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June 23   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Online troubles no more, Brent Fikowski qualifies for the CrossFit Games out of the virtual Atlas Games.
  • Pull the Pin Programming and CrossFit Faru are training the anti-poaching team in the Serengeti, it’s an incredible story.
  • CrossFit provides a path for stroke survivor Jeffrey Fisher to make an amazing recovery.
  • Rich Froning Teams up with InsideTracker.
  • The Morning Chalk Up is hiring a Social Media Manager and Homepage Editor, and Customer Service Representative.

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“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” - Charles Swindoll

  Brent Fikowski Overcomes Rough Start and “Virtual Weakness” at the Atlas Games, Punches Ticket to Madison 

Brent Fikowski Overcomes Rough Start and “Virtual Weakness” at the Atlas Games, Punches Ticket to Madison

The last week of Semifinals came to a close with one in-person competition and two virtual. Brent Fikowski started slowly during the virtual Atlas Games, but he mounted an impressive comeback over the final two days and locked up the final qualifying spot. The Professor will now head back to Madison to fight for the second podium finish of his career.

Remind me: A five-time Games athlete, Fikowski burst onto the scene in 2016. He won four events as a rookie and finished fourth overall after an exciting battle with Patrick Vellner. He headed to Madison in 2017 while facing increased expectations and captured second place. Fikowski took fourth again in 2018 but finished 23rd during the 2019 Games after falling victim to the infamous cuts throughout the weekend.

Fikowski set himself up for a return trip to Madison in 2020 by winning the Dubai Fitness Championship. However, COVID-19 disrupted the season and forced all of the athletes to compete virtually during Stage 1. Fikowski took 15th and missed out on a trip to Aromas, later discussing on his website mistakes he made during Friendly Fran and other workouts.

A potential stumbling point: When Fikowski finished 37th in the North American Quarterfinals, he set himself up for one of the Semifinals events. His goal was to head to West Coast Classic, Granite Games, or the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge and fight for a trip to Madison in person. However, CrossFit did not provide this opportunity, instead putting Fikowski into the virtual Atlas Games.

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All the Energy...None of the Crash

All the Energy...None of the Crash

When you’re designing an energy drink for the military, you better get it right. Well, Echelon have spent years developing and tweaking their formula to provide amplified performance, sustained energy, and a clean burn…with no crash.

How? Echelon‘s proprietary formula uses caffeine and L-theanine to boost energy but contains specific supplements (beta-alanine ring any bells?) that enhance endurance and recovery so you get the energy you need for your workout, without the worry of crashing halfway through.

The last two sales have sold out fast so use code “GREATNESSUNLOCKED” to save 10% and get your hands on a can now.


  • Noah Ohlsen, who placed second at the West Coast Classic, is following in Chandler Smith’s footsteps and will donate half of his winnings to organizations that promote diversity and inclusion, Project Onyx and the Trevor Project.
  • MUST READ: profiled two-time CrossFit Games champ, Katrin Davidsdottir. Among other topics, the profile covers her sponsorship deals, including beam and WHOOP, and training with the other members of the Comptrain Team who moved to Natick this season.
    • Davidsdottir on her training team: “I have three new training partners this year. Amanda Barnhart moved here. Throughout my whole career, most of my training has been done alone. I can do that, but that by itself takes energy and now I have these three training partners who, it’s so fun to train with them. The really hard somehow turns easy. I would honestly say that, without trying more, I work harder because I have competition directly next to me.”
  • The Filthy 150 is holding a raffle and has created a GoFundMe campaign to help defray CrossFit Games travel costs for Irish athletes Emma McQuaid, Louie McMaster, Sam Stewart and Joanne McCullough.
  • The WIT summer sale is live now.
  • The “Save Connor” Campaign continues. Connor is a 12-year-old boy diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome. It’s like Alzheimer’s but in children. It’s 100% fatal and there currently is no FDA-approved treatment or cure for these suffering children. This potentially is hope though. Researchers at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX, are ready to conduct the first-ever gene therapy clinical trial for Connor’s type of Sanfilippo Syndrome. But it lacks funding. Millions are needed to fund the final pre-clinical steps, gene therapy drug production for children (aka medicine), and the clinical trial costs. John Wooley from MakeWodsGreatAgain and Rx Smart Gear are both supporting this campaign.
    • June 30th brings an important date to the cause. By this date, they need to fund the final pre-clinical grant and the first grant in order to begin the drug production steps. These contracts must be finalized and paid for by the end of June otherwise a very long delay would begin. We’ve got a little over a week to raise the final $150k and get this trial started. Donate to the GoFundMe campaign now.
  • The Ten Thousand, a men’s performance-wear brand, launched “The City Series,” a new series of limited-edition collections that celebrate the many cities that Ten Thousand customers call home. Each month they’ll be dropping a new capsule of best-sellers with custom city logos, along with profiles of local athletes that have helped in the design and development of Ten Thousand’s training essentials. The first two City Series collections, New York City, and Los Angeles, are available now.
  • Rogue Fitness just released new magnetic barbell collars.
  Pull the Pin Programming Teams Up with CrossFit Faru, Trains Anti-Poaching Team in the Serengeti 

