The story.

We at Morning Chalk Up believe that a giving community is a growing community, which is why we so often write about the generosity of others.

So in comes Thrive Market, which is basically an online Whole Foods for a lot less, making organic food more affordable for families who make a regular salary. But what you probably don’t know is they’ve got a program designed to give back.

The deets.

It’s called Thrive Gives.

Everytime someone like you and me purchases an annual membership to Thrive Market — think Costco — they donate a membership to a low-income family, veteran, teacher, or student. On top of these free memberships, they also offer free educational content to their Thrive Gives members like free shopping lists and videos on how to shop and eat healthy on a budget.

All told, they’ve donated hundreds of thousands of memberships.

It gets better.

Yes, way better. Today is Giving Tuesday and we want to help get you involved. Anyone who buys an annual membership today will get $60 of free groceries plus free shipping, and Thrive will also give one membership away to someone who needs it. It’s a win-win.

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