Down Under Championship: Day 3 Recap

December 3, 2023 by
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The third and final day of the Down Under Championship 2023 started indoors at the WIN Entertainment Center in Wollongong, Australia on Saturday, December 3. 

Peter Ellis came into Day 3 with a convincing 66-point lead over his nearest competitor, Jonathan Dunlop. The battle for second and third was going to be tight, with Zane Shellabear-Healey, Jonathan Dunlop and Zac Thomas, all in contention for a spot on the podium. 

On the women’s side, Madeline Sturt came into Day 3 in first place with a 33-point lead over Grace Walton. Anikha Greer surged her way to third place after an impressive Day 2, just one point ahead of Daisy McDonald. With three events left in the competition, all of the podium spots on the women’s side were up for grabs.

The first event of the day was:

Event 6: Catch Ya Later

2 Rounds for Time of:

10 Strict Wall-facing Handstand Push-ups
18 Dual Kettlebell Squats
10 Strict Wall-facing Handstand Push-ups
15 Barbell Back Squats
10 Strict Wall-facing Handstand Push-ups
12 Deadball Squats
16-Minute Time Cap

Kettlebell Weight

Men: 70 pounds (32kg)
Women: 53 pounds (24kg)

Barbell Weight

Men: 187 pounds (85kg)
Women: 132 pounds (60kg)

Deadball Weight

Men: 155 pounds (70kg)
Women: 110 pounds (50kg)

3, 2, 1…Go:

This workout was all about managing shoulder fatigue and getting through the strict wall-facing handstand push-ups as smartly and efficiently as possible.  


Luke Fowler continued his impressive form, taking the top points from heat two in this should-heavy workout. Alec Leitch brought home second place, followed by another strong workout from competition leader, Peter Ellis, who finished the event in third. 


  1. Luke Fowler
  2. Alec Leitch
  3. Peter Ellis


Julia Hannaford made light work of the strict wall-facing handstand push-ups and won Event 7 from heat two. In the final heat, Anikha Greer managed to keep in front of Emily De Rooy, who made a powerful surge in her final deadball squats.


  1. Julia Hannaford
  2. Anikha Greer
  3. Emily de Rooy

Events 7 and 8: Grace and Double Grace

For Time: 

60 Clean and Jerks*

*The first 30 reps will be for time and will be scored separately from the 60 reps for time. Both parts of the event are worth 50 points each. 

8-Minute Time Cap

Men: 132 pounds (60kg)
Women: 94 pounds (42.5kg)

3, 2, 1…Go:

We saw a mix of touch-and-go and fast singles out of the gate from both the men and women. The unique twist in this workout was the fact that half the points were up for grabs for the first 30 reps (Grace, Event 7) and then an additional 50 points were up for grabs at the end of the 60 reps (Double Grace, Event 8). 


Dante Karangaroa set a blistering pace with his touch-and-go clean and jerks, gaining him a first-place finish for Grace (Event 7). Whilst Karangaroa’s pace slowed, he managed to finish third for Double Grace (Event 8), securing a combined points score of 95.

Luke De Jonge took first place for Double Grace (Event 8), earning him 50 points. De Jonge also earned 45 points for his third-place finish for Grace (Event 7), giving him a combined score of 95 points. 

Zac Thomas has a conservative start with an 8th-place finish for Grace (Event 7). However,  Thomas powered through the second half of the clean and jerks and managed to finish second in Double Grace (Event 8), which secured his spot on the podium.

Of note: 

  • Peter Ellis had all but secured his Down Under Championship victory before the final two workouts had taken place.

Results Event 7 (Grace) | Event 8 (Double Grace):

  1. Dante Karangaroa | Luke De Jonge
  2. Adam Mansy | Zac Thomas
  3. Luke De Jonge | Dante Karangaroa


Jamie Goodwin took the Event 7 win from heat two, going touch-and-go from the start at an incredibly fast cycle rate. Goodwin’s pace slowed to singles, and she managed to secure an 8th-place finish for Event 8 (Double Grace).

Grace Walton took the Event 8 win, finishing all 60 clean and jerks in 3:58. Walton also earned second place for her first 30 reps (Grace, Event 7), making her the highest points scorer for Event 7 and 8 with a combined score of 97.5 points between the two workouts, and securing her spot on the podium. 

Of note

  • Madeline Sturt came into the final two workouts 20 points ahead of Anikha Greer. 
  • Sturt’s 85-point haul from Events 7 and 8 was enough to place her on top of the podium for the second year in a row. 

Results Event 7 (Grace) | Event 8 (Double Grace):

  1. Jaime Goodwin | Grace Walton
  2. Grace Walton | Taylor Williamson
  3. Madeline Sturt | Julia Hannaford

Individual Final Leaderboard Day 3, Men | Women

  1. Peter Ellis – 634 | Madeline Sturt – 605 
  2. Zane Shellabear-Healey – 554 | Anikha Greer – 577 
  3. Zac Thomas – 546 | Grace Walton – 564.5  
  4. Jonathan Dunlop – 542 | Taylor Williamson – 550.5
  5. Dante Karangaroa – 533 | Daisy McDonald – 528.5 
  6. Luke De Jonge – 532  | Julia Hannaford – 523.5
  7. Adam Mansy – 506.5 | Marnie Sykes – 523
  8. Isaac Newman – 496.5 | Aimee Cringle – 518 
  9. Luke Fowler – 475.5 | Emily De Rooy – 509
  10. Alec Leitch – 467 | Jaime Goodwin – 508.5

Team Final Leaderboard Day 3, Men | Women

  1. Team Frog Grips – 675 |  California Gurls – 675
  2. A Coupla Dawgs – 640 | Nexletica Gold – 650  
  1. Ombre Hombres – 631 | The Fit Mummas Club – 625 
  2. TEAM EXF – 521 | Starr Strength Fitness Alley – 603 
  3. Starr Strength Hawkesbury’s Finest – 517 | Redback Gals – 516 
  4. Starr Strength Gold – 504 | Schwartz Crossfit Melbourne – 503 
  5. Greater West HQ – 499 | GMC – 480
  6. Starr Strength Play – 496 | Starr Strength Neon – 479 
  7. Two And A Half Men – 491 | Peak129Alley  – 458
  8. Auki Strength – 474 | JMC- 455

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