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Predicting the CrossFit Open, Part 2

March 8, 2018 by
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Weeks 3 – 5 are our favorite part of the Open. Early jitters and excitement have washed away (a little) and now we’re settling in for the long grind. It’s like round three in a five round WOD; this one’s the worst, but it’s also the first one we can actually start to offer a soft prediction on.

Consider these quick facts:

  1. There has only been one movement repeated in the same year: bar facing burpees in 16.1 and 16.5. For now we’re going to ignore that.
  2. Every repeat since 2014 has been re-tested the same week they were originally announced. (See Open Repeats data here)
  3. No WODs from 2013 or 2015 have been repeated. 2011 and 2014 have had two WODs repeated.
  4. A WOD from week 3 has NEVER been re-tested.
  5. Thrusters have always been in the final week.
  6. Dave Castro’s hint actually makes a lot of sense for a repeat; same flower…

We’re predicting 18.3 will be 15.3 and here’s why:

Based on movements already seen in 18.1 and 18.2/a, and assuming no movements are repeated again, the following are the ONLY WODs which can be repeated as of now: 11.2, 11.3, 12.2, 13.2, 13.5, 14.3, 15.3, 15.4, 16.3, 17.3, and 17.5. (Feel free to follow our data here).

If we apply fact #2, and remove everything that didn’t come in week 3, we’re left with: 11.3, 14.3, 15.3, 16.3, and 17.3.

We can cut 11.3 cause we’re not doing five minutes of just squat cleans and jerks after 18.2/a. 14.3, which is box jumps and heavy deadlifts seems an unlikely candidate a) because of the weight and b) because that would be the third WOD from 2014 re-tested.

That leaves 15.3, 16.3 and 17.3 all as strong options. Among those, we think 15.3 is the strongest choice. It bring back ring muscle-ups and includes staples like wall balls and double unders, which have been in every Open. If we had to pick a second pick choice it would be 16.3. We just can’t see the heavy snatches coming after 18.2a not to mention the fact that the WOD closely mirrors 14.2 which was already repeated.

All past CrossFit Open movements

We analyzed every movement and every WOD for the past seven years, including the two we’ve seen in 2018 to calculate which WODs are eligible for a re-test.

DB Hang Clean and Jerk
Row (for cals)14.415.516.417.418.1
Toes to Bar11.512.313.414.415.
*Burpee Over Bar11.414.516.1/518.2
1RM Clean18.2a
DB Front Squat18.2
1RM Clean and Jerk15.1a
Push Ups11.2
Overhead Lunge16.1
DB Lunge17.2
DB Snatch17.1
DB Clean17.2
Overhead Squat11.414.215.2
Push Press/S2O12.313.2
Chest to Bar11.612.513.514.
Box Jumps11.212.313.214.317.1
Clean and Jerk11.313.4
Ring Muscle Up11.414.415.3
Double Unders11.112.413.314.115.316.217.5
Bar Muscle Up16.317.2
Wall Ball11.512.413.314.415.316.417.4
WOD that has already been repeated in a previous year.
Invalid for another reason.
WOD that includes a movement already done in 2018.
Actually possible

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