BOOK REVIEW: “As Many Reps As Possible” by Jason Khalipa

September 7, 2018 by
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“Any entrepreneur will tell you that the path toward success when building a new business is never a smooth one. It demands around-the-clock work and attention. There are no days off. But there are constant lessons. You have to be willing to learn often and learn hard.”

Anyone who’s familiar with Jason Khalipa knows he’s no stranger to hard work. He’s been an affiliate owner for 10 years, competed at the CrossFit Games for eight years and stood on the podium three times. In total, he operates 20 gyms in seven countries. Today, Khalipa is one of the most successful athletes and businessmen to come out of CrossFit.

Through these years of hard work, Khalipa developed the AMRAP Mentality; it’s sort of a mental mantra housing the competitive and laser focus he applies to all aspects of his life.

“For over a decade I have pushed myself against the clock in workouts, and the desire to get the most out of each minute has laid the foundation for the AMRAP Mentality. At its core, the AMRAP Mentality is about achieving your goals, big and small, through focus, dedication, and hard work. Whether you’re in the gym, at home, or at work, the AMRAP Mentality is a system that puts your thoughts, feelings, and actions into an alignment that allows you to get the best and most effective work done toward your goals.”

“As Many Reps As Possible”, which Khalipa started in the fall of 2015, takes readers through his high school days and failed business experiments, post-graduate career choices, opening his own gym, and the fight to save his daughter Ava’s life. The book is part inspiring journey through the mind of one of the CrossFit industry’s most successful athletes, part lesson plan for athletes and individuals struggling to find focus and time accomplishing their goals and dreams.

Probably Khalipa’s most valuable advice is how he learned to let go of things you cannot control, a lesson we can all benefit from:

“When you are able to focus on what is in your control—and push away the things you can’t change—you can turn almost any situation around. This is especially powerful during times of strife. Once you relinquish the worries associated with all the ‘noise,’ you reclaim power over your life.”

“As Many Reps As Possible” is available for pre-order on in hardcover and will be released in January. All proceeds will go to support NEGU, an organization which provide families small trips/events to create memories especially for those families with terminally ill children.

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