NO WAR PLEASE” on a camera at the Dubai Tennis Championships.

  • “There are hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians seeking refuge in friendly neighboring countries. They are afraid, exhausted and hungry. There is amazing work being done to assist them but the resources are limited so what I decided to do was to make a donation to the UN @refugees fund.”

Born Primitive has teamed up with Assault Fitness to celebrate the 2022 OPEN with a massive giveaway! You can win Born Primitive Gift Cards, AssaultFitness Equipment, and a trip to the 2022 CrossFit Games. Plus, enter now and you’ll receive a $20 Born Primitive gift voucher on us.

Today is Kristen Fortin‘s last day at ReebokMorning Chalk Up profiled the director for Global Brand Communications & Marketing at the sportswear giant as a woman to watch.

  • “The ability to travel to over 20 countries building global knowledge, launching new products and businesses, and being a participant not just a spectator in a field I love has been an honor.”

In case you missed it, Lauren Kalil, host of The Bottom Line talked to Alexis Raptis about how she is incredibly fired up for the 2022 season.

  • “I think ultimately not qualifying is what has made me so hungry this year and have that redemption and I think “failing” sparks that again.”

Taiwanese pilot Victor K.C. Huang is not letting COVID-19 restrictions from keeping him from training as he has found a way to do workouts in his quarantine hotel and plane cockpits. Bravo! 🤩

The Battle Cancer Challenge 2022 will take place in nine countries over 13 cities. Click here to sign up.

  Ukrainian Athletes Post Protest Videos for CrossFit Open Workouts  

Ukrainian Athletes Post Protest Videos for CrossFit Open Workouts

Ukrainian CrossFitters took to CrossFit’s Open leaderboard to post a protest video denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the international community deals with a massive geopolitical crisis not seen in decades.

  • CrossFit’s male Open leaderboard showed five Ukrainian athletes leading after workout 22.1 and Svetlana Pushkareva, a 17-year old from Ukraine led the women’s leaderboard for a brief time, however their workout videos all linked to a YouTube video titled “Ban Russian CrossFit Athletes.”

The video–of which Morning Chalk Up was unable to verify the authenticity–allegedly shows videos of Russian troops and tanks invading various cities and areas in Ukraine, as well as bombings and air attacks on various communities. It also features a description that reads:

  • “Dear CrossFit, all Ukrainian crossfit community ask you to ban Russian crossfit athletes and affiliates as representatives of Russian aggression in Ukraine! We need your support until they end this horrible war! Our Crossfit athletes are in danger, our affiliates, our coaches, don’t be indifferent!”

One big thing: Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has largely galvanized the international community against the country, led by president Vladimir Putin. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which includes the United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada, France and Germany have already brought down heavy economic sanctions on Russia, while Ukranians have taken up arms across the country in response to the invasion.

CrossFit did not respond to a request for comment concerning Ukrainian athletes posting protest videos on its website.

Gary Gaines, CrossFit’s general manager of Affiliates and International issued a statement to Morning Chalk Up shortly after the invasion began:

  • “Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, including the CrossFit affiliates, coaches, and members there whose lives and safety are at risk. We have reached out to all of our affiliates in Ukraine to see if there is anything we can do to help, and we stand ready to support our Ukrainian CrossFit community.”

CrossFit did not respond to a request for comment concerning Ukrainian athletes posting protest videos on its website.

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  Correction: Late Rally Pushes Open Registration Past 2021, Continues 10% Growth Trend  


Correction: Late Rally Pushes Open Registration Past 2021, Continues 10% Growth Trend

Shortly after 9 AM Pacific time the 2022 CrossFit Games Open hit an important milestone surpassing the total registration from a year prior. Despite needing more than 100,000 registrants to join in the final week, a massive surge in sign-ups helped put this year’s Open over the top, settling in at an unofficial total of 275,620 just after 5 PM PT.

One big thing: The final number represents a 4.59% increase from 2021 and is now the second consecutive year the official kick off to the season has seen growth in some form. While still a far cry from the high water mark of 2018, the late push – particularly around the 22.1 announcement on Thursday – highlights the importance of programming presentation and accessibility.

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  Correction: Late Rally Pushes Open Registration Past 2021, Continues 10% Growth Trend  

VIDEO: Initial Thoughts on Ukrainian Athletes Protesting

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  Correction: Late Rally Pushes Open Registration Past 2021, Continues 10% Growth Trend  

VIDEO: Dan Bailey Posts Full 22.1

CrossFit Games veteran, Dan Bailey shared the full 15 minutes of his 22.1 Open Workout in a video posted on Sunday.

The YouTube upload shows Bailey, 38, complete 303 reps (unofficially) with round times of:

1 0:00 1:36 1:36
2 1:37 3:03 1:26
3 3:04 4:29 1:25
4 4:30 5:58 1:28
5 5:59 7:31 1:30
6 7:32 9:04 1:32
7 9:05 10:34 1:29
8 10:35 12:04 1:29
9 12:05 13:33 1:28
10 13:34 14:49 1:15
11 14:50

At the time of publishing, Sam Dancer leads the Men 35-39 Division with 353 reps. Dan Bailey’s 303 reps would put him unofficially in 117th for his age group worldwide, though he has not yet submitted a score.

Worth noting: Only a few days prior on Thursday, February 24, Bailey tied the knot with fellow CrossFitter Alex LaChance.

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  Correction: Late Rally Pushes Open Registration Past 2021, Continues 10% Growth Trend  

VIDEO: Rich Froning’s WHOOP Data During 22.1

CrossFit Games Individual and Team repeat champion, Rich Froning, takes on 22.1 at CrossFit Mayhem with his WHOOP Data live on screen.

Watch the video above to see what this Games veteran’s heart rate looks like during 15 minutes of wall walks, DB snatches, and box jumps.

Froning’s posted score is currently 354 reps, just 6 reps shy of 12 full rounds.

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  Correction: Late Rally Pushes Open Registration Past 2021, Continues 10% Growth Trend  

VIDEO: Gabriela Migala and Jacqueline Dahlstrom’s First Attempts and Tips for 22.1

There are just over two hours left in the 22.1 submission window before the leaderboard is closed for score validation.

If you’re one of the athletes giving it one more go, take a look at this video as Gabriela Migała, Jacqueline Dahlstrøm and Jordi Roselló battle it out in their first attempts.

CrossFit posted this reminder:

“Score submission closes today, Feb. 28, at:

5 p.m. PT
8 p.m. ET
10 p.m. GMT-3
1 a.m. GMT, March 1
9 a.m. HKT, March 1
12 p.m. AEDT, March 1″
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  • ♥️ Congratulations to Dan Bailey and Alex LaChance on tying the knot Thursday, February 24.
  • Shahad Budebs, three-time Fittest Woman in the UAE, hit a new squat clean PR in this weekend’s Expo Games and also recently took second place in the SFA Sandclash.
  • Kristóf Horváth, five-time Fittest Man in Hungary, hit a 374.5 pound/170kg split jerk.
  • CrossFit Games Team veteran, Mia Hesketh, hit a post-surgery PR of 20 unbroken ring muscle-ups after her November shoulder surgery.
  • Andrea Nisler of Team Mayhem Freedom put up a split jerk double of 250 pounds/113kg.
  • Congratulations to Sydney Smith of CrossFit Laminin in Vestavia Hills, AL on the 170 pound/77kg snatch PR.
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