Say what?

Tis true folks. The 2x Fittest Woman on Earth is trading in Australia’s East Coast for Cookeville, TN, the hometown of Rich Froning and CrossFit Mayhem. Toomey confirmed the news to BoxRox after weeks of rumors. 

Why now?

“Tia and I have had the pleasure of visiting Cookeville a few times now and each time we leave with saying that it reminds us of home.,” Shane Orr told BoxRox. “The people are supportive and very friendly, world class facilities and for the most part the weather is extraordinary.”

They said they’re committing to staying for 12 months before making any decisions. 

But what about the changes to the Games season?

Tia, who was the third fittest in Australia in the 2018 CrossFit Open behind Kara Saunders and Jessica Coughlan, would have been 8th in the United States. While not all details are ironed out, Toomey will likely have to contend against even more top competitors to qualify for the 2019 CrossFit Games out of the Open. However, she will be much closer to any North American and European sanctioned events.

“The new system is something that I am excited for.,” Toomey said. “We still don’t know a lot of the sanctioned events however moving forward I am just focusing on what I can control and that is to get fitter and stronger.”

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