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7 Things You Need to See From 18.3 to Feel Better About Life

March 13, 2018 by
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Three weeks down, two to go. They won’t be painless but at least it’ll be over soon and we can go back to walking normal again. In the meantime, here’s our cure-all recipe for staying positive while Dave Castro concocts a new WOD that will set your lungs on fire.

1. When Paddy said ‘scaled be damned’ and spent 14 minutes doing dubs. #1 oldest at CrossFit Telic, #1 most badass.

“Our members never cease to amaze us. Our eldest member, master athlete Paddy Burke, completed his first RX Open workout and completed 100 double unders in 18.3. Think the impossible is impossible, think again and watch for inspiration. Think positive and anything is possible.”via CrossFit Telic – Hartlepool

Posted by CrossFit on Friday, March 9, 2018

2. When Katy said “oh shit” (literally) about those pull-ups, and even though she didn’t get her first one she’s now determined AF.

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#18point3 was rough. I already knew I struggled with OHS but seeing pull-ups made me really go: oh shit. TBH. I was pissed at first because I can’t do a pull-up. BUT. I decided to at least try. And while I didn’t get a pull-up, I don’t have to use a box to hang from the bar anymore – so that’s a plus! And I got some good depth on my OHS FINALLY. It just makes me MORE determined to get a pull-up by this time next year. (And shoutout to @jordls and her YouTube channel and advice!) #intheopen #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitopen #kilotrained #crossfitkilo @crossfitkilo @crossfit @kilotrainedwaverly @kilo_trained

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3. When Dave Castro smiled announcing dubs for days and then Marty with his one leg smiled right back.

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WheelWod open 18.3 done. Still not sure if I’ll do the regular open workout with all those doubles! @wheelwod @rfx_crossfit @crossfitgames #wheelwod #crossfit #crossfitgames

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4. When CrossFit Games athlete Christy Adkins decided to go 18.3 live preggers edition.

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Going live at 7:45pm! 18.3 Friday Night Lights Preggo edition My 18.3 #fitpregnancy modifications are: 100 Double unders* 20 Overhead Squats 100 Double unders 24 Seated Banded Ring pull throughs 100 Double unders 20 Dumbbell Snatch 100 Double unders 24 Seated Banded PVC Pipe Pulldowns *I may modify to 100 plate step-ups (alternating steps onto a 45# bumper plate) if dubs start to take a toll #crossfitpregnancy #intheopen #crossfitgames #crossfit #32weeks #Imissmuscleups

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5. When Pip got her first muscle-up and stopped during the WOD to give her bestie a hug.

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Our girl @_philippaclarke hits her very first (and second) muscle up tonight during 18.3!! @terminus_empower doing big things for her! #soproud @crossfitgames #cfg183firstmu

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6. When Brooke came back for Week 3 to show she truly has no fear of anything. Brooke’s visually impaired BTW. She is her own super hero.

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18.3 in the bag from Brooke (my athlete whose visually impaired)! A lot of elements in this workout. We put her new rope to the test and luckily we just worked on overhead squat work on Tuesday lol. I’m so proud of her. Official score of 100 on scaled. We took the overhead squat weight to 20#’s in order to continue with the workout, so the unofficial score is 210 reps!! 190 singles completed and she found her confidence in the overhead squat position and was able to hit 7 reps Unbroken in one of her sets! The thing that I loved the most is I no repped her about 7 times on the overhead for not going low enough. She didn’t bitch, no complaints, just said ok and continued to push forward. She was stoked to hear about all the positivity her training videos bring in the community and wanted me to convey her gratitude towards everyone! 3 down, 2 to go! @crossfit @crossfitfif @crossfitgames @crossfittraining @adaptivecrossfit @iamadaptive @morningchalkup @fitaid #crossfit #gobrooke #crossfitfif #crossfitgames #intheopen #crossfitgames2018 #crossfitgirls #godisgood #kansascity #kcmo #coach #athlete

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7. When Rachel set a new record for most flutter kicks after her first muscle-up, and reminded us that these videos really never get old.

Also, shoes clearly aren’t necessary for Rachel.

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Mom of two, Rachel Peavy getting her first ring muscle-up during 18.3 on Saturday. This never gets old. — #crossfit #crossfitopen #fitness #fitforlife #metcon #wod #nike #fitmoms #momswholift #stronggirls @crossfitraefordnc @crossfitgames

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BONUS: When no one, and we mean NO ONE, has ever been this pumped to get their first double-under. BTW, Kim has been practicing for 4.5 years.

Double Unders had eluded Kim for 4.5 years. After 3, 18.3 workout attempts she got her first double under today, and ended the workout with 83 total. Her victory dance and excitement are priceless. Never quit practice will pay off. #crossfitrepentance #crossfit #crossfitopen #crossfitopen2018 #18point3 #achievinggoalstogether #faithoverfear The CrossFit Games CrossFit

Posted by CrossFit Repentance on Monday, March 12, 2018

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