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Oh Honey. CrossFit Isn’t For You

October 24, 2017 BY Mallisa Mott
Oh Honey. CrossFit Isn’t For You

What happened?

Think back to your first CrossFit class.

It’s safe to say you were probably nervous, maybe even intimidated. Now imagine being overweight, lonely, and suicidal, only to have your coach tell you during your first class “Oh honey. CrossFit isn’t for you”.

Oh, no he didn’t.

Oh yes, he most certainly did. That’s exactly what happened to 35-year-old Nerida Bint, from Newcastle, Australia.

So what did she do?

Spoiler alert — she left.

Every fire needs a spark and this was it for Nerida. She went on to shed 50 pounds and overhauled her entire life with a newfound sense of purpose and passion, quitting her six figure job and opening her own all-female gym (not CrossFit though — wonder why?)

Lissome, that’s her gym, now boasts 115 members who are all feeling nothing but love and encouragement regardless of their fitness level, as it should be.