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Morning Chalk Up

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Good Morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Our analysts, Brian Friend, Tommy Marquez and Patrick Clark drop some takeaways from the final 2021 Semifinals weekend.
  • The theme for the West Coast Classic was “History Relived,” but with all the Regionals records that were broken over the weekend, it was also “History Revised.”
  • How have gym cleaning practices evolved over the past year?
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“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe in that one reason that will work.” - Unknown

  Six Takeaways From the Final 2021 CrossFit Games Semifinals Weekend  

Six Takeaways From the Final 2021 CrossFit Games Semifinals Weekend

And just like that the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games Semifinal stage is done. Three Semifinals took place over the course of the weekend: the West Coast Classic, the Atlas Games and the Asia Invitational, resulting in 24 athletes and 12 teams punching their tickets to Madison, WI. Our analysts Tommy Marquez, Brian Friend and Patrick Clark give us their takeaways from the exciting weekend.

Brian’s Takeaways

The other Asia contenders: The road to the Games (mostly) goes through Russia in Asia, but it might not be long until that’s not the case. Earlier in the season when the rulebook revealed that Russia would be grouped into the Asian continent, we speculated that for anyone to qualify to the Games from there they would have to go through the Russian athletes to do so.

Now that the Asia Semifinal has wrapped up we know that was in fact mostly the case. The top three men (and four of the top six), the top woman (and also four of the top six), and the top team were in fact all Russian.

However, the second qualifying woman (Seungyeon Choi of South Korea) and the second qualifying team (Team DUBAI) were clearly not, which means we get representation from other countries at the Games in addition to the three Russian individual athletes and four Russian team athletes that will be in the field.

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This Energy Drink Was Developed and Tested by 2,000+ Military Service Members.

This Energy Drink Was Developed and Tested by 2,000+ Military Service Members.

After two years of development, ECHELON launched today with an energy drink designed and tested with over 2,000+ military service members to ensure it meets mission-essential standards.

The new proprietary formula is a combination of energy enhancing active ingredients including beta-alanine, citrulline, arginine, 300mg of caffeine and 200mg of l-theanine.

One early tester called it “God juice.” It’s going to sell out fast, so get yours while you can.


  • This week on the Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends podcastMike Malloy owner/founder of M2 Performance Nutrition shares the story of how he started researching nutrition’s effect on performance. Mike tells the crew, “The evidence is overwhelmingly pointing in the direction of carbohydrate-based fueling, once you understand the science of anaerobic performance being exclusively being fueled by carbs or glucose, the next logical step is to say okay I’ve got to put more of these in my diet.”
    • After experimenting on himself and seeing unexpected performance, people began asking Mike how he was doing that, including one future CrossFit Games Competitor. “Hi my name is Tasia Percevecz its nice to meet you I would love to talk to you about helping me with nutrition. I am an elite gymnast, sort of in the sport of CrossFit and I really don’t know what I am doing.” This started a trickle of competitive CrossFit Athletes that has now grown to a stable of over 50, as well as more in other pro sports.
  • NOBULL released its CrossFit Games collection yesterday, including new trainers, apparel and gear.
  • Congratulations to Patrick Vellner on a great week that included qualifying for the CrossFit Games and the birth of his son, Owen William.
  • Due to a technical error, the leaderboard for day three of the West Coast Classic was incorrect in our newsletter yesterday. Here is the correct leaderboard:
    1. Cole Sager (583) / Bethany Shadburne (632) / Invictus (603)
    2. Noah Ohlsen (548) / Kari Pearce (628) / Invictus Unconquerable (595)
    3. Sean Sweeney (513) / Danielle Brandon (573) / Ohio Brutes (539)
    4. Will Moorad (489) / Dani Speegle (542) / Backcountry Black (530)
    5. Brandon Luckett (481) / Regan Huckaby (528) / Blues City Athletics (528)
    6. Dallin Pepper (461) / Alexis Raptis (517) / Team Man Made (510)
    7. Spencer Panchik (454) / Kloie Wilson (485) / Venture CrossFit (435)
    8. Cedric Lapointe (428) / Kelly Stone (433) / CrossFit HYPE (396)
    9. Tola Morakinyo (417) / Alison Scudds (397) / CrossFit Grandview (381)
    10. Jacob Pfaff (414) / Jessica Androsik (392) / Salt Lake City CrossFit Gold (316)
  History Rewritten: Records Fall at the West Coast Classic  

History Rewritten: Records Fall at the West Coast Classic

CrossFit’s ability to continuously measure our progress is one of its undeniable traits that gets so many of us hooked. So for those of us who get particularly stoked about comparing performances and measuring improvement, nothing was more exciting than the West Coast Classic in Las Vegas, NV this weekend.

Remind me: The West Coast Classic Semifinal featured seven workouts that had previously been tested at either Regionals competitions, the CrossFit Invitationals or the Games between 2013 and 2019, making it the quintessential chance to assess how some of the top athletes in the world have progressed in recent years, both as individuals and as a community as a whole.

  • “We thought it would be perfect to celebrate the history of CrossFit…by programming old workouts historically,” explained Matt O’Keefe, the president of Loud & Live Sports of the decision to program all former Regionals and Games events.

