A Raid in Delhi

October 30, 2017 by
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What Happened?

Government officials “stormed” into Cross Fit Unisex Gym in Dehli, India, seizing banners, signs and any other advertising material with the word CrossFit on it.

Why’d they do that? 

The reason is simple. Cross Fit Unisex Gym is not a licensed CrossFit affiliate and therefore can’t use the CrossFit trademark. After they refused to comply with HQ’s cease and desist letter, HQ upped the ante and filed a lawsuit. The judge said that was that, and ordered the raid.

Remind me.

Your CrossFit affiliate pays an annual licensing fee to be able to use the CrossFit trademark — it’s what distinguishes and protects your affiliate from Joe Shmo’s gym down the street offering “CrossFit” classes and getting away with it.

The Chalk Up.

There’s always someone out there trying to ruin the fun for everyone else. So if you see something, do like the TSA tells you and say something by dropping HQ a note.

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