The story.

Last month, fifteen-year-old Tori Gallegos from Toowoomba, Australia qualified for her first CrossFit Games, and this weekend she was competing in a local competition where she took first. So naturally she and the fam went out to celebrate over some dinner. Gotta refuel right?

But when they returned home, they found the house broken into and some valuables missing.

That’s terrible. 

It totally is. The burglar stole her weightlifting bag, shoes, knee sleeves and $250 in cash which was given to Tori to help fund her trip to travel to the United States this August. All told it was about $350 in gear plus the cash.

This thief sounds like a really fit bugger to target a bunch of CrossFit equipment if you ask us.

So what are they gonna do?

What CrossFit communities always do, rally and support to the tune of about $5,000 and counting.

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