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Dani Speegle: “I’ve been looking for redemption” on 16.2

Mar 1, 2019 by

After retesting Open workout 19.1 in spectacular fashion, Dani Speegle returned from London, to her home in Florida ready to tackle the next four weeks.

Unfortunately for Speegle, an unexpected souvenir from her trip across the pond slowed things down a bit.

“I took a couple days off cause I got sick from the flight home #germs, but I’m getting back into it now,” Speegle said.

Still, the minor setback due to sickness was offset by the success of her performance on 19.1. “It’s awesome being on the first page of the leaderboard,” gushed Speegle. “A little surreal but I’m super stoked and hoping the momentum continues!”

With 19.2 being announced as a repeat of Open workout 16.2 it certainly looks like the momentum for Speegle will carry into week 3. “I’m super happy about this one. This is actually the WOD I was hoping they would repeat,” she revealed shortly after the announcement.

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The repeating of Open workouts is a common theme employed by Dave Castro throughout the history of the Open as a way to highlight and mark progress made over time by the community. In 2016, Speegle was new to competing in CrossFit and she wasn’t able to record a clean at the second-to-last barbell at 175 pounds, a weight she power snatched at Wodapalooza. She finished 16.2 with 339 reps, good for 1997th worldwide.

“I’ve been looking for redemption on this one for a while,” Speegle said. “I couldn’t finish it back in 2016, that was my first Open and I didn’t even do all the workouts.”

I think it’s safe to say things have changed since then. 19.2 you’ve been warned.

Speegle is unofficially 13th after 19.1.


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