Pull the Pin Programming Teams Up with CrossFit Faru, Trains Anti-Poaching Team in the Serengeti

Pull the Pin Programming, a training program run by Seminar Staff member Rob Lawson of CrossFit Aberdeen has partnered with CrossFit Faru, home of an elite anti-poaching team in Serengeti, Tanzania, to keep their scouts ready for action.

The big picture: Pull the Pin (PTP) is providing programming for this highly-tactical anti-poaching team, run through the Grumeti Fund, a conservation and community nonprofit in the area dedicated to wildlife protection.

The anti-poaching team was created in 2016, as poaching became more organized in East Africa, explains Wesley Gold, their manager.

  • “Instead of someone [killing] an animal to eat or feed their family… very organized international syndicates — the same people who smuggle children, cigarettes, and all these other things — realized that there was a very high value, low-risk way of making money… to smuggle ivory and rhino,” Gold says.
  • “As poaching became more organized, it became necessary for someone to organize the anti-poaching side,” he adds.
  • They began training using CrossFit methods that Gold found online. Then in 2018, Kristen Chandler, currently the Communications Director for Loud & Live Sports, moved to Tanzania, connected with Gold, provided some initial programming resources and education and founded CrossFit Faru.
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  “Never Give Up”: How CrossFit Helped Stroke Survivor, Jeffrey Fisher, Defy the Odds and Make an Extraordinary Recovery 


“Never Give Up”: How CrossFit Helped Stroke Survivor, Jeffrey Fisher, Defy the Odds and Make an Extraordinary Recovery

In September of 2011, Jeffrey Fisher’s life would be forever changed when he had a stroke. Little did he know at the time, but the long road ahead of him would include fighting to prove doctors and science wrong.

There was something else he didn’t yet know as well, a new hobby would attract and surround him with a support system inside the walls of a CrossFit gym, Rhapsody Fitness.

One big thing: Mindset matters. It’s something that’s being taught more often inside CrossFit gyms but can be applied to any aspect of life. For Fisher, his fight to set goals and never quit is quite possibly the biggest contributor to how far he’s come in his recovery.

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  Rich Froning Teams Up with InsideTracker to “Create Ultimate Blood-Based Action Plan for Strength, Recovery, Resilience” 

Rich Froning Teams Up with InsideTracker to “Create Ultimate Blood-Based Action Plan for Strength, Recovery, Resilience”

Last Tuesday, InsideTracker announced their collaboration with four-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning to create the Limited Edition InsideTracker x Rich Froning Panel.

Remind me: InsideTracker was founded in 2009 by scientists from MIT, Tufts and Harvard Universities, who study aging, genetics and biometric data. The company specializes in collecting data from the blood, DNA, and lifestyle and fitness trackers to help people optimize health and wellness through their science-backed action plans.

The details: Rich Froning provided his insights to InsideTracker about which blood biomarkers matter most to him to improve performance, which InsideTracker used to create the InsideTracker x Rich Froning Panel.

  • The panel allows athletes to test up to 33 blood biomarkers, including testosterone, cortisol, creatine kinase — a marker of physical stress and muscle breakdown and fasting blood glucose — a marker of how efficiently the body processes glucose.
  • How it works: You can buy the Inside Tracker x Rich Froning Panel now for $259. From there, you head to a local lab to have your blood drawn. Then, based on your results, you receive a personalized action plan from InsideTracker, including nutrition and activity suggestions, to improve your biomarkers.
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