It seems like every couple of days, there is another shakeup to the CrossFit Games roster. At this point, it only takes one athlete qualifying through a Sanctional or declining an invitation to cause a ripple effect across the leaderboard. 

  • Add these names to the Games roster: Colleen Fotsch (33), Courtney Haley (35), Thuri Helgadottir (36) and Cheryl Nasso (38). 

How we got there. Four spots opened up on the leaderboard over the past few days.

  • Tasia Percevecz declined to compete on Mayhem Freedom.
  • Kristi Eramo declined her invite. 
  • Chantelle Loehner will probably lose her spot after her B sample comes back. We’re not ones to put the cart before the horse, but to our knowledge, no B sample has ever come back negative in CrossFit. Invictus recognizes this reality which is why they’re fielding Hayley Murillo and heading to Brazil CrossFit Championship to earn another spot. 
  • Alexis Johnson will probably decline her invite to compete on Team MisFit especially now that they’ll likely receive the invite from their second place finish at MACC if Invictus X is disqualified. 

The ladies’ blue line cut off right at Haley Adams in 32nd. Now it drops all the way down to 38th. 

  • 33: Colleen Fotsch (top 20)
  • 34: Jule Nielsen (Fittest in Denmark)
  • 35: Courtney Haley (top 20)
  • 36: Thuri Helgadottir (top 20)
  • 37: Jessica Coughlan (Team with Project X)
  • 38: Cheryl Nasso (top 20)

How this will affect Sanctionals invites:

  • Strength in Depth: Should go to 8th place Emma Tall. This assumes that Jessica Griffith (5th) will remain with team ROMWOD/WIT. We expect this to happen.
  • Wodapalooza: Will go to 9th placed Taylor Streid.

CrossFit Open

Colleen Fotsch | Chantelle Loehner | Thuri Helgadottir

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