A Closer Look

Event 1: 2016 Regionals Snatch Ladder
10 squat snatches (185/135 pounds)
8 squat snatches (205/145 pounds)
6 squat snatches (225/155 pounds)
4 squat snatches (245/165 pounds)
2 squat snatches (265 pounds/175 pounds)

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  Uncommon Sense: Gym Cleaning Policies, a Year in Review  


Uncommon Sense: Gym Cleaning Policies, a Year in Review

When it comes to the various ways gym owners had to pivot to accommodate COVID-19, nothing turned out to be as nonsensical as cleaning policies.

Remind me: When the pandemic hit, gyms collectively doubled and tripled down on cleaning, leaving no surface unscrubbed, no plate, no box, no band unsanitized.

  • It made sense at the time. It wasn’t clear whether COVID-19 could be transmitted from surfaces, and the limited evidence in the early days of the pandemic suggested it could. Surfaces on the infamous Diamond Princess cruise ship, for example, found COVID genetic material was present for up to 17 days after infected passengers left the ship, so wiping or spraying absolutely every corner of every piece of equipment and floor space in the gym after every single use, or investing in expensive electrostatic spraying devices,  seemed like the right move to make.
  • And so that’s what we did. And all the obsessive cleaning started to eat away at our precious class time. And at our equipment, which started to rust. And at our resistance bands, which became unbearably gummy. Meanwhile, we hoped to God that all the chemicals in the cleaning supplies weren’t harming our health. But still, it felt like the lesser of the possible evils.

Worth noting: Daniel Boyd, the owner of CrossFit Wichita Falls in TX, said he lost three rowing machines “due to over zealous spraying of the screens.” Meanwhile, Saul Garcia, a coach at Rio Gyms in Osborne Park, Australia said all the cleaning wreaked havoc on their barbells.

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Chalk Up Highlights is our section dedicated to celebrating our community’s wins in the gym. Follow @ChalkUpHighlights and submit your highlight to [email protected] to be featured.

5/26 - 5/27: Gold Star Murph 2022 (Southern Pines, NC)
6/3 - 6/5: Northern California Classic (Sacramento, CA)
6/3 - 6/5: Atlantic Coast Classic (Daytona Beach, FL)
6/4 - 6/5: Whiplash: The Welsh Open 2022 (Same Sex Pairs) (Merthyr Tydfil, United Kingdom)
6/4: Love’Em or Leave’Em 10 (Saugus, MA)
6/4 - 6/5: Tandemonium (Palmer, AK)
6/4: Goose Games (Chicago, IL)
6/4: Average Joe’s Competition (Sheridan, WY)
6/11: Hi Temp Games (Albany, GA)
6/11: Costa Rica Riptide Rowathon (Mokena, IL)
6/11: Mind Games (Okemos, MI)
6/11: Kanna Fest (Ambler, PA)
6/11: Battle on Bridge Street III (Phoenixville, PA)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx NorCal (Petaluma, CA)
6/18: Oz Fest 2022 (Junction City, KS)
6/18: Beat The Heat 2022 (Hays, KS)
6/18: Atlanta Masters Classic (Snellville, GA)
6/18: Back Lot Bout – RX, Intermediate, Scaled (Saint Charles, MI)
6/18: Wodmania (Urbana, OH)
6/18 - 6/19: Best of the West (Rock Springs, WY)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx Maryland (Dunkirk, MD)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx Kentucky (Winchester, KY)
6/18: The Heat 5.0- Co-ed Partner Competition (Marysville, OH)
6/18 - 6/19: The Garrison City Gauntlet (Dover, NH)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx West Fargo (West Fargo, ND)
6/18 - 6/19: The CS&F Summer Classic (Cumming, GA)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx Maryland (Dunkirk, MD)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx NorCal (Petaluma, NC)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx Kentucky (Winchester, KY)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx Tennessee (Mc Minnville, TN)
6/18 - 6/19: Emerald Coast Throwdown (Pensacola, FL)
6/18: Girls Gone Rx West Fargo (West Fargo, ND)
6/24 - 6/27: I Got Your Six (Charleston, SC)
6/25: Ocean State Summer Threesome (Smithfield, RI)
6/25: Independence Games VIII at The Pit Fitness Ranch (Three Rivers, MI)
6/25: Northwest Arkansas Basement Brawl (Fayetteville, AR)
6/25: Summer Bash 2022 (Zanesville, OH)
6/25 - 6/26: BILT Summer Classic (Welland, CA)
6/25: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Muster Station (Sanford, FL)
7/9: Rex Rumble at CrossFit zoo (Ocala, FL)
7/9 - 7/10: Rex Rumble 11 Double Down (Ocala, FL)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx Fayetteville (Spring Lake, NC)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx San Antonio (San Antonio, TX)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx West Texas (Snyder, YX)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx South Sound (Puyallup, WA)
7/16: Girls Gone Rx Wilmington (Wilmington, NC)
7/17: Warrior Affiliate League Summer Classic (Whittier, CA)
7/23: Palm City CrossFit Fairgrounds Throwdown (Stuart, FL)

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