She Just Came to do Grace but Left with a Husband

October 8, 2018 by
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Some background.

A year ago, Corinne Tindal Cook was a single mom, working two jobs and wrapping up the final stretch in a seven-year-long journey to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Accounting.

To help mark her one year anniversary of starting CrossFit, Corinne decided she wanted to do “Barbells for Boobs” at Rose City Barbell in Portland, Oregon. She had never done Grace before and she wanted to support a breast cancer fundraiser. No one else from her gym was going, but doing things solo had never terrified this single mom before so she committed to going.

Corinne got up and got dressed in all pink but was running late, so when her phone alerted her that Rose City Barbell had gone live on Instagram with the event, she thought she had missed her chance. She messaged them, telling them she wouldn’t make it after all. She hadn’t even left yet.

They weren’t having it.

The person on the other end of Rose City’s Instagram story said, “Just get here.”

Corinne got there and just in time for the coaches to place her in the first heat in a scaled lane. None of the coaches there knew her, and Corinne wasn’t sure she could even do thirty 95 pound clean and jerks in a row. But she was there and now she had to do it.

And she did it. She finished.

Corinne walked around thanking everyone for helping her do Grace for the first time. Then she tried to say goodbye, telling the staff she had to get on back home to her daughter. But one of the coaches told her she should really really realllllllllly stay for the podium ceremony.

Wait. Podium?

Corinne had no idea that she had actually just competed. She thought she was just doing a fundraiser WOD. And she had no idea she had just placed, too.

So, she stayed. She looked around the room filled with strangers eating and laughing and sat down next to a man who was quietly sitting alone. His name is Mike Cook.

“I think that I’m going to be on the podium and I don’t know anyone here. Can you please take my picture?” she asked him.

A few days later, Mike still on her mind, Corinne found him on Instagram and sent him a message thanking him for taking that picture. The two started messaging. Then texting. Then exchanging photos. Then a coffee date.

A romance in competitive sports.

The day after their coffee date, Mike showed up to watch Corinne compete in another local competition. By the following weekend, they started going to each other’s gyms and training together which is pretty much the same as being Facebook official.

Three months later came Wodapalooza, where Corinne watched proudly as Mike took three age group event wins. A few weeks later Mike returned the favor and watched Corinne compete in her first RX competition. Six weeks later, during a break while he was judging a gymnastics meet in Las Vegas, the two got married with about ten other USA Gymnastics Judges in attendance.

That’s awesome.

The lovebirds honeymooned in Croatia, where they were the first honeymooners for Outside the Box Holidays (picture a rig 15’ from the Adriatic Sea) and were coined the “Power Couple.”

Corinne even PR’d her snatch there.

Home from their honeymoon, they moved into their new home together. Their first task as newly married homeowners?

Install the garage gym, together.

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