A Proud Dóttir in Any Sport

July 28, 2017 by
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The naming convention known as patronymic (i.e. father’s first name + prefix or suffix) has deep roots in many countries, though it’s uncommon in America. In Iceland, however, this practice is particularly prevalent. A look down any roster or roll call, you’ll see Sigurdardóttir, Thorsdóttir, Jónsdóttir, Odinsdóttir and Davidsdóttir up and down the pages.


Apparently Iceland has been debating naming conventions leading up to the UEFA Women’s Euro – A.K.A. the European Cup. Currently players’ patronymic (“Sigurdardottir”) are on the back of jerseys but they’re identified using their first names, like Annie, Katrin or Sara. Some thought the patronymic on the back of jerseys looked strange and thought they should switch for their first names, but ultimately the decision was left to the Iceland National Team.


The team unanimously decided to stay “dóttirs.” One player said that the word unites them. Another went so far as to credit CrossFit stars like Annie, Katrin and Sara: “It’s originally from the world of CrossFit where our stars, who are great role-models for us and all Icelanders, got this name, dóttir. It stands for being tough as nails and incredibly cool. That was what we wanted to bring to this tournament…It’s our distinction, gives us extra energy and is just Icelandic.”

As the Icelandic Monitor aptly said, “In a world full of Kardashians, be a dóttir!“ We couldn’t agree more.

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