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OFFICIAL: Dubai CrossFit Championship Athlete Roster

October 21, 2018 by
Photo courtesy of Dubai CrossFit Championship
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The 2019 CrossFit Games season is now in full swing as the first-in-season sanctioned event wrapped up their qualifier last weekend.

The top 35 athletes and 10 teams after three weeks of events will move on to compete at the Championship in Dubai December 12 – 15, 2018. There are a total of 37 individual male and female athletes competing in December, however, the first two spots were granted to former champions Mathew Fraser, BK Gudmundsson, Annie Thorisdottir, and Sara Sigmundsdottir. Noah Ohlsen declined his invitation.

In addition to earning a spot to compete in Dubai, all qualifying athletes and team will receive a cash payout.

This elite division only competition will grant one male, female and team a spot to the 2019 CrossFit Games.

Online Qualifier Payouts

1st Place: $9,000 Individual  |  $5,000 Team
2nd Place: $6,000 Individual  |  $3,000 Team
3rd Place: $3,000 Individual  |  $1,500 Team
4th – 35th/4th – 10th: $500 Individual  |  $500 Team

Official Results

Here are thethe 37 men and women, and 10 teams who have officially qualified and accepted invitations.


  1. Streat Hoerner*
  2. Willy Georges*
  3. Colten Mertens
  4. Dean Linder-Leighton*
  5. Giorgos Karavis
  6. Connor Duddy
  7. Ben Smith*
  8. Alex Anderson*
  9. Travis Mayer*
  10. Alex Kotoulas
  11. Paul Castillo*
  12. Ruan Duvenage
  13. Mitch Wagner
  14. Luke Schafer
  15. Jason Smith*
  16. Casper Gammelmark
  17. Jake Marconi
  18. Uldis Upenieks
  19. Alec Smith*
  20. Matt McLeod
  21. Roman Khrennikov*
  22. Brandon Swan*
  23. Eric Carmody*
  24. Brendan Willis
  25. Bayden Brown
  26. Jeffrey Adler
  27. Frederik Aegidius*
  28. Viktor Langsved
  29. Bartek Lipka
  30. Dane Smith
  31. Justin Ahrens
  32. Mohamed El Omda
  33. Griffin Roelle
  34. Lazar Dukic
  35. Tyler Tosunian
  36. Mathew Fraser **
  37. BK Gudmundsson **


  1. Laura Horvath*
  2. Jamie Greene*
  3. Dani Speegle
  4. Chantelle Loehner
  5. Carolyne Prevost
  6. Karin Frey
  7. Eik Gylfadottir*
  8. Jessica Coughlan*
  9. Samantha Briggs*
  10. Brooke Haas
  11. Gabriela Migala
  12. Keston Mendoza
  13. Kelley Jackson*
  14. Pip Malone*
  15. Camilla Salomonsson Hellman*
  16. Bethany Shadburne*
  17. Chelsey Hughes*
  18. Harriet Roberts
  19. Emma McQuaid
  20. Carmen Bosmans
  21. Jaime Goodwin
  22. Hilary Steele
  23. Samantha Pugh
  24. Laken Watt
  25. Christina Agerbeck
  26. Paige Henry
  27. Mikaela Norman
  28. Alessandra Pichelli*
  29. Mia Akerlund
  30. Hayley Murillo
  31. Anna Fragkou
  32. Casey Campbell*
  33. Angonese Manon
  34. Caroline Dardini
  35. Ashleigh Wosny
  36. Annie Thorisdottir**
  37. Sara Sigmundsdottir**

* Indicates an individual CrossFit Games athlete.
** Indicates qualification by invitation.


  1. Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter, Jenn Smith, Adrian Mundwiler, Lukas Esslinger
  2. Joseph Tortora, Zach Sowder, Emma Chapman, Nicole Holcomb
  3. Lauren Fisher, Regan Huckaby, Tommy Vinas, Rasmus Anderson
  4. Chandler Smith, Travis Williams, Andrea Nisler, Taylor Williamson
  5. Marcus Erixon, Elin Rova, Emelie Lundberg, Linus Johansson
  6. Simon Mantyla, Amanda Franden, Sara Armanius, Alexander Elebro
  7. Manon Lesur, David Fontaine, Tola Morakinyo, Lorraine Allard
  8. Jennifer Dancer, Holden Rethwill, Kaitlin Kassis, Sam Dancer
  9. Philip Then Bisgaard, Frederikke Frandsen, Rebecka Vitteson, Klaus Uggerhoj
  10. Callerina Natori, Joey Szwec, Kyle Zozaya, Brandi McGoldrick

Editor’s Note: This piece has been updated to reflect the official leaderboard. 

11/5 Update: Paul Tremblay and Josh Gervais were both removed from the roster after they withdrew from competition citing work conflicts. Lazar Dukic and Tyler Tosunian were invited to replace them. 

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