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Test your Luck with the CrossFit Filthy 150 Lottery

Jun 7, 2019 by

It’s not everyday you get a legit chance to step on the floor of a sanctioned event to compete with your friends. Imagine if instead of showing up just to watch some of your favorite athletes, you’d get to throwdown as well.

For reals?

Yup, now anyone will have the opportunity to compete to start the 2020 Sanctionals season as the CrossFit Filthy 150’s annual lottery for the teams-of-4 division opened today for anyone interested. Entering the lottery is completely free and everyone gets a fair chance.

What’s the catch?

There is none. If you’re one of the lucky teams drawn then you are in like Flynn to the finals in November. Teams consist of two men and two women and will compete for the top prize of a VIP trip to Wodapalooza in Miami, along with automatic entry into the elite team division of the CrossFit Filthy 150 for the following season.

But I don’t have muscle ups…

Don’t worry about it. The division is open to athletes of all skill levels. Similar to the Open, every workout programmed will have an Rx and Scaled version. You pick which version is the best for your team to maximize your place on the leaderboard. Once competition wraps on Saturday, November 23rd, you and your team can relax and watch the Elite Divisions compete the rest of the weekend for a spot at the CrossFit Games. Plus it’s in Ireland, so you know there will be a party.

I’m sold, what’s next?

Grab three friends and your four-leafed clover, and head over to the Filthy 150 website or Instagram to officially enter the lottery. The Morning Chalk Up will be in Dublin for the event, so hopefully you can join us.

Filthy 150

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