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data analysis

The Growing World of Unaffiliated Athletes

Is Handstand Walking Too Weighted at the CrossFit Games?

CrossFit Games

VIDEO: How to Predict Who Will Do Well at the Games

Moneyball for CrossFit: Predicting Event Winners


CrossFit Diet and Supplement Practices Get Deep Dive in Published Paper

Are the CrossFit Semifinals Appropriate Qualifiers for the Games?

Scoring the 40 Female Games Athletes Against One Another on 2022 Workouts

Scoring the 40 Male Games Athletes Against One Another on 2022 Workouts

First Look at the Field: Stats on the 2022 Games Qualifiers

CrossFit Games

Measurable and Repeatable: 2022 Legless Rope Climbs vs 2014

Reviewing the Data: Who Signs Up for Quarterfinals?

Which 2022 Semifinal is the Toughest Road to the Games for Individuals?

CrossFit Games

VIDEO: Growing CrossFit Through Predicting Performance

CrossFit Games

Athlete Predictions: Probability of Finishing Top 30 After 20.1

CrossFit Games

Data Crunch: Probability of Finishing Top 25 Given Week 1 Performance

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