Friday AM Briefing

August 2, 2019 by
Patrick Clark // Staff Photographer
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Individual athletes wrapped up briefing a few minutes ago. We now have the details for event 3 and a 10 athlete cut down to 40. For our take on how cuts will play out, read up here.

Individual Event 3 – Ruck

For time:
6,000-m ruck run
20-30-40-50 lb., increasing each lap
*Men and women use the same weights for this event.
Athletes will run 4 laps of 1,500-m course, adding weight each lap.
Time cap: 40 minutes 

A quick look at the ruck course.

Some quick observations on Day 1 from Chad Schroeder’s stat desk.

It is not surprising that Mathew Fraser and CrossFit Mayhem did great and are in the lead after strong day 1 performances. 

  • Worth noting: By both winning their first two events that made history. No individual has ever won their first two events at the CrossFit Games nor has any team.
  • Fraser’s two wins now gives him 11 for his career which ties him with Samantha Briggs for the 3rd most in all time Games Event Wins for a CrossFit Individual. And now he is just two wins away from tying Annie Thorisdottir who has 13 Games Career Event wins.  
  • As for Mayhem Freedom, their two Games Event Wins now gives them 18 for their career which extends their lead in events wins overall by 8 over 2nd most all time Ute CrossFit with 10. Given the new Team competition structure, Mayhem may never be caught in this category.
  • Fraser how has worn the White Jersey 45 times, by far the most over second-most Rich Froning with 31. Tia has worn the White Jersey 26 times now, also the most for a woman. Second-most is Briggs with 15.
  • Mayhem Freedom has worn the white jersey 32 times, also the most for a Team over second-most Ute CrossFit with 18.  
  • As for Kari Pearce, this is the first time in her Games career to wear the white jersey.

Team Clean and Jerk

  • In the Team C&J, the heaviest Male lift was Tommy Vinas with 365 pounds.  
  • For the women, there was a 3-way tie for heaviest lift between Mia Akerlund, Kelsey Kiel, and (Lauren Fisher or Regan Huckaby – I believe it was Lauren, I am checking on that) at 245. 

Some stats on who’s left on the field.

Countries with both National Champions still competing (note that some countries still have a Man and Woman competing, but not their National Champs – South Africa and Canada):

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom

Quick shout out to three former team athletes still in the fight: Haley Adams, George Sterner, and Guilherme Malheiros. The fourth that made the Games – Gabriela Migala was just cut after the first event in 77th. Note, this was the first time that we have had past Teenager Games Competitors compete at the Games as Individuals.

Individual Rookies remaining (50 total):

Women (27)

  • Haley Adams – 6th
  • Danielle Brandon – 7th
  • Dani Speegle – 14th
  • Anna Fragkou – 18th
  • Emma McQuaid – 19th
  • Feeroozeh Saghafi – 20th
  • Carole Castellani – 27th
  • Lindsay Vaughan – 28th
  • Colleen Fotsch – 29th
  • Emily Rolfe – 30th
  • Karin Freyova – 33rd
  • Alessia Joy Walchli – 34th
  • Emma Tall – 35th
  • Katie Trombetta – 36th
  • Carolyne Prevost – 37th
  • Leonie Henrich – 38th
  • Carrie Beamer – 39th
  • Jacqueline Dahlstrom – 40th
  • Michelle Mermand – 41st
  • Simona Quintana – 42nd
  • Rachel Garibay – 43rd
  • Thelma Christoforou – 44th
  • Carmen Bosmans – 45th
  • McKenzie Flinchum – 46th
  • Hanna Karlsson – 48th
  • Carol Colling-Romero – 49th
  • Ksenija Kecman – 50th

Men (23)

  • Samuel Cournoyer – 7th
  • George Sterner – 13th
  • Jeffrey Adler – 16th
  • Chandler Smith – 18th
  • Bronislaw Olenkowicz – 21st
  • Connor Duddy – 22nd
  • Casper Gammelmark – 25th
  • Michael Smith – 27th
  • Ryan Sowder – 30th
  • Simon Mantyla – 33rd
  • Aleks Kostomaj – 36th
  • Joshua Wichtrup – 37th
  • Nicolay Billaudel – 39th
  • Amrinas Balevicius – 40th
  • Uldis Upenieks – 41st
  • Nick Bloch – 42nd
  • Mohamed Elomda – 43rd
  • Guilherme Malheiros – 45th 
  • John-Paul Hethcock – 46th
  • Matt Mcleod – 47th
  • Agustin Richelme – 48th Tie
  • Gabor Torok – 48th Tie
  • Ant Haynes – 50th 

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